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WelTeam Global


WelTeam Global

WelTeam Global

Hongkong, , China

Computers Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 0

WelTeam Global develop strategies to provide customized marketing and sourcing programs for global customers including chain stores and distributors, and acts as a vital link in supply chain management.

Established in 1998, WelTeam's original mission was to manufacture and supply accessories for personal computers to international wholesalers. Today, we have expanded our target markets and repositioned ourselves to bring the most valuable products and supply chain management services to our buyers, thereby, creating increased sales opportunities for manufacturers.

WelTeam Global has now adopted a " Professional Global Marketing Specialist " model and an " Integrated Supply Chain Specialist " model as one of our central strategies; we have successfully expanded our market throughout Europe, North America, Latin America, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region. We are currently supplying to a number of Fortune 500 customers that will help us to double our sales revenue in 2004.

Our Vision:

To build a successful, credible and global industry group that fosters positive relationships with its shareholders, customers, manufacturers, employees and the wider social community.

Our Mission Statement:

For Shareholders: Maximize shareholder value.
For Customers: Provide accurate and timely market information, high-quality products, competitive pricing and value-added services resulting in a win-win situation for all parties.

For Manufacturers: Providing professional business services through global distribution channels to create increased sales opportunities.

For Employees: Providing excellent career opportunities resulting in a quality lifestyle.

For Society: Adopting a socially responsible attitude that recognizes that we live and work in a global community.

Executive Management Team
Recruited from well-known multinational corporations in North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific Region.

Building a global operation based on proven internationally accepted management principles.

Possessing comprehensive product and business knowledge acquired during numerous years of international experience.

Marketing and Sales Team
A staff that possess comprehensive product knowledge and international business experience with a successful track record in dealing with Fortune 500 companies.

Clear, concise and timely communications with people who understand your business and cultural requirements.

Sharing specialized market and product information, channel penetration and assistance in developing an international marketing strategy.

Supply Chain Management Team
Professional staff skilled in efficiently managing real-time business on an international business platform.

Successful IPO (International Purchasing Office) sourcing model that is receiving global recognition.

A staff of more than 20 dedicated quality professionals maintaining a comprehensive QA program.

A shipping team that provides competitive shipping rates as well as value-added services.

All of our teams possess the passion and ability to distinguish WelTeam Global from the crowd!

Competitive Advantages
WelTeam Global is a young, energetic and exponentially growing company that should not be compared to traditional local companies. Our business model is based on satisfying the demands of our varied customers based around the world, meeting individual needs of companies and providing solutions tailored to individual markets. We serve the international companies with understanding and flexibility serving you to the best of our ability.

At WelTeam Global you not only have access to great products manufactured by our affiliated factories and customized sourcing services, but you also have access to our valuable marketing services. Relying upon our extensive international marketing channels, our experience, and our tracking of the latest trends in your target market, we are positioned to recommend the optimal product selection in terms of suitability and maximum margin generation.

Sourcing advantages
WelTeam Global currently assists more than 1800 companies in the area of product sourcing. Based in China, our in depth local knowledge, experience in Chinese culture and practices, coupled with our utilization of robust reporting systems within the supply chain permit us to not only control costs but ensure problems are minimized before they get out of hand. We proactively pursue your interests, permitting you to pursue your core business functions.

Marketing advantages
Due to our global presence with branch offices all around the world, we can perform continuous, in-depth global market research and analysis, scientific segmentation and strategically positioning. Also we can provide a forecast proposal based on our understanding of your purchasing and development strategy, at the same time, regulating our product strategy and marketing policy.

Relying on our strategic location in the Shenzhen manufacturer center, we can obtain more support from the government, and get more achievements in public relations and worldwide cooperation. Our excellent reputation will afford our customers easier facilitation of financing and guarantee a good credit standing and respectability.

Comprehensive R&D and identification of product value will assist you in choosing the correct products in accordance with your market requirements. Our understanding of market trends allows us to formulate a competitive pricing policy that will help you maximize your profit margins.

Conduct collaborative marketing activities with our distribution and/or retail channels to generate new product demand and penetrate into new niche markets.

Our efficient Customer Relations Management (CRM) system and our accumulated experience have allowed us to serve a group of Fortune 500 companies, establish an excellent reputation and receive wide recognition in our field.

In today's high tech market place, success is won through strong creative R&D ability. Knowing this, WelTeam Global has adopted a policy aimed at success through innovation. Focusing a large share of its resources in research and development, WelTeam Global is pursuing technological development in two directions: new product development, and quality/cost/delivery improvement.

Supply Chain Management
As an industry group, we focus on providing valuable products, customized solutions and professional service by developing an integrated and robust supply chain management system to control various manufacturing resources.

Control ability; our familiarity with the legal requirements in China ensures that we are able to monitor suppliers to ensure compliance with local regulations. This legal oversight is often difficult for foreign buyers to perform.

Manufacturing capability and Strategic Coordination: Collaboration amongst suppliers is typically rare, however WelTeam Global coordinates such activities as shareholding issues, joint ventures, and mergers, permitting us to provide a more comprehensive supply chain management solution. Our SCM team can provide directions to our affiliated factories to assist them in developing and manufacturing innovative products to meet market demand.

Flexibility: As we maintain a comprehensive supplier database, we are uniquely positioned to provide flexible and custom tailored supply solutions to our customers.

In order to provide you with the highest quality supply chain services, WelTeam Global uses a 3 phase process to quality and evaluates potential suppliers. This process ensures that our suppliers can meet, or exceed, our internal standards as well as any customer specific requirement. A short summary of each phase is detailed below.

Phase 1
During this phase, we will perform a comprehensive survey of the supplier?s business and manufacturing operations. Samples of designated products will be collected so that we may perform in-depth testing and inspections. All suppliers that meet the operations and product requirement will be considered as a ?Qualified? supplier and their information will be added to our supplier database.

Phase 2
During this phase, we will evaluate the actual performance of the supplier?s business and manufacturing operations. Trial orders for designated products are placed with the supplier and are then constantly monitored during the order-fulfillment process. Any areas of concern noted during the fulfillment process are reported to the supplier and a corrective action plan is developed.

Phase 3
During this phase, all suppliers and /or product information is provided to our customers for their review and comments. Any comments or questions raised by the customer are fed back to the supplier and corrective actions are taken. We will continue to source alternate suppliers to ensure that our current supplier remains competitive in both products and pricing. A continuous ?Supplier Performance Evaluation? system is used to ensure that suppliers are always performing at the required levels.

Cooperation Vision
Cooperation Vision After 10 years of rapid economic growth, China has become the leading manufacturing And innovation center in the world.

Using the advantages detailed above, value chains integration and our strategic location in the Shenzhen Manufacturer Center, we will build a long-term business relationship with our partners to share the rapidly growing capabilities of China?s economy.

What we do with our distributors together?

Marketing Service
Products are presented with images and detailed specifications via the modern telecommunications mediums such as website, catalogue and magazine. Using our in-depth knowledge of manufacturing processes and market trends, we are able to recommend cutting edge products and solutions.

Product promotion, exhibition and distribution through stable and competitive global channels.

Efficient order processing and easy access to an online, real-time, 24 hour a day order tracking system.

Coordinating diverse manufacturing issues, packaging design and printing requirements.

Providing customized and flexible financial, quality and logistics programs.

Total sales and service concept including technical support and various product warranties.

Sourcing Service
Using competitive models for different market segments, we can assist you in planning your international purchasing strategy.

Using our comprehensive supplier database, we can efficiently help you to source, qualify and audit the correct supplier to meet your needs, while at the same time significantly reducing your total supply chain operating costs.

Coordinating diverse manufacturing issues, packaging design and printing requirements.

Our experienced and professional quality team will ensure that all products meet internationally- recognized standards as well as your specific requirements.

Manufacturing Service
Working with our affiliated factories and qualified outsourcing factories. WelTeam Global is capable of offering cost-effective and scalable manufacturing solutions including ODM, OEM and BTO that are tailored to both the customers' individual and market-specific requirements.

Complete control of BOM cost to assist us minimizing manufacturing and asset management costs.

Build-To-Order (BTO) services and strong capabilities for direct order fulfillment in the electronic sector.

Other Service
Export Agency Service
Working with suppliers designated by our customers, we will negotiate and confirm the order according to your target prices.
Payment arrangement and various financial services on behalf of our customers
Performing quality functions and coordinating logistics as required.
Document preparation and Customs clearance

Inspection Service
Providing a wide range of inspection services ranging from pre-production through in process to final shipment inspection, based on a man/ day pricing rate.

Issuing Inspection Reports and other documents as required.

Marketing Advantages
A strong focus on providing complete service solutions to our customers.

Constantly ensuring that the value chain is optimized by scientifically applying the ?10P? strategic marketing theory.

Multinational team and worldwide facilities to provide a global strategic business service.

Maintaining key relationships with chain stores and distributors.

Launching promotion programs, and presenting our partner?s products in the major shows in different industry.

Perfect e-Business - ?iMiracle? program ensuring orders are processed quickly, accurately and efficiently.

Our R&D team has the ability to help your factory generate new product ideas in order to expand your market penetration.

Supplier Qualification Levels
WelTeam Global will evaluate and qualify your manufacturing facility according to our internal quality standards or our customers? requirements. The evaluation will be completed in accordance with standard industry-wide practices. A fair and uniform scale will be applied based on such factors as quality, design, engineering, manufacturing, and customer service. The manufacturers that comply with the review will be classified as ?A? class, ?B? class or ?C? class, and this will determine the level of prioritization that we apply in recommending such facilities or products to our customers.

Partnership Levels
It is our hope that all WelTeam Global suppliers will become our strategic partners in a long-term business relationship. If this does not suit your initial desires, we offer alternate levels that will allow us to establish a partnership while continuing to develop our business relationship. WelTeam Global is an international purchasing agency, and therefore we fully understand the requirements of our customers. Together with our supply chain partners, we will develop a strategy and the products to meet these requirements.

Strategic Partner
As a strategic partner, we will have developed a high level of confidence and complete cooperation between us as a result of a thorough understanding of both parties business and operational requirements. In addition to all of the services offered in other partnership levels, you will:

Become a certified member of our supplier database. This is an efficient method of obtaining international market and customer recognition.

Have access to detailed customer analysis to assist you in developing a thorough understanding of regional and global market requirements.

Be provided with all available assistance to ensure compliance with the customer?s requirements during the customer?s supplier certification process:

Receive a comprehensive business support package, which includes assistance with shipment documentation, Customs clearance, insurance, customer returns and any other value-added services that you may require.

Trading Partner
As a trading partner, we will not only complete the inquiry and ordering process, we will also offer additional value-added services as noted below:
Recommendation and promotion of any available products that the customer is not currently purchasing.
Obtaining customer recommendations during the new product development process.
Providing product service packages which include market location and strategy planning.

Basic Partner
As a basic partner, we will have established the basis of the relationship that allows us to work together while continuing to develop and expand our business.

Our basic partner service include:
Access to basic customer market information.
Increased efficiency using the results of our internal supplier qualification survey.
Supply chain management to assist you in controlling your costs while improving your competitiveness.

Distribution Channels
WelTeam Global focuses on developing strategies to create sales and profitability opportunities. Utilizing worldwide distribution channels and encompassing substantial international business experience, WelTeam Global will broaden your business reach and increase your profits creating win-win outcomes for both the supplier and buyer.

Cooperation Vision
WelTeam Global continues to extend into international markets with a true global distribution network and a stable IPO Sourcing focus. WelTeam Global will continue to add to its client-base further strategic VIP customers ranked on the Fortune 500 and build other strategic relationships throughout the international markets.

Products :

We are manufacture and supply accessories of computers like- 1)MP3/PMP/MP4 2)Bluetooth Series 3)USB Disk:-USB Flash Disk Driver, Pen Driver, Fingerprint Flash Driver. 4)Memory Card:-SD Card, MMC Card. 5)Wireless Mouse 6)Metal Detector:-Hand Held Metal Detector Md 02, Hand Held Metal Detector Md 03.

Contact Info

WelTeam Global

27F,Suit B, Yijing Building,Tangjie, NO.27,Causeway
Hongkong - 0000 () China

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