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computers Member Directory(Asset Risk Management Software)

  • Application Development and Maintenance

    Application Development and Maintenance

    Application development from Cambil Software enables the client in building the business application based on the latter's requirement . It is done with reference to application development, web application development, customized application development , eBusiness application development , offshore application development and database application development . It provides application design and ....

  • ERP Software Solution - Manufacturing Plant to RETAIL Store

    ERP Software Solution - Manufacturing Plant to RETAIL Store

    Enterprise Software Solution - Manufacturing Plant to RETAIL Store With increased globalization, margin pressure, and the countless other challenges faced in process manufacturing industries, is there really any reason not to seek help managing business processes? Process manufacturing software solutions from LOGIC equips your business to improve forecasting, increase production and yield, improv....

  • Unicenter Desktop Management Bundle

    Unicenter Desktop Management Bundle

    Unicenter? Software Delivery, which builds, distributes, installs and manages software across the enterprise. Its powerful management capabilities allow you to seamlessly manage software across various systems, from desktops and servers to PDAs and mobile phones. Unicenter? Asset Management, a powerful solution for proactively managing IT assets in a business environment. Unicenter Asset Managem....

  • Data Warehousing

    Data Warehousing

    Data Warehousing center at Cambil Software has a proven offshore development center that concentrates on the offshore data warehousing development.It creates end-to-end intelligence on data warehousing software, data mining, data warehousing applications and data warehousing and business intelligence management . The core competency of data warehousing lies in successfully establishing several mis....

  • Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management Solution

    Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management Solution

    Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management delivers unparalleled value by providing powerful, relevant tools to help you harness and leverage IT asset ownership information. This solutions enables you to: Comprehensively identify, capture and manage IT asset ownership information Reconcile, control and lower IT costs Establish and maintain effective contract management control Improve negotiating le....

  • Patch Management  Service

    Patch Management Service

    It is a reality every company has to face?that it is easy for hackers to around the world to exploit holes in Windows and other software. IT Security and patch management of systems to enforce security is now one of the top two concerns for IT managers in most organizations. Never before has there been a greater unknown and unpredictable threat to the security and productivity of IT systems. Acc....

  • Financial Management Software

    Financial Management Software

    We aim at implementing a financial management system that improves the competitiveness of our customers. Our customers are mainly middle to large sized distribution and manufacturing companies, which require advanced logistics and warehouse management systems. As a total solution provider we offer, financial management software and supporting hardware as well as Professional Services, training and....

  • Computers Products Catalog(Asset Risk Management Software)

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