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E Cube India Solutions Limited


E Cube India Solutions Limited

E Cube India Solutions Limited

Vadodara, Gujarat, India

Computers Products - Manufacturer,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 2000

E Cube India Solutions Limited is the pioneer in Smart Card technology and vending machines in India. Our comprehensive and integrated solutions, we develop, produce, market and support based on Smart Card technology. From the very outset, we have imbibed and internalized the finer nuances of this complex technology, its ramifications and its immense power. In a host of areas, we have given the concept a fresh momentum and added innovative applications.
E Cube India is an embedded technology solutions provider, focusing on M-Commerce applications based on Smart Card and GSM technologies.

The company is also engaged in providing M-Commerce Gateway with Mobile Communications Hub (McHub), Multi Transaction Processing System (MTPS) and Backend Connectivity.

The company aims at providing an integrated platform to a bank along with service provider card companies and mobile operators. For this purpose, E Cube India has a strong R & D focus to develop tailor made products using embedded technology for each of these entities.

Products :

SMARTVEND E Cube India offers a vast range of vending machines, which can dispense packaged snacks, cold drinks & hot beverages. Vending Machines are ideal for large Retail outlets, Hospitals, Entertainment arcades, Organizations, Canteens, Schools, Colleges, Airports, Railway stations etc.Customized machines, which cater to specific requirements, can also be developed Wide Range of Vending Machines includes: Snack Machine: Potato chips & cheese puffs to cookies, pastries, chocolates & microwave meals. It has wide range of applications from Gas stations to Canteens. Cold Drink Machine: Quench thirst with refreshing sodas, tangy fruit juices, iced tea and premium bottled water, or opt for sports drinks or diet shakes. Hot Beverage Machine Refreshing coffee and tea, hot chocolate, cafe mocha or soups; its all available with this vendor. Hot Snack Machine: Endless choices like hot samosas, puffs, kachoris, vadas & more. Add-on Machine: Try cold sodas, fruit juices & more for a filling snack with a drink. Micro Machine: Chocolates, Cassettes, Cigarettes, Condoms, Biscuits and more such products. We Specializes in : Mobile Operated Vending Machine (MOVM): The MOVM is a vending machine that can be operated using SMS. Payment Acceptance Devices: E Cube India offers different types of Payment Acceptance Devices/Readers to integrate with Vending Machine. Coin Acceptor (Coin Operated Vending Machine) Smart Card Reader (Smart Card Operated Vending Machine) GSM Reader( Mobile (GSM) Operated Vending Machine) SMARTCASH: Conceptually, SmartCash is cash in electronic form. It eliminates the need for hard currency in transactions. Physically, it is a Smart Card and technologically it is a secured protocol for electronic cash embedded in a microchip with the capability of multiple usages. A comprehensive e-purse solution, SmartCash is ideally suited for implementation by Banks and prestigious financial institutions as an independent high growth profit center. In today's competitive retail finance space, SmartCash provides the much-needed differentiation to stay ahead of the competition. Like all E Cube India products it has been specially developed and designed for the Indian markets and integrates local practices and business ethos. The low cost of ownership and the low capital cost of the E Cube India's POS Terminals, encourage deep penetration and open the doors for installation in even the smallest retail outlet. For large scale implementation, E Cube India offers special GSM based SmartCash POS Terminals, which can transfer transaction data over the GSM network. As the reader has small footprint, it is easy to enroll even public transport vehicles and hawkers into the program. Loyalty Programs E Cube India offers a Loyalty Engine with MTPS (Multi Transaction Processing Server) to support backend loyalty. With each transaction, points are generated at MTPS/Backend. In case of the reusable card points are accumulated in the card as well as on the Backend server. These points can be redeemed by the schemes run by the bank or card issuer. The solution also provides MIS based on the transactions from each outlet on a day-to-day basis. E Cube India provides customized loyalty solutions in conjunction with the network components - MTPS and McHub. SMARTCORP SmartCorp is also known as "Resource Control Management System (RCMS)", which is a flexible, economical and configurable to support from 10 users to 100, 000 users based, hence suitable to most of the organizations needs. The RCMS is ideal solution for Manufacturing Units / Factories, Corporate Offices, Hotels, Clubs, Sport Houses, Hospitals and many other industries. The RCMS is a truly web based 32-bit solution which operates on Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP. The system uses an ODBC compliant database, which allows custom report generation (in addition to the system's standard reports). The complete system is built using 3 tier architecture, which gives great flexibility for user specific customization. SmartCorp or Resource Control Management System (RCMS) can be used at various places and purposes: Identity Attendance Recording / Management Services Entry / Exit Points Smart Education System (SES) Wireless Communicator (WLC) Access Control Cafeteria Library Management Company Transport ePurse Management Visitors' Pass Management APPLICATIONS IN DETAILS: Identity The employee can be given a graphically and electronically personalized Smart Card as an identity card and information including employee's personal record, medical records etc. Can be programmed on the card. Additional data can also be programmed. Attendance Recording / Management Services Information like Card number, In / out date and time, act as an essential database for Payroll, Time management, Efficiency studies etc. Entry / Exit Point Terminals can be installed at all entry points to read Smart Cards issued as identity cards to employees. The card has to be inserted into the terminal, which checks for the authorization and accordingly gives output in the form of audio and/or visual indication. The terminal will also record the entry / exit date and time for further processing. Access Control Access to important areas like the corporate office, R&D department, Plant control rooms, EDP department, library etc. Can be controlled through the same card. This is possible by programming respective terminals to accept only particular cards. Cafeteria This application will totally eliminate the cumbersome process involved in the printing, distribution, accounting and transaction of coupons. The cafeteria/canteen may be equipped with a Smart Card terminal and each card can be authorized to avail of the cafeteria/canteen services. On inserting the card the units / amounts of food will be deducted from the Smart Card and recorded in the terminal. The data stored in the terminal can be used for further processing activities (cash reimbursement, accounting etc.). The same Smart Card can automate these activities also. Library Management The entire library can be systematized and integrated by our library management software. The striking feature of our software is that the same Smart Card will be used as the library card. Company Transport The company transport can be managed very easily using the same Smart Card. Smart Cards can be loaded with tokens / money, and with special terminals, the amount can be deducted from the card in stead of using coupons. ePurse Management Electronic purse can be created in the Smart Card. Money can be loaded in the card of the card holder. This gives buying power to the card holder and the entire system of cash / coupon based transactions may be totally eliminated. The card can be utilized to: Buy various soft drinks, snacks etc. From vending machines placed in the office, factory, township, sport complex etc. Buy products from retail shops in township or from a cooperative society For payment at sports and recreational facilities Public Call Office (PCO) etc. Each center accepting payment by Smart Card will only have to be equipped with Smart Card Terminal. Each Smart Card terminal is equipped with a hidden Key Card. The Key Card may be removed periodically by an authorized person and taken to the Reimbursement Center which will be reimbursed to the merchant. Alternatively Terminal can be connected to the Back end server through TCP / IP, Dial up or GSM. The data can be transferred to Back end server for reimbursement to the merchant. Visitors' Pass Management SmartCorp can be effectively applied to the area of visitors' gate pass / entry permit. Every visitor can be issued a Smart Card by the security on entering relevant details at the gate. Provision can even be made to capture the photograph of the visitor and store it in the database. Access control parameters can also be defined at the push of few buttons, thereby authorizing the visitor to enter the relevant areas only. FEATURES OF SMARTCARD: System Features Reads/writes all ISO 7816-1/2/3, T=0 and T=1 supported cards Reads/writes MIFARE contactless card Access Control ? Secures / controls all entry and exit points ? Operates locally or remotely ? Two types of control options: only card ID, Card ID and PIN (Password) Attendance ? Records Card ID, Punch date and time ? Unlimited holiday/special day marking Printer Control (optional) ? Only authorized Card ID can use printer facility with preset printing page limit System Maintenance and Monitoring ? Immediate system action on parameter change ? Monitor the access point live with control readers ? Photograph display for punched Card Id Reports ? Wide range of reports can be viewed on screen or printed. ? Report customization is also possible. Very low maintenance due to web based architecture Software Features Online access monitoring and control Central control of user database and its access and attendance rule/ records Instant report generation about system, card ID and terminal status Access can be given to card ID on each day and each hour basis. ? Access precision is up to 1 hour. Access can be given based on Group definition or to individual user/employee/Card ID which gives great flexibility and manageability to system administrator. Unlimited holiday/special day marking for attendance control ADVANTAGES Eliminates manual system of issuing identity cards (which is easy to forge and duplicate) Ensures entry of authorized persons only Eliminates any possibility of tampering with manual data of Time Management / Payroll Avoids unwanted movement of employees Allows visitors to access only specific areas Eliminates the total coupon system in canteen and many other paper formalities, thus saving time, money and energy Generates MIS reports User-friendly and easy to operate system ensures faster implementation and acceptability Versatile system enables modifications as per customer's needs Upgradeability ensures additions of new applications in future on the same card (if defined) at minimal cost Since the same Smart Card can be used for multiple applications, the cost per application will be less and administration will be much easier. Proven technology worldwide SMARTGAIN A cost effective Smart Card based loyalty program which eliminates the pain and encumbrances associated with tracking purchase, usage and redemption. An excellent tool to build brand equity. It can be implemented by manufacturers, distributors, large retail chains and even individual merchants. Devised and developed after intensive studies of the retail market, SmartGain brings to you unparalleled flexibility which enables you to tailor your loyalty program to suit your customer profile and marketing needs. Loyalty Programs AD HOC LOYALTY The basic model, ideal for a singular merchant with one or more retail outlets. A fixed-point loyalty program. It does not require any interaction between operator & merchant. MULTIPLE PARTNER LOYALTY PROGRAMS Merchants of complimentary or varying goods can join forces to make the program more lucrative. The consumer can earn points at any merchant and redeem them at any merchant. LOYALTY CLUB An operator-controlled and subscription-based loyalty program. It offers an excellent opportunity for Entrepreneurs, Banks & Marketing organizations to float a new business model. READERS Integral to E Cube India's elegant and cost-effective solutions are our robust, user-friendly readers. Designed and developed specially to perform in harsh tropical climates, these readers have undergone rigorous field-testing and are manufactured under stringent quality control. E Cube India can integrate its readers into various equipment like copier machines, petrol pumps etc. For complete automation and unmanned operations. Customization of reader for specialized applications can be done. Wide Range of Readers: PC Readers Palm Readers Smart Corp Access Control and Attendance Reader Standalone Access Control Reader Point-of-Sale Terminal Smart Cash Point-of-Sale Terminal POS Terminal (Smart Card) POS Terminal (Magnetic Stripe Card) POS Terminal (Smart Card, Magnetic Stripe Card & Mobile Payment) Smart Vend Vending Machine Readers Smart Gain Point-of-Sale Terminal SMARTCELL: SmartCell provides an effective M-Commerce platform with its wide range support, spanning from Mobile banking to Taxi fare payment. It takes care of security aspects of system to protect the user identity and transaction details. Integration of Mobile Phone (and/or its loaded application), Backbone system (McHub + MPG), Bank Host* and POS terminals* (which can accept mobile payments) makes the SmartCell as Integrated product.

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Integral to E Cube India's elegant and cost-effective solutions are our robust, user-friendly readers. Designed and developed specially to perform in harsh tropical cli....

A cost effective Smart Card based loyalty program which eliminates the pain and encumbrances associated with tracking purchase, usage and redemption. An excellent tool t....

SmartCorp is also known as "Resource Control Management System (RCMS)", which is a flexible, economical and configurable to support from 10 users to 100,000 users based, ....

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E Cube India Solutions Limited

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