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Rouchon Industries


Rouchon Industries

Rouchon Industries

Signal hill, , United States

Computers Products - Manufacturer, Services,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 1994

Founded in 1994 by Gabriel Rouchon, Swiftech™ has emerged in the last four years as a leading force driving the high-end thermal management scene in the personal computer industry.

Pioneering work, innovation, and an uncompromising dedication to high performance and quality have resulted in award winning products setting standards for others to follow.

Products :

We Provide Services of dba Swiftech, is a publicly traded company specializing in thermal dissipation for the computer industry. PRODUCTS :- Access to these pages is also available by section, on the left hand side menu, by clicking on the + sign of each product section. Air Cooling Products :- MCX159-CU chipset heatsinks MCX462-V AMD? socket 462 heatsinks MCX478-V Intel? Pentium? 4 heatsinks MCX603-V Intel? Xeon™ heatsinks MCX604-V Intel? Xeon™ (800MHz system bus) heatsinks MCX64-V AMD? Athlon? 64 & Opteron? heatsinks MCX6400-V AMD Athlon?64 & Opteron?heatsinks MCX775-V Intel? Pentium? 4 (socket LGA775) heatsinks Liquid Cooling Products :- Liquid cooling kits :- H20-80 (Rev. 3) series Liquid Cooling Kits 1/2" H20-120 (Rev. 3a) series Liquid Cooling Kits 1/2" H20-APEX "Extreme Duty" series liquid cooling kits VGA Waterblocks :- MCW55 Universal VGA Waterblocks CPU Waterblocks :- MCW6000 series CPU waterblocks MCW6002 series CPU waterblocks STORM waterblock Pumps :- MCP350 Inline Pump MCP655 Inline Pump Radiators :- MCR80 Quiet Power 80mm Radiator MCR120 Quiet Power 120mm Radiator MCR220 Quiet Power 2x120mm Radiator Reservoirs :- MCRES-MICRO Hi-Flo Reservoir MCRES-525 Reservoir MCRES-1000 Reservoir Accessories :- Coolsleeves coils MCB-120 "Radbox" Thermoelectric Assemblies :- MCW50-T VGA Liquid cooled assy. MCW5002-AT Thermoelectric Liquid Cooled AMD? K7 CPU assy. MCW5002-PT Thermoelectric Liquid Cooled Intel? CPU assy. MCW5002-64T Thermoelectric Liquid Cooled AMDl? K8 CPU assy. MCW5002-775T Thermoelectric Liquid Cooled Pentium? 4 (LGA775) H20-120-T complete thermoelectric liquid cooling kit MCWCHILL-452 chiller Thermoelectric Liquid Chiller assy. Auxiliary Power supply kit Discontinued products :- MCP300 Inline Pump MCP600 Inline Pump MCW40 VGA Water Blocks H20-8500 series liquid cooling kits H20-8501 series liquid cooling kits 22500 series Liquid Cooling Kits 1/2" MCX370-Cr2 heatsink MCX462 heatsinks MCX159-A, P, R series heatsinks MCW462 CPU Cooler MCW40-T Liquid cooler MCX462+ Air cooled for AMD CPU's MCX462+T Thermoelectric Air cooled for AMD CPU's MCX4000-T Air-cooled Intel? CPU assy. MCW4000 Liquid dual head MCW5000 waterblocks MCW5002 waterblocks MCW5000-PT Thermoelectric Liquid Cooled Intel? CPU assy Quiet Power Barebones MCX603 Heatsink MCW462 Series Liquid cooled AMD?CPU and Intel assemblies 22501 series Liquid Cooling Kits 1/2" 8600 series Liquid Cooling Kits 1/2" H20-80 (Initial Release) series Liquid Cooling Kits 1/2" H20-120 (Initial Release) series Liquid Cooling Kits 1/2" H20-220 (initial Release) series Liquid Cooling Kits 1/2" H20-80 (Rev. 2) series Liquid Cooling Kits 1/2" H20-120 (Rev. 2) series Liquid Cooling Kits 1/2" H20-120 (Rev. 3) series Liquid Cooling Kits 1/2" H20-220 series Liquid Cooling Kits 1/2" H20-220 (Rev. 2) series Liquid Cooling Kits 1/2" MCW20 chipset Water Blocks MCW50 VGA Water Blocks H20-220 (Rev. 2) series Liquid Cooling Kits 1/2" MCR80 Radiators MCR120 Radiators SERVICE & SUPPORT :- FAQs Installation Guides Troubleshooting Air Cooling :- MCX159-P heatsinks (for Intel? platforms) MCX159-R heatsinks ( Retail package, for Intel? and AMD? platforms) MCX159-A heatsinks (for AMD? platforms) MCX370 heatsinks MC462 heatsinks MCX462 heatsinks MCX462-U heatsinks MCX462+ heatsinks MCX462-V heatsinks MCX462+T thermoelectric heatsinks MCX4000+T thermoelectric heatsink MCX478 heatsinks MCX478-V heatsinks MCX4000 heatsinks MCX64-V heatsinks MCX6400-V heatsinks MCX603 heatsinks MCX603-V heatsinks MCX603-V heatsinks shipped after 1/10/04 MCX603-VSR2 retention hardware kit for MCX603-V heatsinks Liquid Cooling :- MCP300 Pumps MCP600 Pumps MCR80 Radiator MCR80-F1 Radiator MCW372 water blocks MCW20-A chipset water blocks for AMD? platforms MCW20-P chipset water blocks for Intel? platforms MCW20-R chipset water blocks Retail package for Intel? and AMD? platforms MCW372 water blocks MCW40 Graphics water blocks MCW40-T Graphics thermoelectric water blocks MCW50 Graphics water blocks MCW50 nVidia FX adapter kit for MCW50 VGA water blocks MCW50-T Graphics thermoelectric water blocks MCW462-U Water blocks (AMD?) MCW462-U Water blocks (Intel?) MCW462-UT thermoelectric Water blocks (AMD?) MCW478-UT thermoeletric Water blocks (Intel?) MCW5000-A Water blocks (AMD? K7 Athlon XP, Duron) MCW5000-64 Water blocks (AMD? K8 Athlon 64 & Opteron) Conversion kit for MCW5000 and MCW5002 to Athlon 64 & Opteron retention mechanism MCW5000-P Water blocks (Intel? Pentium?4) MCW5000-PX Water blocks (Intel? Xeon™) MCW5000-PX Revision 2 Water blocks (Intel? Xeon™) MCW5000-PT Thermoelectric Water blocks (Intel?) MCW5002-X Water blocks (Intel? Xeon™) MCW5002-P Water blocks (Intel? Pentium™ 4) MCW5002-A Water blocks (AMD? Athlon? XP, Duron) MCW5002-64 Water blocks (AMD? K8 Athlon? 64 and Opteron) MCW5002-PT Thermoelectric Water blocks (Intel? Pentium? 4) MCW6000-P Water blocks (Intel? Pentium? 4) MCW6000-PX Water blocks (Intel? Xeon?) H20-8500 Liquid Cooling Kits H20-8500 Liquid Cooling Kits ***VIDEO*** H20-8501 Liquid Cooling Kits shipped prior to 1/24/04 H20-8501 Liquid Cooling Kits shipped after 1/24/04 H20-8600 Liquid Cooling Kits H20-22500 Liqoolinguid C Kits H20-22501 Liquid Cooling Kits FS020-H20 Liquid Cooling Cases.

Contact Info

Rouchon Industries

1703-1705 E. 28th St.
Signal Hill - CA 90755 () United States

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