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Bhadrachalam, Andhra Pradesh, India

Computers Products - Services,
Partnership Firm Since 2013

BCMAIRWAYS is Broadband inter net service providing Company. We offer the best technology for connectivity, and also provide real time data, voice and video communications solutions. Today we are a total Networking Solutions Company.

Our adherence to World Standards of Quality Assurance coupled with highly skilled production has enabled us to achieve near-zero defect rate and offer world-class products in terms of quality, cost and delivery.

Products :

Services NAS (Network Attached Storage) Network-attached storage (NAS) is file-level computer data storage connected to acomputer network providing data access to a heterogeneous group of clients. NAS not only operates as a file server, but is specialized for this task either by its hardware, software, or configuration of those elements. NAS is often manufactured as a computer appliance – a specialized computer built from the ground up for storing and serving files – rather than simply a general purpose computer being used for the role. Synchronization Data synchronization technologies are designed to synchronize a single set of data between two or more devices, automatically copying changes back and forth. For example, a users contact list on one mobile device can be synchronized with other mobile devices or computers. Data synchronization can be local synchronization where the device and computer are side-by-side and data is transferred or remote synchronization when a user is mobile and the data is synchronized over a mobile network. FIREWALL In computing, a firewall is a software or hardware-based network security system that controls the incoming and outgoing network traffic by analyzing the data packets and determining whether they should be allowed through or not, based on applied rule set. Firewalls can be defined in many ways according to your level of understanding. A firewall establishes a barrier between a trusted, secure internal network and another network (e.G., the Internet) that is not assumed to be secure and trusted. Ring Network Topology This type of network topology is very organized. Each node gets to send the data when it receives an empty token. This helps to reduces chances of collision. Also in ring topology all the traffic flows in only one direction at very high speed. Even when the load on the network increases, its performance is better than that of Bus topology FILE SERVERS. file server is a computer attached to a network that has the primary purpose of providing a location for shared disk access, i.E. Shared storage of computer files (such as documents, sound files, photographs, movies, images, databases, etc.) that can be accessed by the workstations that are attached to the same computer network. The term server highlights the role of the machine in the client–server scheme, where the clients are the workstations using the storage. A file server is not intended to perform computational tasks, and does not run programs on behalf of its clients. It is designed primarily to enable the storage and retrieval of data while the computation is carried out by the workstations.

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13-1-55, revenue colony, Bhadrachalam HO, Near old cpm office, Bhadrachalam
Bhadrachalam - 507111 (Andhra Pradesh) India

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