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Valiant Communications Limited


Valiant Communications Limited

Valiant Communications Limited

New delhi, Delhi, India

Computers Products - Services,
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Valiant Communications Limited manufactures telecom transmission equipment and solutions. Valiant's technological strengths span a wide section of the telecom transmission area including voice and data E1 multiplexers, E1 / T1 echo cancellers, E1 / T1 digital cross connects, E1 channel banks, E1 GSM gateways / T1 GSM gateways, DCME voice compression, T1 < > E1 data (frame) converters, STM-1, STM-4 SDH ADM multiplexers, optical transmission solutions, remote site monitoring technologies and a fast paced new product development strategy. Valiant's equipment is focused on integrating voice, data and IP networks.
Valiant presents its state-of-the-art T1 and E1 echo canceller solutions which support PRI ISDN, Euro ISDN, SS7, C7 and R2 digital signaling protocols.

Valiant also presents its latest 64 Port E1 DACS / T1 DACS - Digital Cross Connect Switch, 32 Port DACS for Hi-Z Non-Intrusive Monitroing, and the next generation STM-1 / STM-4 SDH Multiplexers with E1, E3, E4, STM-1e, STM-1o & 10/100 Mbps ethernet tributaries.

Valiant's also offers its VCL-MX, 2Mbps E1 Voice and Data Drop Insert (Add Drop) Multiplexer which supports a wide range of voice and data interfaces which include FXO, FXS, E&M, G.703, V.24, iDSL, V.35, nx64Kbps, V.36, X.21, RS530, G.SHDSL, 10BaseT - Ethernet Bridge, 10BaseT - Router, Fractional E1 (Framed and un-Framed) interfaces and the VCL-DX, 2Mbps Digital Data Multiplexer.

Products :

Our services of STM-1 / STM-4 SDH Multiplexers: STM-1, VCL100LT (upto 28 E1 / DS1) STM-1, VCL100MC-1 (upto 63 E1 / DS3) STM-1 / STM-4, VCL100 STM-1/4 (upto 252 E1) Digital Cross Connects (16 and 64 port): E1 DACS, Digital Access Cross Connect Switch - Data Sheet E1 DACS, Digital Access Cross Connect Switch - MS Power Point Presentation E1 Voice & Data Multiplexer: VCL-DX, 2Mbps E1 Voice & Data Multiplexer - (Home Page) VCL-DX, 2Mbps E1 Voice & Data Multiplexer - Data Sheet / Product Brochure VCL-DX, 2Mbps E1 Voice & Data Multiplexer MS Power Point Presentation . E1 GSM Gateways / T1 GSM Gateways / GSM Channel Banks: PRI ISDN (Euro ISDN) Q.931 E1 GSM Gateway E1 GSM Gateway / GSM Channel Banks (Home Page) E1 GSM Gateway / GSM Channel Bank - Data Sheet / Product Brochure E1 GSM Gateway / GSM Channel Bank - MS Power Point Presentation NEW 90 SIM E1 GSM Gateway. Channel Banks: Intelligent E1 Channel Banks - Data Sheet - Intelligent E1 Channel Banks - MS Power Point Presentation - . Multiplexers: PRI ISDN (Euro ISDN) Q.931 multiplexer - Data Sheet PRI ISDN (Euro ISDN) Q.931 multiplexer - MS Power Point Presentation . Sub-Rate Multiplexers: Sub-Rate G.703 multiplexer - Data Sheet Sub-Rate V.35 / G.703 multiplexer - Power Point Presentation . Echo Cancellers: E1 Echo Cancellers - Data Sheet E1 Echo Cancellers - MS Power PointPresentation . Voice Compression (DCME): E1 DCME Voice Compression - Data Sheet E1 DCME Voice Compression - MS Power PointPresentation . T1 < > E1 Data Converters: E3, 34Mbps OLTE (Optical Line Terminating Equipment) - Data Sheet E3, 34Mbps OLTE (Optical Line Terminating Equipment) - MS Power Point Presentation . Optical Transmission: T1 < > E1 Data (Frame) Converters - Product Brochure T1 < > E1 Converters - MS Power Point Presentation .

Contact Info

Valiant Communications Limited

71/1, Shivaji Marg
New Delhi - 110 015 (Delhi) India

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