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We hire only the best. You won't find a single junior engineer at our company. We believe that one good engineer is worth ten average engineers, which is a position supported by an abundance of research. Our core team is comprised of well known, often published software architects and project managers from around the world. Small teams of experienced engineers and consultants working on projects keep communication overhead low, minimize risk, and ensure successful execution.

We apply the same rigor to selection of staff in our offshore teams. Every member of our offshore staff is hand picked by our core team using a comprehensive interview and test process. By using a combination of our outstanding resources and unique branch extension offshore development process, you can profit from all the benefits of offshore development without sacrificing quality.

Ikayzo is a boutique IT professional services and outsource consultancy. We specialize in building system critical business applications capable of handling heavy traffic and massive transactional load. At Ikayzo, we pride ourselves on consistent quality work delivered on time and on budget. We concentrate on ensuring your technology transparently facilitates reliable business transactions, freeing you to concentrate on your core competency - the business.

Products :

We Provide Manufacturer and Services of specialize in Software Development, building system critical business applications capable of handling heavy traffic and massive transactional load. Software :- Packaged :- ASP Our Econtix CMS component suite includes all the components necessary to build a comprehensive CMS solution tailored to the specific needs of your business. Econtix was built from the ground up to gracefully handle multiple locales and languages including multi-byte Asian character sets and bidi languages such as Arabic and Farsi. Unlike content management systems from most of the major vendors, our CMS was designed for the web rather than being adapted from a legacy application designed exclusively for desktop document management. Users of Econtix based CMS systems can easily create and manage content using in-place visual editors. Editors are available within web applications (via DHTML and javascript), and rich Java applet or application UIs via swing components. The Econtix CMS component suite includes :- A powerful set of UI components for authoring and editing content. Pluggable content editors and viewers. SOAP based API for easy integration with J2EE and .NET systems Dynamic user and group management. J2EE and .Net components :- Ikayzo offers a full range of J2EE and .NET enterprise components that can be used to accelerate your enterprise application development. All our components are designed by our world class core development team and undergo a strict testing regimen. Ikayzo enterprise components cover security, enterprise messaging, and rich client domains. Contact our sales department to find out how our J2EE and .NET professionals can customize Econtix enterprise components for your company's needs. Note: General availability of the Ikayzo component suite is slated for the third quarter. New: Desktop Application Gallery Web Related Services Listing. Services :- Software Development :- Are you in need of a scaleable enterprise application accessible from the web, rich clients, or traditional desktop applications? We can provide everything you need to take you from an idea to a high quality, thoroughly tested application. Ikayzo can provide a full blown team including a core group of on location project managers and architects, offshore resources for cost effective implementation, and business analysts to ensure the project meets your internal or external customers' needs. Our consultants and project managers have experience in many vertical domains including (but not limited to) :- Banking Telecommunications Affiliate Marketing Hosting Publishing Bioinformatics Prepackaged Software We have domain experts ranging from rich clients (Swing, Flash/Flex, .NET clients, etc.) to EAI (enterprise messaging, brokering & translation, etc.) Ikayzo provides end to end web development including design and localization services. Offshore : Outsourcing :- When done correctly, offshore development provides many benefits. Software can be built, tested and maintained cost effectively. Resources can be quickly added and shifted between projects. Even small and midsize companies can often afford to maintain multiple development and QA pipelines allowing them to bring their products and services to market with unprecedented speed. Unfortunately, traditional outsource models often fail to deliver on these promises, especially when it's a company's first foray into the world of offshore development. Failed attempts can be very costly. Ikayzo can ensure you get it right the first time. How do we do this? Put simply, we've done this before, and learned a lot of important lessons along the way. A few key points include :- Use a core team of professionals experienced in offshore development. Work only with proven outsource partners. Hand pick all your offshore resources using a proven interview and test process. Ensure you pay as much attention to architecture, testing, and maintenance as you do development. Do not accept any concessions in quality. Offshore development should allow you to improve quality. Pay a little over market rate for your people. This will actually save you money (remember: one great engineer is worth ten average engineers) Whenever possible, rotate people between your offices. Avoid the "us and them" syndrome. Maintain full control over the process from end to end. Our flexible business model can accommodate customers wanting to augment an existing team, use our offshore resources , build their own team offshore, or even acquire an offshore development company. Complete Services Listing Web Related Services Listing Localization :- Localization is more than translation. When localizing a website, web application, or desktop system you must consider everything from local preferences for colors and layouts to functional concerns, such as payment systems which vary widely from country to country. Our developers and consultants have experience dealing with localization of websites and applications to locales including the US, Spain, France, Japan, Korea, and China. All our translators are native speakers with industry experience. Internationalization is the process of making a software system, website, or even an entire organization "localization ready". A properly internationalized system can be adapted to new locales with minimal effort. Call our internationalization experts to setup an assessment and receive a free quote for your system.

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2800 Woodlawn Dr., Ste. 151
Hawaii - 96822-1843 () United States

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