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Adaptek Automation Technology


Adaptek Automation Technology

Adaptek Automation Technology

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Computers Products - Manufacturer, Trader, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 2000

Established in 2000, Adaptek Automation Technology started off as a PC based industrial automation solution provider.

With in a year, having built our name as a reliable partner, Adaptek Automation Technology was approached by a established IPC manufacturer from Taiwan to distribute their products in India. Rising to the challenge, Adaptek Automation Technology began taking on the responsibilities of distributing Industrial PCs, PC-Based Automation and Communication products in India
Over the years, Adaptek Automation Technology began taking on more and more distribution rights to increase and complement our range of products. Adaptek Automation Technologyis now associated with an experienced group of R&D companies and well-known IPC and automation manufacturers in Taiwan and USA With the superior technology and support from our principals overseas and our own technical team, Adaptek Automation Technology is set on the path of becoming a total solution provider in the areas of IPC and PC-based Industrial Automation, Communication and customized data acquisitions solutions.

Products :

1.INDUSTRIAL PC : ----------------- i]Industrial Panel PC ii]Industrial Workstation PC Iii]Rack / Wall Mountable Industrial PC 2.INDUSTRIAL MONITORS OPTIONAL TOUCH SCREEN : -------------------------------------------- i]Industrial Panel Monitors ii]Vehicle[CAR] Monitors Iii]Industrial Open frame Monitors Iv] POS Systems [Point of sale System] v]KIOSK panel Mountable Monitors Vi] Kiosk - Openframe Monitors 3.NORMAL DESKTOP MONITORS OPTIONAL TOUCH SCREEN : ------------------------------------------------- 4.TOUCH SCREEN : ---------------- i]Capacitive Touch screen [3mm] ii]Capacitive Tough Touch screen [6mm] Iii]5W, 4W Resistive Touch screen[2.2mm , 3mm] iv]SAW Touch screen[3mm, 4mm, 6mm] v]Universal Capacitive touch controller 5.EMBEDDED BOX -PC : -------------------- i]Low Cost Embedded BOX - PC ii]Barbone BOX -PC Iii]Customized Industrial PC 6.INDUSTRIAL MOTHERBOARDS: --------------------------- i]Mini ITX - Motherboards ii]Full size CPU cards Iii]Half size CPU cards iv]PC 104 Embedded Motherboards v]Mity and Tiny Embedded Boards Vi]Industrial Motherboards Vii]Embedded Boards 7.EMBEDDED HARD DISK ( DISK ON CHIP ): ------------------------------------- I]Embedded Disk on Module (128MB to 08GB) ii]Industrial Compact Flash(128MB to 16GB) 8.ISOLATED CONVERTER AND REPEATER : ------------------------------------ i]Isolated USB/LAN/SERIAL Converters ii]Non-Isolated USB/LAN/SERIAL Converters Iii]RS232 and RS485 Repeater iv]Intelligent Communication Controller v]Current Input Module vi]Strain gauge input Module Vii]Fiber optic switches and converters Viii]Thermocouple input module Ix]RTD Input module X]Analog Input Module and Digital Output module 9.PCI/ISA BUS CARDS : --------------------- i]PC Based I/O Boards ii]ISA Bus data acquisition cards Iii]PCI Bus data acquisition cards 10.GSM/GPRS/SMART MODEM: -------------------------- i]Adaptek GSM/GPRS/Smart Module ii]Wavecom GSM/GPRS/Smart Module Iii] RS232 Connection - GSM /GPRS modem iv]USB - GSM GPRS Modem v]USB- GPRS Modem vi]USB -WIRELESS GPRS Modem - Laptop Use Vii]RJ-45 GSM / GPRS Modem Viii]GSM/GPRS GPS Module ix]Wavecom Modem - M1306B x]Wavecom - fastrack Supreme 10 11.PERIPHERALS : ---------------- I]Industrial[SMPS]Power Supplies ii]Card cage and Back plane Iii]PCI Bus data acquisition cards iv]PDA's v]PC Based Controllers vi]Customized computer parts Vii]Customized industrial PC based Projects. Viii]ULTRA Thin client 12.HMI i] Customized HMI Controllers

Product Catalog

Light weight industrial Panel PC
The display is the computer .The entire computer, including a VIA Eden based platform, 2.5" hard disk or DOM or CF card, speakers integrates inside a dazzling display. It....

Slim and Light Panel PC
The display is the computer .The entire computer, including a VIA Eden based platform, 2.5" hard disk or DOM or CF card, speakers integrates inside a dazzling display. It....

Card Cage
The KCH-006 is an open frame card cage with a 6-slot ISA or ISA/PCI backplane. It is especially suitable for OEM who wish to customize the apperence of their PC-based sys....

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Contact Info

Adaptek Automation Technology

No.26/2-F1,Priyadharshini Apartments,
8th Main road,Kasthuri nagar,Adyar
Chennai 600 020.
chennai - 600 020 (Tamil Nadu) India

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