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Vernier Networks


Vernier Networks

Vernier Networks

California, , United States

Computers Products - Manufacturer, Services,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 2001

Founded March 2001.

Investors :-
Vernier Networks is a privately held company backed by venture investments from Allegis Capital, DCM-Doll Capital Management, Foundation Capital, UV Partners, Packet Design, Masthead Ventures, FT Ventures and Weber Capital.

Mission :-
Adaptive Security for wired and wireless networks.

Overview :-
Vernier Networks is the leading provider of Network Access Management (NAM) solutions delivering security at the network edge.
The company’s main product line, EdgeWall, is a NAM appliance that enforces security policies at the network edge. Complementary to firewalls, which are deployed at the perimeter to protect the network from intrusions from the Internet, EdgeWall appliances are deployed at the edge to protect the network from endpoint intrusions. The result is a network safe from unauthorized intrusions, worms and viruses.

Network Access Management (NAM) :-
EdgeWall’s Network Access Management offers the industry’s first network-based access management solution, allowing organizations to screen users and their devices to assure they are authenticated and their device is disinfected, restrict user access to only those resources they are authorized to see, inspect device traffic once a user is on the network to block infected or unauthorized traffic, and enforce remediation policy to assure user and device compliance.

Products :

We provide Services of privately held company backed by venture investments from Allegis Capital, DCM-Doll Capital Management, Foundation Capital, UV Partners, Packet Design, Masthead Ventures, FT Ventures and Weber Capital. Vernier Network Access Management :- Comprehensive Network Access Management – “In-a-box” : Vernier Networks EdgeWall offers the industry’s first clientless access management solution, allowing organizations to screen devices and users, restrict network access to only authorized resources, inspect traffic once the user is on the network for worms, viruses or unusual behavior, and enforce remediation policies at the edge of the network. The result is a trusted network free from costly intrusions, worms and viruses. EdgeWall Network Access Management Lifecycle :- Endpoint Screening : Vernier Networks EdgeWall authenticates end-users, scans their endpoint devices for policy compliance before network admission and blocks them from introducing worms and viruses to the network. This is all done without requiring software on the endpoint. Vernier Networks Threat Labs, a 24x7 service, offers signatures for all known, announced vulnerabilities for the EdgeWall scanners. Network Access Restriction :- Based on the result of the screening process, Vernier Networks restricts endpoint access to network resources through granular access control. Guest users are restricted from accessing sensitive corporate resources. Vulnerable and worm-infected devices are blocked until they go through proper remediation. This significantly reduces the risk of information loss due to intrusions or worm and virus outbreaks. Traffic Inspection :- Once admitted to the network, users and their devices are still monitored by Vernier Networks EdgeWall. In fact, EdgeWall inspects network traffic generated by these endpoints for worms, viruses or unusual behavior, using both packet inspection and behavioral analysis. Inspection is selectively applied to traffic based on corporate defined policies and automatic action is taken upon detection of suspicious activity. For example, EdgeWall can be instructed to only inspect vulnerable traffic to preserve network capacity and bandwidth. Remediation Policy Enforcement :- Finally, EdgeWall enforces remediation policies for users and their devices if they abuse network usage rights, if they have non-compliant software or failed to deploy the latest software patches, or if their devices were infected by worms and viruses. EdgeWall supports a rich set of remediation policies including blocking, quarantining, or patch deployment through integration with PatchLink UPDATE- patch management solution. Vernier EdgeWall Network Access Management is made of :- EdgeWall: Designed to secure both wired and wireless enterprise campuses, the EdgeWall provides complete network access management functionality combined with up to 1Gbps network performance to assure complete network security, high availability, and high performance. EdgeWall Rx: Vernier 7000 Rx extends EdgeWall services to remote access users who need to connect to the enterprise network using a VPN from home, remote offices or public hot spots. EdgeWall Express: Designed for Small/Medium Businesses, EdgeWall Express combines the functionality of the Control Server and the EdgeWall in one appliance. This combination assures complete network access management in a single, easily deployed appliance. Control Server: The Control Server enables security administrators to create and manage security policies from a central location. It is a dedicated control console and not in the user data-path. The Control Server, together with one or more EdgeWall appliance, provides comprehensive network access management. Private Investigator: The Vernier Private Investigator is a powerful, flexible reporting solution which offers forensic network reporting and analysis, troubleshooting of security breaches and network faults, details about user activities, IP addresses, and user location. Threat Labs: Vernier Threat Labs is a service that provides its customers with the necessary resources needed to combat daily threats from software vulnerabilities, malware, spyware and bandwidth-consuming and insecure applications. The Vernier Control Server :- The Control Server is centralized management and control station for EdgeWall and AM 6500 appliances. It enables security administrators to create and manage security policies from a central location. Complete Network Protection : Configured at the network core, the Control Server provides a management console to create and modify policy to distribute to the EdgeWalls at the edge of the network. Dynamic and Granular Network Access : The Control Server offers a simple to use administrative interface to create and modify security, access, connection and user policies for network access management. These policies are dynamically applied based on an array of parameters including user identity, user location, threat levels, patch levels and vulnerability levels. As parameters change in real-time, the access policies may also change in real-time. The Control Server integrates with, and enhances, existing enterprise authentication systems. Its unique granular access control secures an individual user, not a network-defined entity (e.G. IP address, subnet, VLAN, etc.). This enables the fine-grain monitoring, quarantining and blocking of suspicious or untrusted users. Intuitive, Easy to Use and Maintain Management Console :- The Control Server provides the network administrator with an easy to use, flexible management console. This ease of use assures that policy can be modified quickly and simply, and new policies deployed immediately. The administrator can manage security network access policy throughout the network from one centralized location.

Contact Info

Vernier Networks

490 E. Middlefield Road
Mountain View
California - 94043 () United States

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