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ISHA-Bets hardware and networking institute


ISHA-Bets hardware and networking institute

Ethical Hacking


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ISHA-Bets hardware and networking institute [View Profile]
Ahmedabad - India

Description :
Understanding Information Security, Securing the Physical Environment, Examining Operational Security, Working with Management and Policies, Understanding the Goals of Information Security, Comprehending the Security Process, Appreciating Antivirus Software, Implementing Access Control, Understanding Authentication, Authentication Issues to Consider, Distinguishing between Security Topologies, Setting Design Goals, Creating Security Zones, Working with Newer Technologies, Identifying Potential Risks, Calculating Attack Strategies, Understanding Access Attack Types, Recognizing Modification and Repudiation Attacks, Identifying Denial-of-Service and Distributed Denial-of-Service Attacks, Recognizing Common Attacks, Back Door Attacks, Spoofing Attacks,Man-in-the-Middle Attacks, Replay Attacks, Password-Guessing Attacks, Privilege Escalation,

Network Security Fundamental General Security Concept:

Identifying TCP/IP Security Concerns, Working with the TCP/IP Suite, Understanding Encapsulation, Working with Protocols and Services, Recognizing TCP/IP Attacks, Understanding Software Exploitation, Surviving Malicious Code, Viruses, Trojan Horses, Logic Bombs, Worms, Antivirus , Software, Understanding Social Engineering, Introducing Auditing Processes and Files.

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ISHA-Bets hardware and networking institute

We are providing training on major global software vendors including Microsoft, Sun microsystem, Oralce, Cisco and many others . >Technical and fair counseling For the Right selection of course >High Tech Lab For Course & Practical >Certified and experinced Faculty >Personal Attention On Each Student >Job Assistent >Competitive Fees than Others >Availability of online Testing

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