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Sasktel International


Sasktel International

Sasktel International

Saskatchewan, , Canada

Computers Products - Services,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1986

Since 1986, SaskTel International (SI) has been marketing technological and software solutions expertise to clients around the world.
Advanced technologies that were developed to serve the people of the province of Saskatchewan, Canada -- especially in fiber optics, digital switching, and software systems -- have helped open the doors to international markets for SI.
Today SI, either on its own or in partnership with other firms, helps its clients in countries around the world develop, improve, and expand their telecommunications systems.
SI's leadership in the application and provision of advanced technologies including: fiber optics, microwave radio, cellular and trunked mobile radio, wireless and traditional access networks, advanced interactive and Internet services, has been proven in many international markets.
Operational Support Software developed by SI to effectively provision telecommunications facilities, deliver instant service to customers, and provide repair management capabilities is being used by many major service providers in North America.
It is the quality of our people that differentiates SaskTel International from other companies. Our people offer a wealth of telecom experience and expertise, acquired both at home and abroad. Their world-class training helps them to understand what it takes to operate complex and leading edge telecommunications services. Their commitment to excellence is our strongest competitive advantage.

Products :

We Provide Services of marketing technological and software solutions expertise to clients around the world. Whether your interest is in our Professional Services, Network Services, Operational Support System Software or Investments, I would like to impress upon you that we are a company that does the little things right and is committed to success. Software Solutions :- 1)Product Overview :- Purchasers of the MARTENS Suite are invited to join the MARTENS International Client Association (MICA). In addition to operational and technical support, MICA provides members with ongoing software releases of the MARTENS Suite products. MICA allows member companies to avoid the costly process of maintaining software specific to their implementation and provides the opportunity to participate in on-going development at a fraction of the total development cost. 2)MARTENS International Client Association (MICA) :- Purchasers of MARTENS Suite are invited to join the MARTENS International Client Association (MICA). In addition to operational and technical support, MICA provides members with ongoing software releases of the MARTENS Suite products. MICA members have input determining the content of new software releases. These software releases provide enhanced functionality based on requirements provided by member companies, as well as addressing industry and technical advancements. Network Services :- 1)General overview :- At SaskTel International we define Network Services as being those activities necessary for the efficient establishment and operation of a successful telecommunications system. These include everything from operations planning and network engineering to system integration, equipment installation and commissioning. We understand and respect the operational factors that impact day to day activities and can bring this hands-on expertise to assist your company with building or expanding its telecommunications networks. 2)Network consulting :- Because of our unique relationship with a very successful, independent, full service telecommunications company, SI can provide a broad spectrum of services utilizing highly trained professionals with extensive operational experience. These services include :- Network Engineering, Operational Consulting, Project Management, Turn-key Projects, Fiber Optic Networking, Wireless Solutions, Telecom Training. 3)Rural Networks :- SaskTel has managed and administered projects that have produced a state of the art communications system for the people of Saskatchewan. SaskTel maintains and operates over 13, 500 route-kilometers of fiber optic cables and 1, 900 kilometers of digital radio routes that connect to completely digital switching facilities. SaskTel Mobility offers analogue and digital PCS service over 270, 000 square kilometers with 149 cell sites. A large portion of the one million Saskatchewan residents live in sparsely populated and remote areas, however SaskTel provides high grade individual line service to all subscribers. 4)Installation & Commissioning :- Digital Switching, Optical Transport, Microwave and Wireless Access, Cellular and Trunked Mobile Radio, Data Network Elements. Professional Services :- SI Professional Services provides global telecommunications solutions that help our customers achieve their strategic and business objectives in the following areas :- Pre-Privatization Assessments, Technical Due Diligence and Network Planning, Telecom Management Contracts, Investment Management, Investment Due Diligence, Valuation of Public or Private Mergers & Acquisitions, Feasibility Studies for the Provision of Telecom Services in the Rural Areas. Control of the access in the customer's home is key to being successful. If you control the access, you can influence the customers purchase decisions regarding these types of services, As pricing for many of the traditional services become like those of a commodity, more and more customers want one stop shopping. Companies who can bundle multiple services into one package for the customer will have a distinct marketing advantage. Global incestments :- In July, 1997, SaskTel International acquired a 35 per cent equity interest in Saturn Communications Limited (Saturn), now known as TelstraSaturn Communications Limited, in Wellington, New Zealand. Saturn was a new and growing cable TV service provider which was expanding into telecommunications. Saturn had an important competitive advantage in the Wellington market by being the first company to provide pay TV, telecommunications and data services for consumers in one integrated package. SaskTel International's partner in Saturn was UnitedGlobalCom, a successful operator of cable television in 25 countries.

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Sasktel International

2121 Saskatchewan Drive
Saskatchewan - S4P 3Y2 () Canada

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