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Arvana Design Studios


Arvana Design Studios

Arvana Design Studios

Guelph, , Canada

Computers Products - Services,
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Almost anyone can learn the basics of creating a website. But only 2% of the sites online today ever reach the goals they were designed to achieve.
It's not hard to understand why so many websites fail: if you want to tap into the huge potential of Internet marketing, there are a few key ingredients you've got to put into action first.
Those who do it right make millions of dollars a year from their Internet businesses. This site can help put you in that top 2% ? we've distilled our years of online business knowledge into short, clear guidelines that will help you to thrive online, no matter where you're starting from.
It's easy to waste a lot of time and money on a website that doesn?t give results, but our 3-minute guide to creating a website will help you develop a business model that's destined for success. Just scan through these five points for an executive summary of the key ingredients to Internet marketing.

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We are Producing Web Design. Our Web Design Packages:- Diamond Web Design Package, Platinum Web Design Package, Gold Web Design Package, Silver Web Design Package, Bronze Web Design Package. Professional website design secrets: simple steps to creating stunning web pages. These web design tips give you a complete summary of the web design process 7 Steps to a Well-Designed Website. 1. Domain Names:- The very first step in web design is registering your domain name. The best, most widely recognized domains are the .Com names, followed by .Net and .Org. But good ones are getting harder and harder to find, so if you can?t get the .Com you want, you may want to try one of the newer options. Regional domains (like .Us, .Uk and .Jp) are good if your site is oriented towards your own area, and descriptive domains (like .Biz, .Info, .Tv and .Museum) are gaining popularity for sites catering to those specific markets. 2. Hosting:- To get your site online, you will need to rent some space from a hosting company. There are hundreds of web hosts out there, so it?s important to understand what you need before you start looking. For most individuals, small companies or startups, shared hosting is the most cost-effective option. This means that your site will share the same server as a number of other websites, usually with a fixed amount of space and bandwidth allocated to each. 3. HTML:- HyperText Markup Language is the format used to design web pages. It works on a very simple principle ? the markup codes are added to change the appearance of text. 4. Layout:- There are basically three elements to a web page: your logo and supporting graphics A navigation menu, and content. How you decide to design your web pages is mostly a matter of personal preference, but there are some standard practices that have evolved on the Internet, and you should be careful about deviating from them too much. 5. Navigation:- The best design for your navigation menu depends on how many pages you have in your site. As a rule of thumb, sites with under 25 pages are better off with a vertical list on the left of the page, while larger sites are easier to navigate with a horizontal menu across the top. 6. Sales Integration:- If you want visitors to give you their money, it has to be easy for them! Your order pages should be easy to find, user-friendly and secure. There are many different options for taking credit card orders online, ranging from third-party acceptance houses to shopping cart software that is fully integrated into both your site and your Internet merchant account. 7. Programming:- You may want your site to have some extra functions, such as a discussion forum, weblog, search function, news aggregator, database functionality, user tracking and that means programming.

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Arvana Design Studios

12 John Street,

Guelph - N1H 1T4 () Canada

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