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Advent Communications


Advent Communications

Advent Communications

Seattle, , United States

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO as we technogeeks call it, is essentially search engine rankings. It's the art of getting your site listed at the top of the search engines. At Advent Communications we specialize in optimizing websites so your search engine listing appears as high as possible. By identifying search engine keywords and optimizing web pages by improving site titles, URLs and page descriptions, we improve your chances of achieving a number one ranking in Google, MSN, Yahoo and dozens of smaller search engines and Internet directories.
Why is it when you search the Web for communications companies, all you find are Web sites for communications companies that don't communicate? They either offer too much trying to overwhelm you with their communications bravado or too little making you wonder why they are in the communications business. How can that be? If they offer communications advice, why don't they do a better job of communicating?
At Advent Communications we speak your language. We're not interested in us, we're interested in you. We help you with your marketing plans, your advertising, your Web sites and internal marketing communications objectives. In other words, we want to be on your team by helping you achieve your objectives; help you sell your products by positioning your company within your market and industry--not ours.
That's why at Advent Communications, we feature a full suite of communications services so your company can grow quickly. You don't have time to waste going around to different companies for different projects, right? You need to sell yesterday. You need a brand, a strategy, a plan to take your company to the next level now.

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We Provide services of Web disign Advertising Services, Web Development, Pay-per-click search marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Submissions, Traditional Marketing Services, Video Production, Web Marketing, Web Design. SEO :- Search Submissions, Site Reports, Order Site Report, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Web Marketing, Free SEO Tips, Web Design, SEO Articles, Advertising, Marketing. 1)Engine Submission Services :- Search Engine Marketing does not have to be time-consuming or even expensive. If you want to be listed in the search engines, try Search Engine Submissions from Advent Communications. Search Engine Submissions are not hard, but they are time-consuming. Plus, search engine submissions must be done right if you want any chance of improving your search engine rankings. So why not strart your search engine submissions today? Order your search engine submission services NOW! Choose from any of our search engine submission plans and improve your website listing today! 2)Get a Search Visibility Report for Your Site :- Would it be helpful to know if your site is listed in the search engines for all the terms your customers use to find your products and services? Well wait no more. Now you can know with the search engine visibility report from Advent Communications. 3)WEB MARKETING :- Are you looking for help with your website because only after the fact you?ve realized that it doesn't fit into your business model. Or perhaps you?re just starting out and you don?t know where to begin? Very often, time, effort, and profits are wasted on flashy graphics and technical features that only distract visitors, blur your message and, quite frankly, fail to serve the company's or customer's needs. At Advent Communications, we feel the best websites aren't those that cost the most but are ones that seamlessly integrate into a company's overall business strategy, thereby providing customers with a consistent brand, image and marketing message that does its job to sell or communicate. WEB SITE CONSULTATION :- With over 20 years of marketing experience, the staff at Advent Communications knows what makes a good website and what doesn't. If you're not sure that your website is doing all it could for your business, call Advent Communications for a website consultation. We'll spend some time talking to you about your site goals, and then spend some time on your site. The result will be a comprehensive report loaded with information about what you're site does right, and tips on how to improve the things it doesn't do so well. 4)Free SEO Tips :- Good question. Try the following and then submit these pages to Yahoo for inclusion in their index. URLs, Page Titles, Descriptions, Content, Meta Data. 5)Web development has never been so easy :- At Advent Communications, we took what is difficult about web development and design and made it easy. Now you can page through countless pre-designed websites that you can use for your business, organization or group. We have 100s of websites in box that are ready for you to choose. Best of all, it's fast, fun, easy and inexpensive. Don't see one (below) that's perfect? No problem, we'll modify it for you. So what are you waiting for, when you can start looking great today! 6)SEO Articles :- All too often I notice how SEO providers think that getting a site to the top of the search engines with search engine optimization will solve a company?s sales problems. Nothing could be further from the truth. A site must be effective at selling its product of service otherwise the end goal will never be realized regardless of how succcessful your SEO efforts are. I have helped customers who were getting more traffic than I ultimately drove to their site. But the difference comes down to targeting. Getting the right traffic is far better than getting any traffic if your goals are more than keep track of visitors. I don?t know about you, but visitors don?t keep the lights on at my business so in that sense, search engine optimization only takes you so far. 7)Advertising services include :- Brand identity (Logos, letterhead), Direct mail, Print advertising, Television advertising, Radio advertising, Out-of-home (Outdoor) Advertising, Sales/promotional materials, Trade shows. 8)Online marketing includes :- Banners and Rich Media Ads, Email Marketing and Campaign Management, Flash demos, Multimedia CD-ROMs, Website development, Database consulting and development. 9)TRADITIONAL MARKETING :- Strategy (Business, Internet, and Marketing) If you decide to lean on someone else?s understanding, you want to know that they know more than you. Right? Our average consultant brings over 10 years of Internet marketing experience to Advent Communications, supported by an extensive traditional marketing and business background.

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Advent Communications

Seattle - WA 98335 () United States

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