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Silicon Interfaces


Silicon Interfaces

Silicon Interfaces

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Computers Products - Services,
Proprietorship Firm Since 0

Silicon Interfaces offers on-site contract services and offshore turnkey projects development at our development centers.

Silicon Interfaces has two main areas of activities, - Software and VLSI design.

L Software Development :
The Company offers solutions for Development and Test in Web and Applications Dev for E-Commerce, E-Business sites and exchanges in B2C, B2B and other areas for Corporate Intranets, Extranets and Internet using Microsoft, Sun/Oracle and IBM technologies as well as Distributed Client-Server Programming on Microsoft Operating Systems and Unix on Intel compatible and other processor platforms.

L VLSI Design :
Silicon Interfaces offers services in VLSI/ASIC/FPGA by Modeling and Logic Design, incorporating Top Down Design Methodology in Verilog/VHDL/C with Simulation, Synthesis and Verification. Focus of the Design Team is in Networking - Ethernet, Wireless and Optical, Micro-controller and Data Communication.

These services are also offered to EDA Software Development Companies for Product and Customer Support as well as Test of EDA Tools.

Silicon Interfaces offers on-site contract consulting services and offshore turnkey or Bespoke project development in Silicon Interfaces Development Centers with front-end Project Management Services from the closest Silicon Interfaces proximity center.

The projects developed in India are typically one third in cost!!!

The Company focuses on strong Project Managements services and has teams responsible for Content Management, Configuration Management, Usability, Documentation and Test as well as programs for Quality Assurance. Silicon Interfaces focuses on cost-effective structured software and design life cycle through use of case, test, documentation and version-maintenance tools for specification, system design, programming, testing or verification, documentation, training, maintenance and version upgrade.

-Silicon Interfaces is an associate of a group which constitutes,
-Silicon Interfaces Pvt. Ltd.
-Technimont ICB Ltd.
-Kaira Can Ltd.
-Protos Engineering Co. Pvt. Ltd.
-TUV India Pvt. Ltd.

The Group has a work force of more than 1000 people.

Products :

Silicon Interfaces, a Software and VLSI Design Center, offers On-site consulting and Off-shore turnkey project services for Software and VLSI Design/EDA Software areas. Our Software Group is active in Internet, E-commerce, E-Business applications Development and Distributed, Client-Server applications and Systems Programming. Our VLSI Group is active in Cable, Wireless and Optical Networking, as well as other fundamental technology areas like Data Communications and Micro- controllers. Services : The Software and VLSI Designs Services are offered as: -Contract Consulting On-site -Turnkey/Bespoke Off-shore -Mixed-mode -Dedicated Virtual Dev Center. For Services Projects, the Customer may expect value-added programs from Silicon Interfaces offering: -Consultants recruited from top Universities with Advanced Degree Program in relevant Fields -Consultants who have been recruited through a process which is professionally and rigorously implemented over an extended period of time and undertaken in a structured manner -Consultants who have been extensively trained (in-house and externally) over a period of time in a vast range of tools, technologies and methodologies -Consultants with inherent application and domain expertise -Consultants with training inculcating Hard Working, Positive Attitude, Pro-active Thinking and Communications Skills. Software Services : Silicon Interfaces undertakes projects for Distributed Client-Server Applications and Systems Programming. Languages and Tools: -C/C++, VC++, C#, VB.Net, Java on NT/2000/XP, 98/Me and Unixl -VB/Powerbuilder/D2K/Visual FoxPro frontend and RDBMS Oracle/SQL Server/DB2. Libraries and Interfaces: -Win16, Win32, MFC, OpenGL -XLib and Motif Development System -Btrieve and ODBC. Technologies: -OCX, ActiveX, ATL -DAO, RDO, ADO -OLE, Automation and Controls -DNA, DAV, .NET -MAPI, TAPI, SAPI, ISAPI, LDAP -multi-threading, winsock -CORBA, RMI, JavaBeans, EJB. A Sample List of Applications Developed by Silicon Interfaces: -industrial process applications -inspection systems -time and ISO-9000 based office management systems -LAN test systems -Trajectory Position system -Trust Tax Accounting system -DataDirect Beta system -bCentral Merchant Information Software System. Internet Services offered by Silicon Interfaces are broadly classified as: -Web and Applications Development -E-commerce site Development for B2C and B2B Sites and Exchanges -Payment Gateway Integration, Auction/Reverse-Auction, E-classifieds, etc. -E-Business (Application Integration to Host/Legacy, CRM, ERP and SCM) -Web and Directory Services -Security -Storage -Mobile and Hand-held Computing and Commerce -WAP-enabling sites -Content and Content Management -Graphics. Silicon Interfaces offers its services on the following tools and technologies: -Microsoft Technologies -Sun/Oracle/Other Technologies -IBM Technologies -Other Tools : MS Exchange Server, Lotus Notes Domino. -Test Tools : Microsoft Visual Test, WinRunner, LoadRunner, etc. -Configuration : Visual Source Safe, Microsoft Project and Rational Rose. VLSI Design Services : MODELING: Language and HDL-based modeling & synthesis of libraries, components, ASICs & boards. DESIGN: The activities include schematic design of ASICs in CMOS and other technology using standard cell, gate arrays and FPGA methodology, test vector generation and minimization, simulation and testing. The design services include: -Design services for ASIC/FPGA in Verilog/VHDL by top down methodology -Verification and testing services using Verilog/VHDL/Vera/E Language -Development of eVC using E Language -Development of VIP using VERA -Development of Assertion based Verification IP using OVA -Development of ReUsable Verification Blocks Analog and Mixed Signal Designs.

Contact Info

Silicon Interfaces

606, Nirman Kendra,
Dr. E-Moses Road,
Mumbai - 400011 (Maharashtra) India

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