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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Computers Products - Services, Export / Import, Manufacturer, Trader,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 2000

Products :

Gps vehical tracking system

product description:
gps-vtu valuable vehicle tracking system. gps-vtu is a location detection unit mountable on vehicles. it is designed to fit in variety of vehicles like trailers, cars, boats, taxi, vans, trucks etc. to co-ordinate the route of the vehicle. location details are stored in memory of gps-vtu and exchanged between the vehicle and the base station.With gps-vtu installed in your mobile assets, detailed information about the vehicle travel activities can be reviewed without actually being there. gps-vtu unit will tell you where the vehicle went, when it was there and how long it was parked. it will also tell you how fast the vehicle was traveling at any given point in time.

element and description

1. enclosure: the gps-vtus are housed in a die-cast aluminum alloy casing with screw-cap connectors for all cabling.
2. gps chip: the gps chip computes the current geographical coordinates at which the device is located. a gps antenna with a 3 meter cable is provided.
3. wide range power supply[6 to 36 v]: the onboard power supply accepts a wide range of input voltages making the device operational on almost any type of vehicle. vehicle side power connector can be provided as required e. g. lugs for direct connection to the vehicle battery or leads for connection to a terminal block. the customer should specify the kind of connector required.3 meters of power cable will be provided.
4. microprocessor: the microprocessor does the following: - gathering of geo-coordinate data from the gps chip and management of all communications through the gsm chip. embedded software to control the gps-vtu is included.
5. gsm chip[sms]the gsm chip onboard the device provides the device with the means of sending back geo-coordinate information using or to receive commands from the control center. a gsm antenna with a 3 meter cable is provided.

gps-vtu tracking model optional features:

6. alarm button: the alarm button provides the user with a safety feature. in the event of hostile activity, or an accident, the user can use the alarm button to request assistance. use of the alarm button results in a message to the control center, which will then ensure that the vehicle receives appropriate assistance.
7. remote immobiliser: the immobiliser provides a means of remotely disabling the vehicle. a remotely disabled vehicle can be remotely enabled.
8. hand set[voice]the user may opt for a handset that plugs into the gps-vtu. this handset may be used to make outgoing voice calls or to receive incoming voice calls. the owner of the device can decide whether the hand set of the device can be used to originate voice calls.

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Corporate Center B, Marol Naka, Kurla - Andheri Road,, Andheri, Mumbai - 400 037.
Mumbai - 4000037 (Maharashtra) India

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