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computers Member Directory(Blank Floppy)

Reliable Products Company Limited

[Hong Kong, China]
Manufacturer and exporter of CD-Rs, CD jewel boxes, floppy disc & floppy disc case. CD Recordable Disk Floppy Disk Case Floppy Disk CD Jewel Case......

Sun Media Enterprise Ltd

[shiang shang, Taiwan]
We are a leading oem suppliers of blank cd-r media in taiwan. Our range products:- -Samsung Brand CD-R -Seiko Watches -Neclace Watch With Cz Diamonds -Blank CD-R -Watch Set -Samsung CDR -Watches -Philips CD-R 52x -LG CDR In Slim Case -Blue Tooth -Blank CD Recordable -Blank CD-R Disc Silver Silver/LT Blue Silver -Digital Camera 3 in1 -Jewel Case .....

Evermore International (Asia) Company Limited

[Kowloon, Hong Kong]
We are manufacturer of blank cds & accessories. Our range products: -Audio Tapes Duplication -Video tapes duplication -DIGI TRAY -CD layer -DVD Box -B1/100 - 100 CDR Cake Box -B1/10 - 10pcs CDR Cake Box -B2-5MSC - Maxi Slim CD Jewel Case -B2-10C - 10pcs CDR Box -CDR bulk -CDR with printing -Blank Audio Cassette Tape -Audio jumbo web tape -Blank video tape -Video pan.....

Sheng Wang Technology Co., Ltd.

[Taichung City, Taiwan]
Manufacturer and Exporter of CD-RW, DVD/R, DVD/RW. Products :- Blank DVD+R or -R, 16X, 8X, 4X, 4.7GB/120Mins Blank CD-RW, 4-12x High Speed, 80min/700MB Blank DVD+R double layer, 8.5GB, 240Mins And all kinds of CD, DVD boxes......


[Mumbai, India]
AMP - Passive Networking products from Tyco Electronics
APC - UPS from the world leaders in Power Protection
Canon - Printers & Scanners.
Creative Labs - Complete Multimedia Product Range
Odyssey - Building blocks, Peripherals and Accessories
Panasonic - Floppy Disk Drives & CDRWs
Philips - Complete range of monitors
Seagate - Hard Disk Drives.
We also provide repairing ser.....


[Ranchi, India]
Traded in computer system, computer pheripherals, ups, servo
printer, ibm, lg, zenith, hcl, wipro, hp, compaq,
motherboard, cpu, hard disk, floppy dive, ram, cd writer, cd rom, dvd writer, zip drive, usb pen drive,floppy, keyboard, mouse, multimedia keyboard, cabinets, atx, at, software, annual maintainance, routers, wireless access point, antena, modem, leased line modem, converter, optical.....

Guangzhou Netdeer Technology Co., Ltd

[Guangzhou, China]
Manuacturers & Exporters of Keyboard, mouse, ink, cartridges, game joystick, floppy disk, CD-R, headphone, computer handbag, data cable, power cable, CD bag, CD case, CD-ROM driver, floppy disk driver, MP3 player, web camera, Mouse, Drives & Storage Devices, Hardware Components, Consumables. .....

Guangzhou Chinabest Technology Co., Ltd

[Guangzhou, China]
Traders & Exporters of Computer parts, floppy drive, CD-ROM, cpus, motherboard, Computer, Hardware Components. Cd- Rom Usb Flash Pen USB Flash Pen USB Flash Watch Floppy Disk Drive(Fdd).....

MJC (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

[Singapore, Singapore]
MJC manufactures and supplies a wide range of Data Storage Media Products such as Audio Cassette Tapes, Floppy Diskettes, Video Cassette Tapes, CD-R and DVD-R. Our products of Optical Disc 3.5" Micro Floppy Diskettes IBM Brand Diskettes Branded Diskettes Video Tape......


[Cedar, United States]
Exporters of Used Computers, Monitors and Used Computer Equipment. We deal in used & refurbished Computers, Monitors, Notebooks, Harddrives, CPU's, RAM, CD ROMs, Floppy drives etc. We export Desktop / Tower Computers, Notebooks, Monitors, Printers, CPU's, Hard Drives, CD ROMs, Floppy Drives, RAM Memory and other computer related equipment......

Guangzhou Chinabest Technology Co., Ltd

[Guangdong, China]
Traders & Exporters of Computer parts, floppy drive, CD-ROM, RAM, cpu fan, etc. Necklaces, Drives & Storage Devices, Bangles & Bracelets, Hardware Components. Floppy Drive CD & DVD Drive Casing Computer Fan .....

Wideful Limited

[Kwun Tong, Hong Kong]
We are manufacturers of PC related products. Our products include:- - Wireless Networking Products -802.11g/b AP Router w/4 LAN Port -802.11g Wireless Cardbus Card - Wired Networking Products -8 Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch Hub -5 Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch Hub -PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC Card - PCI Add-on cards -USB/Firewire Cards -Mass Storage Cards -Cardbus/PCMCIA Cards .....

GiGa Technology Company Limited

[Guangdong, China]
Manufacturers & Exporters of Floppy disk, USB flash drive, digital camera, Computer Related Projects, Digital Photography, Drives & Storage Devices, Gifts & Crafts Agents. Digital Camera Webcam MP3 / MP4 Player MP3 Watch USB Flash Drive Multi-Function Pen Floppy Disk .....

Bapna Computers LLC.

[Dubai, United Arab Emirates]
Exporters & Distributor for Computer Accessories Product. -Our Products Range Include: -Casing -CD Wallets -ATX Power supply -Copy Holders, Monitor Arm &Keyboard drawer -Keyboards -Mouse Pad -Speakers -Notebook Carrying Case -Multimedia Headset & Mic -Floppy Storage Box -Mouse -Dust Covers -Joystick & Gamepad -Glass Filters -CPU Cooling fan -Telephone Stands -Data S.....

IT China Holding Company

[Shenzhen, China]
Manufacturers of sources, offering our customers various computer parts and peripherals. Our products include:- -Consumables: Ink Cartridage : HP LEXMARK EPSON CANON Toner Cartridge: HP EPSON CANON -Computer Peripherals: Monitor: CRT LCD PC Case: ATX Micro BTX Keyboard: Standard Keyboard Notebook Keyboard Multimedia Keyboard Mouse: Ball M.....

United Trading Company

[New Delhi, India]
Manufacturers, Suppliers & Importers of Compact Disk Recordable (CDR) : A CD-R on the other hand is a blank media that can be used to record data audio, video etc., on it, but only once. Once the data has been recorded or written on the CD-R, it cannot be erased. Its storage capacity today can vary from 650MB to 800MB speeds have reached 52 x today. DVD-R and DVD-RW : DVD-R and DVD-RW are bot.....

NAMCO. General Trading FZE

[Anhui, China]
Traders & Exporters of CPU, MainBoard, RAM, VGA, Modem, CD ROM Drive, FDD, HDD, Case, Keyboard, Blank CD, Speaker, Hardware Components, Second Hand, Computer, I/O Card. Speaker Mouse Hard Drive Modem/Net Adapter CD R/RW Drive Floppy Drive Monitor Processor Memmory Printer Main Board Graphical Adapter.....


[Ahmedabad, India]
Bulk importer of blank a-grade unbranded / branded cd-r, sole supplier of 3m imation brand floppy, cd-r, dvd-r, data cartridges & magnetic tapes......


[Nagpur, India]
Virus computer mainly deal in computer accessories,Internet cafe 15 terminals, 128 kbps lines, laser printer, scanner.

virus computers: wholeseller of blank cd-r/rw, dvd-r/rw,floppy diskets,computer consumables & peripherals.

nagpurtrade.Com: web-development, wen-designing, web-hosting, complete web solutions.

game xpress: chain of playstation2 & x-box gaming parlours fully ai.....

Computers Exporters / Importers Directory(Blank Floppy)

Vaibhav Enterprise

[Mumbai, India]
We are one of the leading importer / Exporter of Blank Cd-R and DVD-R & can procure you A-Grade, <0.50% Defect Blank CD-R @ 0.099 CIF Mumbai......

Innotech Resources Pte Ltd

[Singapore, Singapore]
Manufacture & Exporter of custom wine, bottle, product, mailing, shipping, Custom printed, Jar, Canning labels, food labels. Custom candle, cigars, water bottle labels. Our Products:- Full Color Labels in any size or shape, Clear Labels printed labels on clear film which allows your product to be seen through the label. , Weatherproof, Polyester and vinyl labels for outdoor applications, Fo.....


[Mumbai, India]
Manufacturers and Exporters of Thermal Transfer Barcode Printers, Barcode Scanners / Slot Readers, 2 Dimensional Barcode Scanners, Cordless Barcode Scanners, Portable Data Terminals, Barcode Verifiers and Barcoding Accessories. We also provide Label Designing Software. The following are the products in detail - Barcode Printers - low end and cheap to high end industrial, portable bar code scanners.....

Sukriti Trading Co.

[ludhiana, India]
Traders & Exporters of Printer heads/teflon sleeves for all models/printhead pins/head guide and all printer spares. USB flash disk, LAN cards, MP3 player, mouse, modem. MP3 DIGITAL AUDIO PLAYER DESKTOPS CARD READER / WRITER LAPTOPS HARD DISK CASE PRINTERS BLUETOOTH UPS MOUSE MONITORS KEYBOARDS LASERS CDROMS SCANNERS HARD DRIVES FLOPPY DRIVES DIGITAL CAMERAS WEB CAMERAS PRINT.....


[Salem, India]
Exporters and importers of computer components and pheripherals such as Motherboards, Processors, RAMs, CRT & LCD Monitors, Hard Disks, CD ROM Drives, Floppy Drives and all kinds of computer accessories......


[Secunderabad, India]
We deal in Computer Hardware Services, Supply of Systems, Networking, Facilities Management, Data Processing & Trainning. Products - MotherBoard, Processor, RAM, Hard Disk, Floppy Drive, AGP Card, Mouse, Keyboard, Digital Color Monitor, Cabinet with SMPS, NIC Card. Multimedia - CD-ROM Drive/DVD Drive, Sound Card [Integrated with motherboard], Speakers [440W / 580W / 880W and above], Head Phone set.....


[Delhi, India]
A 2 z laptop solutions provider. We deal in Laptops, Readers, power, Memory, Storage, Usb, Pcmcia. Products include - Pcmcia - pcmcia fax/data modems, pcmcia ethernet cards, pcmcia hard disk drives, pcmcia hard disk casing, pcmcia to serial converter, pcmcia to usb converter, pcmcia to firewire converter, pcmcia cdrom / dvd / cdrw, pcmcia modem / ethernet cables. USB - usb fax/data modems, usb eth.....

MBO Computers India Pvt. Ltd.

[Chennai, India]
We are Traders & Exporters of Master distributors of imitation/3M brand computer & HP data storage products, starting with floppy diskettes to giant magnetic tapes, sole selling agents in India for Calidad brand inkjet refills & catridges......


[Secunderabad, India]
We deal in Multimedia & Storage Solutions, Importing and Distribution of Computer Hardware and Peripherals. Products - Bluetooth - Wireless Compact, Flash Card, Wireless USB Dongle, BluetoothPCMCIA, BluetoothPrinter Adapter, Bluetooth Serial Adapter, Card Readers, Castings - USB Casings, Ide/SCSI Casings, Mobileracks, CPU Upgrade Socket Firewire - PCI Firewire Card, PCMCIA Firewire Card, DV/Fire W.....

Zoom Computers Private Limited

[Bangalore, India]
Manufacturer and Exporter of Laptops & Desktop Accessories, Wireless Devices, Digital Products & Accessories, Networking Accessories, Graphic Cards AGP Series - MX 4000 (64/128MB), FX 5200 (128/256MB), FX 5700LE (128/256MB), FX 6200 (128/256MB), FX 6600GT 128MB, FX 6800 GT / ULTRA 256MB PCI Express Series - Fx 5300 128 MB, FX 6200 TC (128 /256MB), FX 6600 (128MB / 256MB), FX 6600 GT (128 / 256MB.....

Blueline Computer Solutions

[Karwar, India]
We are Manufacturers of computer hardwares like motherboard socket, display cards like VGA, SVGA, AGP, different sound cards, keyboard and mouse, cabinet with SMPS, ethernet card, modems, CD’s , CD writer, floppy box, spike busters etc......


[Chennai, India]
Distribution & Marketing of IT products, Selling of MNC Branded Computers, Solution Providing on Audio / Video Editing Products. Products include Desktop Computers, Mobile Computers, Printers, Laptops, Laptop Accessories, Plotter, Optical Drives, CD / DVD ROM Drive, Combo Drive, CD / Dvd Writter, CD Duplicator, Network Products , Hub, Switches, Ethernet Products, Connectors, Cable Coil, Patch Car.....

Eageract Impex Pvt. Ltd.

[NEW DELHI, India]
Importer / Exporter Of Mother Boards, Aztech Sound Card, Modem, Cd Lens Cleaner, Cd/Floppy/Vhs Replication, Antiglare Screens, Computer Hardware & Peripherals......

Shenzhen Memorit Industrial Co., Ltd

[Shenzhen, China]
Manufacturers & Exporters of CD-R, DVD-R, floppy discs, ink cartridges, VCD, DVD, CD, Music, Movie, Duplication, Replication, Driver Discs, CD-R Disk, Mini CD-R Disk, CD-ROM Disc Replication Duplication, DVD-ROM Disc Replication Duplication, CD, VCD, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, Music, Movie, CD & DVD Duplication. .....

Opulent Computers

[Leeds, United Kingdom]
Manufacturers & Import/Exporters Of quality computer systems and peripherals to home and small buniess users. Our Products Range Include: -Processor -Memory -Motherboard -USB Card -Hard Disk -Second Hard Disk -CD Writer -DVD ROM -DVD Writer -Graphics Card -Sound Card -Modem -Network Card -Floppy Disk Drive -Memory Card Reader -Case -Operating System -Firewire .....


[London, United Kingdom]
Dealers of Portable Components & Laptop Peripherals At Discounted Rate. Products include AC Adapters, Air/Auto Adapters, Laptop Batteries, Cables, Caddies, CD /CDRW / DVD Drives, CPU's, Dock / Port Replicators, Floppy Drives, Laptop Hard Drives, Key Boards, LCD Screens, Laptop Memory and Mother Boards, Plastics, Sub Assemblies and Universal Laptop Parts. We are trader and exporter-importer of note.....

Ningbo Zhiyue Electron Co.,Ltd.

[Ningbo, China]
Manufacturers, Traders & Exporters of Computer, Automobile parts and Sensors. - Plastic panel - CD case - CD tower - CD bag - Document holder - Monitor shelf - Floppy disk storage - Wrist rest - Gauge board - sensor - Computer - Automobile parts and sensors. .....

IMTEK Computer Co.,Ltd.

[Taipei, Taiwan]
Manufacturers of USB products; Removable HDD Mobile Rack; HDD Cooler; System Cooler; USB 2.5"/3.5" & 5.25" External Enclosure; Computer tools; all types of cables and Computer accessories. Our products include:- -Card Reader -Computer Tool Kits -CPU Stand -External Enclosure -HDD Cooler -HDD Mobile Rack -KVM Switch -Mounting Frame -PCI Host Card -System Cooler -USB Floppy -USB Hub.....

Ms. J.Y. Lee

[Seocho-ku, Korea, South]
manufacturer, exporter in the fields of automotive parts, home appliance, outdoor equipment, cosmetic products, , telecommunication products, brass & copper tube, ceramic products & in sourcing activities of a new products in Korea. Our products include:- -TFT LCD Monitor(12", 13" , 14" , 15" , 17" , 18") -TFT LCD Monitor(4" , 5.5" , 6.4" , 10") -CRT Monitor -USB PC camera For Internet.....

Stellar Information Systems Pvt. Ltd.

[New Delhi, India]
Exporters of Data Recovery Software for hard disks and floppy disks......

Mahesh Motors

[Hyderabad, India]
Exporters of computer hardwares such as hard disk drive, floppy disk drive's, printers, Ups's, mother-boards, vga & agp & sound cards etc......

The Computer Supermarket

[jaipur, India]
Traders & Exporters of Computers, software, hardware, internet, cabinet, motherboard, CPU, hard disk, floppy diskete, CD rom drive, DVD rom drive, d weiters, memory, laptop, monitor, LCD, keyboard, mouse, speakers, zip dries, scanners, etc., Keyboards, Notebooks/ Laptops, Computer, Others......

Shenzhen Micro Technology Co., Ltd

[Shenzhen, China]
Manufacturers & Exporters of Ethernet products and I/O accessories, floppy drivers, CD ROM, fax modems, LAN cards and Ethernet switches, fax modems and LAN cards. .....


[Zhongshan, China]
A leading foreign capital manufacturer and exporter, producing Epson, Canon & HP inkjet cartridges, remanufactured toner cartridges, ink refills, carbon powder, inkjet paper, floppy diskette, etc.
Computer printer consumables : inkjet cartridges, ink refills, toner powder, toner cartridges, etc. and plastic toys......


[Shanghai, China]
Manufacturers and Importers of computer consumables. Our product range includes: -Inkjet Cartridges -Toners Cartridges -Remanufactured -Refill Kits -Ribbons -Fax Flim -Photo&Inkjet Paper -Floppy Disk -CD-R Disk.....

Peacock Enterprises Inc

[California, United States]
We manufacture, Supply & Exports Systems:- Desktop PCs, Desktop Tower, Laptops, DA/Organizers, PDA/Organizers. Peripherals:- I/O Adapters, Processors, Sound Cards, Video Adapter, Motherboards, Cameras, Keyboards/Pads, Monitors, Printers, Notebook/PDA, Accessories, Printer Acc, Printers, Projectors, Scanners, Switch Boxes, UPS Systems. Stoarage:- CD-ROM/Optical Drives, CDRW Drives, DVD Drives, Di.....

Guangzhou Chinabest Technology Co., Ltd

[Guangzhou, China]
Traders & Exporters of Computer parts, floppy drive, CD-ROM, RAM, cpu fan, etc. Necklaces, Drives & Storage Devices, Bangles & Bracelets , Hardware Components......


[KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia]
We are supplier and exporters of Computer notebooks and notebook parts and accessories. Notebook Parts & Accessories : AC Adapter Battery Cover & Casing External Enclosure Floppy Drive Hard Disk Drive Memory Module Optical Drive PCMCIA Card USB Flash Drive.....

Impact Design Group

[Mumbai, India]
Suppliers of - Used, low end & low price Laptops & all Laptops spares parts & accessories. India's leading & biggest importers of all the foll... We are the numero uno laptop specialists of India. We trade/import in used, refurbished & new laptops. Used Laptops Laptops Spares Parts Laptops CD ROM Drives. Laptops FDD's Laptops PcmcIa modems Laptops PcmcIa lan cards Xircom co.....

The Computer Supermarket

[jaipur, India]
Traders & Exporters of Computers, software, hardware, internet, cabinet, motherboard, CPU, hard disk, floppy diskete, CD rom drive, DVD rom drive, d weiters, memory, laptop, monitor, LCD, keyboard, mouse, speakers, zip dries, scanners, etc., Keyboards, Notebooks/Laptops, Computer, Others......

A-mego Infotech Co., Ltd.

[taiwan, Taiwan]
Manufacturers & Exporters of:- Enclosure- 2.5 inches enclosure 3.5 inches enclosure 5.25 inches enclosure 1.8 inches enclosure Memory Card Reader- USB 2.0 Multi Slot reader / writer USB 2.0 Single slot reader / writer Memory Card Adapter USB Hub / Docking Station- USB 2.0 Hub Docking Station FDD - Floppy Disk Drive Flash Drive- PQI Flash Drive RiData Flash Drive Others .....

Stellar Information Systems Pvt. Ltd.

[New Delhi, India]
Exporters of Data Recovery Software for hard disks and floppy disks......

Sparket Marketing Private Limited

Manufacturers & exporters of, -MousePads : .Flexible pads : no cracking, waping, peeling or breaking. .Non-static : doesn'tdamage your ststem. .Rock Steady : doesn't move even under heavy use. -Inkjet cartridges for Inkjet printers, fax: .EPSON :PRINTER HEADS , TONER CARTRIDGES, EPSON INKJET CARTRIDGES, EPSON STYLUS CARTRIDGE COMPATIBILITY LIST. .CANON :CANON INKJET CARTRIDGES. -Toner.....


[Taipei, Taiwan]
Exporters and Importers of Magnetic heads for floppy disk drives and computer system parts. We deal in CDRs, CDRW, DVD, CD Writers, CD Burners, DVD Players, MO Drivers, Multimedia Notebooks, Booky PC, Internet PC, PC Fax, multimedia PC, Home PC, POS System, Conference PC, Lowcost Baerbone System, Notebook Accessories, Notebook Carry bags, Mini Notebook Suitcase, CD R Accessories, PC card wallet, T.....

Pinky Forms

[Ahmedabad, India]
Exporter of computer stationary like floppy, cartridge, file labels, inkjet cartridge etc......

Kuo Ching TechnologyCo., Ltd.

[Taipei, Taiwan]
Manufacturers and Exporters of Office Accessories :- Diskette Storage, CD Accessories-1 Mouse Pad, Mouse Stage, CPU Stand, Monitor Stand Multifunction Stand, Phone Stand, Monitor Stand, Filter Copy Holder, Multifunction Holder, Cleaning Kit, Tool Kit, Microphone, External Storage, Mobile Racks, Floppy Accessories, Dust Cover Cable & Data Communication :- Manual Switch, Auto Switch & Converter,.....

Liang Herng Enterprise Co ., Ltd.

[Taipei, Taiwan]
Manufacturers and Exporters of Computer products & computer cables, electrical connectors- computer cable assembly, ieee 1394 cable assemblies, 100/133 round cables, usb to Ethernet cables, usb accessories & smart tools, ata, scsi floppy cables, lan cables, serial ata power cables, powers, flat cables, pda accessories & smart tools, usb to ps2 cables, usb to serial cables, palm series, visor edge .....

Good Friendship Holdings Ltd

[Shenzhen, China]
Manufacturer and Distributor for a Comprehensive Range of Printing / Imaging Consumables. Our Products Rnages:- 1.Inkjet Cartridges and Refilling Kits 2.Printer Ribbons 3.Thermal Transfer Ribbons and Supplies 4.Toners for Inkjet and LaserJet 5.Inks and Powder for Inkjet and Toners 6.Data Storage Media (CD-R, DVD-R, Floppy Disk) 7.Printing Media 8.Flash Drive and Disk 9.MP3 Players .....


[Metuchen, United States]
Dealers and Stockist of Computer Components. Products - Accessories - Cables & Connectors, Carrying Cases, Cleaning Products, Desk Accessories, Furniture [note], Office Equipment, Rack Equipment, Security Devices, Tools&test Equip. Communication Hardware - Broadband Devices, Comm/ras/fax Servers, Dsu/csus, Line Sharing Devices, Mainframe Adapters, Modems & Combo Cards, Multiplexors, Multiport Seri.....

Jiaxing Skyhorse Printer Consumables CO., LTD

[jiashan, China]
Manufacturing and developing a variety of compatible printer consumables Our products :- .NEW PRODUCTS .REMANUFACTURED .INK CARTRIDGE .REFILL KITS .RIBBONS .TONER&CARTRIDGES .FAX FILM .FLOPPY DISK & MEDIA .....

Mayfield & Co. Pte Ltd

[Singapore, Singapore]
Distributor and Exporter of data storage products, computer supplies, computer peripherals, computer accessories, ink cartridges, office supplies and office equipments. Our Products Ranges:- CDR & CDR-W DVD Floppy Disk & Memory Stick Ink Catridges Papers Ribbons Tape Backup Media Toners.....


[Sharjah, United Arab Emirates]
Dealers and Exporters in New and Secondhand Computer Parts, Branded Computers, Sound card, Networking Card, VGA CARD, Modem , Motherboard, Processor, Memory Chips, Power Supply, Fans, Cooling System, Hard Drive, CD/CD-R/DVD Drives, Floppy Drives, Zip Drives, Casing......


[Metn, Lebanon]
Hardwood [teak, mahogany...] & plywood
compact discs [cd-r, cd-rw, floppy disks...]& toners
water treatment equipment
chemical products.....


[Cochin, India]
Suppliers in digital lifestyle devices that encompass the display, storage, imaging, input, wireless and broadband markets.
Leading distributor of computer accessories, peripherals and computer components.
Some of our main products: blank cd-r,computer peripherals,steel products,cling film,garments......

CCS Infotech Ltd

[Chennai, India]
Exporters and Dealers of Desktop Computer Systems, Intel XEON Servers, Laptop Computers, Notebook Computers, Computer Networking Solutions - Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN) and Wireless LAN. Computer Peripherals - CCS UPS, HP Inkjet, Laser Printers and scanners, TVSe & Wipro Products, Blank CD medias and Software Solutions. .....

CCS Infotech Limited

[Chennai, India]
Export of Laptop Computers, Notebook Computers & Desktop Computers, Desktop Computer Systems, Intel based servers, Laptop Computers, Notebook Computers, Computer Networking Solutions, Computer Peripherals, Software Solutions DESKTOP COMPUTERS - CCS Accura Series, CCS Knight Series, CCS Knight-X Series LAPTOP COMPUTERS - Cupid Series I, Cupid Series II, Cupid Series III, Cupid Series IV T.....


[Pune, India]
Exporters/traders of Laser toner powder, Copier toner powder, Refilling of inkjet and laser toners, Dot matrix printer ribbons and refill packs, compatible laser and inkjet cartridges, Blank cds, Floppies, Opc drums, Wiper blades......


[Taipei, Taiwan]
Manufacturers and Exporters of CDR, RW, DVDR, RW, drives, VOIP, notebooks, LCD monitors, LCD TV, CDR/RW, DVDR/RW, drives, notebooks, LCD monitors, PC parts & accessory CD DVD replication, CD burners, DVD players, MO drivers, VoIP phones, blank CD, MIGA notebooks, MIGA booky PC, barebone PC, MIGA voodoo banshee graphic cardsnotebook accessory ( accessories)- notebook carry bags, CD R accessory, no.....


[Singapore, Singapore]
Exporters of the following products - Computer hardware : LCD Monitor, Laptop / Notebook, LCD TV, Flash Drive, Blank CD-R / DVD, Consumables. Telecommunication : Mobile Phone. Home Appliances : MP3 player, Plasma TV. Used / Refurbished : Laptop / desktop / CRT monitor / Refurbished Mobile Phone. We export Laptops, HDD, LCD Monitors, UPS etc. We provide the following Services - Hardware & Cable Ins.....


[Somme, Singapore]
We export OEM LCD Monitor, OEM Laptops, offer best price for blank CD-R. Contact me directly if you are interested. Our range products:- -MIT SFF300ELX -Intel SR2300 Server -MIT SDT240A1LX -Intel SR1300 Server .....

Unlimited Bulk Manufacturers

[Gandhinagar, India]
Manufacturing high quality excellent performance unbranded blank compact discs since 1988 having a vast network of distributors all over the world. Products include, cdr's, cd-rw's, mini discs, multi shaped discs, business and v-card discs......

Prosoft Media Replication Co.,Ltd.

[Fujian, China]
We offer comprehensive services from design, replication, packaging, kitting and distribution. Our wide range of items include media packing such as CD replication, DVD replication, DVD Case, CD Case, CD Paper Sleeves, Cardboard Mailers. * CD Packaging and DVD Packaging DVD Cases Double Black DVD Case 7mm Slim DVD Case Single DVD Case CD Cases Std DVD Case Color CD Case 5.2m.....

Micro Galaxy International Co., Ltd.

[Taipei, Taiwan]
Manufacturer, Importer & Exporter of Manufacturer of CDR, RW, DVDR, RW, drives, VOIP, notebooks, LCD monitors, LCD TV, CDR/RW, DVDR/RW, drives, notebooks, LCD monitors, PC parts & accessory, etc. Computer products & PC peripheral, computer parts & accessory ( accessories)- (1) CD DVD replication, CD burners, DVD players, MO drivers, VoIP phones, blank CD, MIGA notebooks, MIGA booky PC, barebone P.....

Green Dollars Ind. Co., Ltd.

[Taipei, Taiwan]
Establish from 1986, OEM/ODM Manufacturer / Exporter / Buyer agent office for Electronic / Computer items. Our Products Range : ? 14-/15-inch LCD PC monitors ? Biometric access control products ? Blank CDs ? CCTV LCD monitors ? CCTV digital video recorders ? CPU coolers ? Chip resistors ? DVD-ROM drives ? Digital still cameras ? Digital video cameras ? Electronic signs & display syst.....

Chinavasion Wholesale Ltd.

[Shenzhen, China]
Trader Computer Parts, Peripherals, Components, Accessories, Gadgets, Bluetooth, Digital Cameras, Electronics, MP3/ MP4 Player, Networking, Blank Media, Keyboards. Our products include:- -Chinese Product Categories -Bluetooth (16) -Car DVD Player (4) -Digital Camera (41) -Electronic Gadgets (7) -Laptop / Notebook (14) -MP3 Player (155) -MP4 Player (DVD) (44) -Security Camera (129) .....

Business Infotech, India

[Hissar, India]
Importers & wholesale suppliers of recordable cd, recordable dvd, lens cleaner products like

  • Compact disk recordable (cdr) : Cd-r on the other hand is a blank media that can be used to record data audio, video etc.
  • Dvd-r and dvd-rw : Dvd-r and dvd-rw are both supported formats of the dvd forum. Dvd.....

    Suzhou Jinsheng Machinery Co.,Ltd

    [suzhou, China]
    The electronic control system of RISNG fully automatic computerized flat knitting machine, which is the only one in China that based on German STOLL known as the most advanced knitting machines manufacturer in the world knitwear computer design platform and compatible with it. The levels of functions, performances and intelligence of RISNG knitting machines system are by far highe.....

    Cinco International

    [Hampton, United States]
    Blank CD, CD-R.....

    3rd core infosystems

    [Shajapur, India]
    Traders and Exporters of computer related products. Our Products: - Memory - hard drives - monitors, mouse - keyboard, CPU's - scanners, printers - webcams, motherboards - processor, blank media .....

    BetaLink Technology Co., Ltd.

    [Sana, Yemen]
    We are Traders and Services/Exporters of Computer components products we import and sell for well-known brands such as, Intel, HP, LG, Sony, Microsoft, Cisco, D-Link, Canon, Epson and Lexmark as our flagship for the hardware business. We provide the Yemeni market with its needs of computer components, networking items and PC accessories. We provide the Yemeni market with its needs of com.....

    laxmi Ganesh Enterprises

    [Hyderabad, India]
    xerox toner all wast material of xerox machine. Like wast devloper toner m t cartridges and reffiling of all Accessories: mother board, ethernet card, modem, processor ram, cabinet, hard disk , hard disk , cd- rom/ dvd- rom, cd-writer / dvd- writer, speaker, monitor, key- board, ups, digital , camera, printer, we Labels :- Different types of labels :- 1. Self adhesive labels 2. .....


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