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Banglore, Karnataka, India

Computers Products - Trader,
Proprietorship Firm Since 2003

Established in 2003, The Viscom Network, a well established IT firm, is engaged in supply of quality networking products and fiber optic products in India. Having a head office in Bangalore, the company is a sister concern of LABTECH INDIA. Thanks to the persistent, innovative and dynamic team efforts of all partners, Viscom Network today stands poised as consistent and most trustworthy supplier in India.

We are distributing high end networking and communications products like all sorts of imported fiber connectors, attenuators and adapters, optic fiber distribution frames, terminal/serial servers, console servers, multi-port serial cards, USB to serial adapter, multi-modem cards, remote access servers, routers and print servers

Products :

Suppliers of quality networking products and fiber optic products & accessories and fiber optic products in India. Distributing high end networking and communications products like all sorts of imported fiber connectors. RF Repeaters:- - Very high quality, auto level control, remote/local monitoring, compact design & economical RF repeaters for in-building (high rising buildings, work places), CDMA & GSM telecommunication network. 10mV Repeaters for DCS 1800 network, which is perfect solution to enhance a quality of wireless coverage at homes, high rising buildings, work places, playgrounds. RF Repeaters for CDMA Network. RF Repeaters for GSM Network. Patented for many designs in USA and South Korea, economical, improved attenuation and power handling capacity, available at customers required coverage area. Newly in India, technology know-how available. FRLS (Flame Retardant Low Smoke) Cables for insulation & sheathing applications:- - A. This material is low melting sulphate glass or glass composition for cable sheathing application. - This compound is environmental friendly with very less toxic chemicals, which is banned globally and hence generates less toxic gases. - Less halogen acid & is corrosion free. - Tailor made compound, formulation/composition can be varied hence the properties & cost varies. - The compound exhibits high oxygen index value, which resists the propagation of fire whenever a cable is in contact with flame due to various reasons. - The mechanical properties like tensile strength and percentage elongation is retained. Optical Fiber Products:- - Patch cords compliant with JIS, IEC, bell core test spec. - Optical fiber connectors(LC, SC/PC, SC/APC, FC/PC, FC/APC, ST/PC, MU, MTRJ) - Optical fiber adaptors (LC, SC-1, SC-2, SC-4, ST, MU, FC, FC/SC, FC/ST, SC/ST) - Optical fiber attenuators (SC/PC, FC/PC, APC, LC) - Optical multifiber jumper cord - Optical link & systems (CONVERTERS)SM, MM Module/panel/slot type - Data/audio/video optical links - Optical fiber coupler - Wave length division multiplexer - FDF & optical termination panels, cards & case - FIBER OPTIC MEDIA CONVERTERS 10/100Mbps, full/half duplex, auto sensing. - High Performance Ethernet switches, Prime access switches, Stackable access switches, Excel switches up to 20.8 Gbps & 8 /16/24/32/48 ports of 10/100/1000 Mbps. Supporting Layer 2/3/4. Routers:- - P800, P1700, P2600 & Premier 2002. LAN Modems:- - NSB-2300 LAN MODEMS with speed of 144Kbps to 2.3Mbps;which you can select 16 speed levels; Tx /Rx distance: up to 5.4 km - System center NSC-1202 has 12 slots can be connected with LAN modem, fiber media converters & Ethernet link master. Data Service Unit:- - DSU (Data Service Unit) is a technologically advanced, high-performance data service unit. It provides an interface between 4-wire loop & the customer's data terminal equipment, it support both synchronous & asynchronous data rates from 2.4 to 64Kbps. Channel Service Unit:- - is a low cost, single or dual port for T1/E1 service. The DTE port is selectable for any data rates multiple of 56 or 64 Kbps up to 1536 Kbps (E1:1920 Kbps). User data is placed into a T1/E1 frames, using only the selected number of timeslot. MIDAS-STREAM (T3-CSU):- - it allows you to connect to two DTE (High speed serial interface: HSSI) data terminal ports. It provides access to T3 network and allow user to share the cost of a T3 line for multiple applications. It supports user-selectable bandwidth in increments from 900Kbps up to 44.2Mbps CONSOLE SERVERS:- - SERIAL / TERMINAL SERVERS - PRINT SERVERS - DIRECT SERIAL CONNECTIVITY - REMOTE ACCESS SOLUTIONS - AS400 CONNECTIVITY FLEXIBLE FLAT CABLES:- - Simplify wiring process, space saving, thin and flexible, labour saving, low profile, high density, halogen free. Various Pitch available 0.5/0.8/1.0/1.25/1.27 etc COAXIAL CONNECTORS & CABLES:- - RF Connectors - SMA, SMB, SMC, SMZ, N, BNC, MCH, DIN Adaptors, Cable Assemblies, all specifications are confirm to Mil OUT DOOR & IN DOOR SM & MM FIBER OPTIC CABLES:- UTP CABLES (CAT 5e & CAT6):-

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85/12, 6th Cross,
Srinivas Temple Street,
Maruthi Nagar, Madiwala
Banglore - 560068 (Karnataka) India

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