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Scand LLC


Scand LLC

Scand LLC

Minsk, , Belarus

Computers Products - Services,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1998

Scand LLC is software development company based in Minsk, the capital of Belarus (Eastern Europe). The company was established in December 1998. Since that time we have constantly grown and expanded our business, doubling its size every year.

Delivering offshore outsourcing software development services supplied by the best quality, timeliness and creativity for prices up to 10 times lower than onshore prices, we help our clients to extremely reduce costs of IT-development. Economic situation in our country allows us to lower rates on services not influencing its quality.

In the times of the former USSR there was a number of scientific organizations working for the military purposes in Belarus. After the collapse of the USSR, many universities and specialists became useless. Many of them got qualified in IT-area. Therefore the country has so many software engineers. That is also the reason why our services are inexpensive - the country is still facing economic difficulties, though trying to advance.

Our Team consists of 90 highly qualified specialists with advanced technical degrees received in the best universities in the country. The value of our company is the professionalism of our employees, bringing us to success.

Products :

We provide Services of high-quality but low-cost web / software development services. Products :- TreeTable JTree DhtmlxTree DhtmlxToolbar DhtmlxMenu Urfin Our creativity, deep knowdledge and years of expirience in IT area Allow us to develop our own products and bring them to the top of the market. Being offshore we heavily reduce costs of IT development, not only for projects that we do for our clients, but also for development of own products, what makes our products very highly competitive. Since our main specialization area is development of Web-based applications with advanced UI and functionality, most of ideas for our products we got in this direction. ProSys :- Web-based project management system One of our internal projects has the top priority. With years of experience in working offshore, we attach greatest importance to the Web-based project management systems. Our goal in this direction is to make the product, that makes project management for a team consisting of local and overseas developers as easy as possible. Besides such a product makes communication between us, our customer (and our customer's clients) transparent, which is greatly appreciated these days. For more detailed information, see ProSys. JTree and TreeTable :- Advanced Java applets Currently, the market is abundant in various Web applications. But do they always have a really convenient and functional user interface? We are working on it, developing Java applets and DHTML pages realizing advanced GUI for Web applications. See our Java applets we are successfully using in our projects. Also, we are intensively working in area of development Windows and Unix applications, tools, components and drivers, including low-level system programming. Once we have got in stuck with structuring and organization of files located in our LAN, so as a solution we came up with a bran-new product. Urfin :- Local Area Network search engine and cataloguer A revolutionary Windows LAN spider allows you to find any file located in shared directories on any computer of your organization just in a few seconds. It will watch for files you need and email you new matches for your search agent. Also it makes really easy to organize your corporate documentation disributed over your network. Services :- We provide offshore outsourcing software development Services, Which means low-cost IT-development supplied by quality, promptness and competence. Our hourly rates are up to 10 times lower than rates for corresponding work in USA and West Europe. We specialize in the following Areas of Expertise :- Business Application Development Joint Venture Custom Product Development Custom Software/Systems Development Internet/Intranet Applications Development & Web-Design Software/Systems Re-engineering & Migration Software/Systems Porting & Testing Software/Systems Maintenance & Documentation System Analysis & Concept Database Design & Development Datawarehouse Solutions Development Quality Control & Auditing ECommerce Integration Services Mathematical Software/Systems Development. Our Core Practices (80% of all development is in these areas):- Development of Web-based applications with advanced UI and functionality. Windows and Unix applications, tools, components and drivers development. Industry Focuses :- High-Tech, Banking & Accounting, Insurance, Automotive, Energy, Recruiting. We offer two kinds of services :- Virtual software-development office Development of projects with fixed price The first one, Virtual Office, implies hiring a number of developers (a team) working offshore on a permanent basis. This is more suitable for a long-term partnership and joint work on a project or a few projects. You receive everything prepared, organized and awaiting for your tasks without having to care about organizational tasks such as hiring qualified developers and project managers, renting an office and so on. The second one, development of projects with fixed price, assumes that we come to an agreement on the price for development of your project. The price isn't subject to any changes. In this case even the number of employees working on your project doesn't matter. We recommend this service for short, small, or urgent projects.

Contact Info

Scand LLC

27, Masherova
Minsk - 000000 () Belarus

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