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WebAsyst LLC


WebAsyst LLC

WebAsyst LLC

Wilmington, , United States

Computers Products - Manufacturer, Services,
Proprietorship Firm Since 0

WebAsyst is a division of WebAsyst LLC, a privately owned international company.

Our international team of software experts has more than 12 years experience (or more than 300, 000 hours, if you prefer) in developing custom software solutions for business and other large enterprises. Drawing upon this vast knowledge base, the company?s team now specializes in the development and hosting of web-based solutions for business and organizations.

Their objective: to give smaller organizations turnkey software products that offer the same results as custom developed software.

WebAsyst philosophy is that software should solve problems, and our developers create and develop products that do exactly that. We are committed to making high quality software accessible, easy to use, and cost effective for small and medium businesses.

To this end, our software products may be either hosted by us for you, or purchased as open source :

WebAsyst :
This website is dedicated to the detailed description of this software.

Shop-Script :
Our turnkey shopping cart solution for internet businesses and retailers is available at.

Since 2003 our web-based products have been chosen by more than 400 clients in over 35 countries worldwide. Our clients vary in size from Fortune 500 companies, international and small businesses to accredited education establishments, government bodies and non-profit organizations.

We are proud that our every client has access to friendly and fast technical support and to extremely affordable custom modification services.

Products :

We Provide Products and Services of specializes in the development and hosting of web-based solutions for business and organizations. We developing custom software solutions for business and other large enterprises. Products :- 1)Web-Based Software Tools :- To streamline your customer and team collaboration. WebAsyst Suite is a family of web-based applications which can help simplify and improve both your internal operations and your customer relations management. The applications provide your organization with a centralized place to organize and share information across the board - anywhere, anytime - using a standard web browser. Each WebAsyst application addresses a certain specific functionality, which means every application is a stand-alone tool which will satisfy your specific requirements. In addition, you will derive substantially increased benefits by using all applications together in one integrated environment as a complete software system. WebAsyst offers 5 user-friendly applications (integrated or stand-alone) and a unique, reasonably priced custom software alternative: WEBASYST RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT. 2)Contact Manager :- WebAsyst Contact Manager is a centralized web-based system which will simplify your communications with clients, business colleagues, employees, vendors, as well as personal contacts. Quick & easy set-up with user-friendly instructions. Contact Manager is both an operational and marketing tool which allows you to. Quickly create your own contact entry format with custom fields to suit your business Securely store all contact information online (e.G. Customers, employees, suppliers, etc.) Easily keep your customers' information up-to-date for effective communication Completely control user access & set variable authorizations with just a click Efficiently manage mailing lists for customers & subscribers 3)Document Depot :- Create web-based storage for your documents and share them. WebAsyst Document Depot is a web-based tool to store and share all kinds of files on the Internet. Practical applications of this software are almost infinite, ranging from regular corporate document storage to real estate listings to online education to real time news announcements - limited only by your needs and imagination. Easy set-up and user friendly. Document Depot is a :- Secure place on-line to store files of any kind With virtually unlimited storage and user access Yet still giving you complete control over data and accessibility 4)Quick Notes :- Post notes and memos on your web-based board and share them. WebAsyst Quick Notes is a web-based online notepad where you can jot down all kinds of notes and memos, organize them in folders and share those folders with your team. WebAsyst Quick Notes gives you :- A secure place on-line to store notes and memos With optional file attachments Accessible by anyone you choose - co-workers, customers, friends, guests With access levels controlled by you AND is easy to set-up and very user friendly. 5)Project Manager :- Manage Projects and Track Tasks ? World-Wide. Do you want to control your projects and accurately forecast results? WebAsyst Project Manager is a web-based tool which allows you to manage customer, project and task lists online. You can create multiple projects for every customer, defining the scope of work for each project and assigning personnel. Easy to set-up & user-friendly. Store project information in a centralized and secure place online Access data anytime, anyplace with just an Internet browser Manage personnel assignments and project costs View and track project progress using Gantt Chart diagrams Completely control individual access, assigning full or partial rights as you choose. 6)Issue Tracker :- Add issue, work order or bug report, and track it from creation to resolution. WebAsyst Issue Tracker is a web-based software tool which allows you to automate your business processes, in whole or part, so that documents, information, tasks and/or bugs are passed from one participant to another for action, according to a set of procedural rules - workflow. Requires installation of WebAsyst Project Manager. Easy set-up & very user friendly. Issue Tracker offers :- A centralized and secure place online for team members to view, track, & manage project issues. Easily accessible data anytime, anyplace via an Internet browser. Customization of your workflow scheme. Absolute control of all individual access rights. WEBASYST RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT :- We are continually improving WebAsyst applications based upon our customer feedback, our intensive research into market trends and demands, and best technological practices. New features are developed both to meet and to anticipate our customers? needs, making WebAsyst Suite products a market-driven solution.

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WebAsyst LLC

PO Box 25331
Wilmington - DE 19899 () United States

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