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Chiasma Solutions Private Limited


Chiasma Solutions Private Limited

Chiasma Solutions Private Limited

Delhi, Delhi, India

Computers Products - Manufacturer, Services,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 2005

Chiasma Solutions Private Limited was incorporated in 2005 and since then has been achieving laurels for its work.

The term chiasma comes from the Greek χίασμα, which is related to the Greek letter Χ and means "crossing". It has a number of related meanings in biology, all of them related to intersection or interwoven. We at Chiasma Solutions believe in the same, whereby learning from different streams and domains we intersect and interweave to give rise to a new experience and meaning.

Products :

BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT We at Chiasma Solutions are fully aware that automating workflows is not what is meant by Business Process Management. We actively listen to the clients and we engage ourselves with the client’s business practices. After that, comes the part of automating processes and finally customization of process flows is undertaken. We use our own proprietary platform as the underlying framework to design workflows. We develop customized applications using Java. As an example of the dealer management application that we are currently developing for our client TAFE, as the first step, we are currently in the consultation phase with TAFE, where in we are getting familiar with the way processes are executed at TAFE and we are figuring out the current business practices that TAFE employees have been using for years. Based on these insights, we will come up with a comprehensive solution for TAFE that will target their pain points and yet not be of complete surprise to their employees. E - GOVERNANCE The e-governance initiative launched by Government of India is indeed a laudable first step. But there are a lot of steps to cover. We at Chiasma Solutions are firmly committed to helping government at nodal, state and central level in the implementation of initiatives to create a better experience for the end users. We have deliberately looked for real life actual pain points faced by people as we believe that we can truly help the government and the people by targeting these real life issues. One example is that of MOSAIC, where in we are addressing the issue of the highway checkpoint management. HEALTH CARE DOMAIN A chance encounter with a medical practitioner, who was figuring out the problem of client management, gave us an insight into the real life problems of health care domain. We have since then talked with many doctors and administrators of small and medium sized health care practices and we have discovered that a lot of them have tried out the existing solutions in the market, but have been unhappy with the final experiences. These insights have led us to design a brand new way to address the problems faced by such practices, which we have named “MEDICLIK". CONTENT MIGRATION We have expertise in migrating Domino/Lotus Notes application to SharePoint/.NET applications. With our dedicated experienced team of experts, we present to our clients a truly comprehensive experience and expertise in migrating content and customizing business practices so that the end users are affected the least. In the past, we have been involved in content migration for a Fortune 500 client, who wanted to migrate their set of domino based change control applications to SharePoint platform. For demos, please visit www.Chiasmasolutions.Com BANKING Chiasma solutions has an expertise in providing financial and accounting solutions. It along with its partners has successfully provided Wealth Management, Investment Records Management, Portfolio Management solutions. Currently we are working on a banking product of our client, who happens to be among the fortune 500 companies. GIS The expertise and depth of knowledge that our dedicated team has, is unmatched as far as GIS applications are concerned. From desktop applications to web based applications, from .NET platform to Java, we have done it all. With such a comprehensive set of skills and experience, we have compelling offer for GIS services companies.

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MediclikTM is an application to assist management of small and medium sized clinics and nursing homes. It has been designed with inputs from medical practitioners so tha....

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Chiasma Solutions Private Limited

7, Arjun Nagar, Bhisma Pitamah Marg, Kotla Mubarakpur, opp Defence Colony, Delhi
Delhi - 110003 (Delhi) India

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