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computers Member Directory(Energy Management Systems)

  • Implementation Services

    Implementation Services

    Our implementation services deliver a structured, pragmatic, results-oriented approach that defines, integrates, manages and measures the successful implementation of Service Management within your business. your business. O4 Management of change Service process engineering Cultural change programs Service improvement programs Project/program management Interim management To....

  • Unicenter NeuMICS Resource Management

    Unicenter NeuMICS Resource Management

    Unicenter NeuMICS Resource Management, the premier IT resource utilization information management solution, makes it possible for you to make timely, informed, cost-effective decisions regarding your IT environment. The wealth of information it maintains allows you to understand how your systems are being used and by whom ? information which helps you spot trends and plan for future growth in line....

  • ERP Software Solution - Manufacturing Plant to RETAIL Store

    ERP Software Solution - Manufacturing Plant to RETAIL Store

    Enterprise Software Solution - Manufacturing Plant to RETAIL Store With increased globalization, margin pressure, and the countless other challenges faced in process manufacturing industries, is there really any reason not to seek help managing business processes? Process manufacturing software solutions from LOGIC equips your business to improve forecasting, increase production and yield, improv....

  • Systems and IT Solutions

    Systems and IT Solutions

    Today, Systems and IT are not just enablers but a key factor to ensure market competitiveness. We assist in - MIS and Systems Review: - Review of management systems - Advise on the Management Information Systems (MIS) - Design of systems for budgetary control, funds management, and costing - Design of underlying Accounting and Office record systems - Advise on the methods and pro....

  • Health Care  Solution

    Health Care Solution

    With increased pressure on margins, increasing health care legislation and more demanding customers, U.S. health care environment is facing greater pressures from all directions. Our core offerings for the Health Care industry include: Enterprise Portals, Content Management and Electronic Records Management Systems, Learning Management Systems and Application and Infrastructure Management. H....

  • Network and Systems Management Service

    Network and Systems Management Service

    Network and Systems Management We have extensive experience & technology in managing massive networks and wide range of systems. We aim to build optimized networks and systems with an aim to increase thru-put and uptime while reducing the cost of support. Our range of Network and Systems management services include storage management, performance monitoring, turnkey resources management, admi....

  • School Management Software

    School Management Software

    apling is a comprehensive Web based management solution for educational institutions who want to graduate from a people driven institution to a system-driven institution. Sapling empowers the institution in achieving higher efficiency in operations, effective management, better co-ordination and optimum utilization of available resources by providing accurate and relevant information 24X7. Sapl....

  • Hotel Management Software

    Hotel Management Software

    [New Delhi]
    Hotel Management Software - Hotel Management Solution specifically designed for small and medium size hotels, service apartments and lodging houses. Hotel Management Solution is a suite of hospitality management softwares, which can simultaneously handle multiple tasks of Front Office Management, Restaurant Management, Bar Management, Cafeteria Management, Telecom Management, Accounts Management a....

  • HR Software-HRMS

    HR Software-HRMS

    MinerVa HR Suite- Web based HR management software Completely web-enabled and easy to use, Minerva HR Suite is designed to house all the requisite information of an employee in an organization right from the time of their recruitment to exit. It helps the HR department to keep track of employees' career movements, performance history and growth. HR process like Recruitment, Employee Information....

  • Content Management System

    Content Management System

    [New Delhi]
    The need for a Content Management System A Content Management System is a Web application that makes content authoring and delivery easy. It enables users to quickly and efficiently build, deploy, and maintain content-rich web sites by streamlining the web publishing process. Content Management Systems can reduce the need for costly site maintenance and thus empower users to manage their own ....

  • School Management Software

    School Management Software

    School management is a new kind of software, a complete solution for School management, one that adds value across and beyond the school and its modes of operation. With school management your administrative function is no longer confined within the four walls of the school structure, but is allowed to break through the conventional approach to management information and student management....

  • Linux Based Deployment  Service

    Linux Based Deployment Service

    [New Delhi]
    CITeS offers various services on Open Source architecture with a Professionally Qualified Team of Consultants. Linux Enterprise Management comprising Security, Network Management, Disaster Management, Configuration of Clusters, Bandwidth management, Identity management. Consultancy and Deployment of Linux based office computing comprising Email server, E-mail client, Internet access, Office p....

  • Financial Management Software

    Financial Management Software

    We aim at implementing a financial management system that improves the competitiveness of our customers. Our customers are mainly middle to large sized distribution and manufacturing companies, which require advanced logistics and warehouse management systems. As a total solution provider we offer, financial management software and supporting hardware as well as Professional Services, training and....

  • Patch Management  Service

    Patch Management Service

    It is a reality every company has to face?that it is easy for hackers to around the world to exploit holes in Windows and other software. IT Security and patch management of systems to enforce security is now one of the top two concerns for IT managers in most organizations. Never before has there been a greater unknown and unpredictable threat to the security and productivity of IT systems. Acc....

  • Enterprise Application Integration Service

    Enterprise Application Integration Service

    Our EAI practice helps clients deal with the today's challenges of business integration. Today's IT systems are made up of diverse elements- hardware, operating systems and software applications. For example, applications run on different platforms and are written in different languages. Data files are of different types, held in different sites and accessed in different ways. Thus, the major chal....

  • Payroll and Employee Management System Software

    Payroll and Employee Management System Software

    Employee Management system takes care of all the processes from recruitment to retirement. Employee Database Management over all academic year Salary Processing Form 16,Form 24 "SARAL" Form Provident Fund statement Leave Management system Staff attendance system Attendance system is available in different options to fit best as per your requirement. Windows based, RFID based, S....

  • Data Warehousing

    Data Warehousing

    Data Warehousing center at Cambil Software has a proven offshore development center that concentrates on the offshore data warehousing development.It creates end-to-end intelligence on data warehousing software, data mining, data warehousing applications and data warehousing and business intelligence management . The core competency of data warehousing lies in successfully establishing several mis....

  • Energy Management  Service

    Energy Management Service

    With increased pressure from environmental taxes, public opinion, and new targets set for managing energy, corporations must find more efficient ways of using IT to cut costs and ensure that all that all in-house systems deliver maximum results with minimum effort. With STG as your service partner your organization can leverage our expertise in building highly scalable and customized energy man....

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