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Tuition Management System


A Quality Product from
Myischool [View Profile]
Surat - India

Description :
Online Tuition Management System – Mytuition is designed keeping in mind the needs that a tuition class would require for its management. It is a multi-login software and could be easily operated by the non-technical person too.

features :
Multi Login feature,Preschool Nursery Management Software, Tuition Class Management Software, Fees management, Inventory Management, Transport Management, Library Management

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Nursery Management System I-Card Generator It imprints basic details of the concerned individual and generates an I-card for the same as an identity to move in the premises. Multi-Branch Access It allows to access the details of all the branches that the school might have. SMS Module It sends SMS to the concerned person or in bulk, depending on the part of the information to be delivered. Address Book It maintains all the contact details of all the concerned people of the institution. Assessment Assessment of each student is done using this module, considering their performance in the class. Tuition Management System school management information system • Inventory and Asset Management: Details of Assets and inventories owned by the management is maintained properly. • Front Desk Management and Visitors" Tracking: Tasks related to admin is taken care and record is maintained accordingly. Also, the history of visitors and customers is maintained. This could determine the number of enquiries raised by visitors. • Multi-Branch Access: The head office executive can access all the details of other branches, if any. • SMS Module: Text messages could be sent in bulk or on individual basis to keep the concerned individuals informed about the recent updates. • Address Book: Every minute detail of an individual concerned with the organization could be found at one place. Fees Management System fees management system Any payment related notification will appear on the dashboard of the particular parents and students. This amenity of mutiple dashboard makes it easy for an admin to determine the unpaid fees. This dashboard will also present the receipt in return to the amount of fees paid by parents. With this feature, the parents as well as the school management are updated about the financial part. Also, Fees Management Module offers automation in updating the fee structure of particular students in case of promotion of a student to another standard. All these record will be maintained under the Student Information Module as well where, the entire history record of each student is maintained. Inventory Management System Following are the features of Inventory Management Module: Inventory Management includes maintaining the record of all the assets and properties that belongs to an organization. It will maintain all the details of the purchase order raised by the organization including date, time, particulars and the name of an individual who raised it. The details of all the suppliers will be saved in the record. An institution/ organization will always have storage of materials/ assets for future use. The list of that inventory is maintained via this Inventory Management Module. The items issued for use from the storage/ inventory will also be noted. Library Management System: Following are the effective features inculcated in the Library Management System: A login Id and Password is generated to the librarian to access the module. The student information data system is integrated with this module, making it easy for the librarian to allocate the data. The Library Management System module can give the information about the total no. Of copies of books with the institution, total no. Of available books, total no. Of books issued and total categories of books of subjects. Library Management System module shows the date and time of issue of particular book by a student. Its due date of submission is also mentioned online, making it easier for the librarian to determine the due dates and fine amount. This Library Management System also maintains the details of the books purchased and the supplier details. Books are arranged subject-wise and that allows the librarian to determine as to which book is placed where. It also keeps the librarian aware as to which book is in demand by the students and which book is required to be ordered to fulfill the demand. Not only students but also the record of the staff and other members of the institution, who issue the books from library, is maintained properly. Transport Management System Transport Management System of MyiSchool serves the following features: Records and maintains all the required details of the drivers. Details of route that the driver should prefer is also mentioned. That preferred route is assigned to the transport, depending on the areas assigned to drivers. Cost of all the transport resources is maintained under this system. Students are assigned transport according to the areas they live in. Those details are also feed down under this system. It is possible only when an integration is done between the student information system and the transport management system. Vehicle details and the documents of the vehicle are all recorded and maintained under the system. MyiLesson Planner Using this mobile application, the user can login to the page of My Lesson Planner. For teachers: After login, the teacher can view the detail about the class schedule as to which chapter is to be taught to the students and at what time. This could also allow the teachers to view the assignments given to the students in the last class and check it accordingly. For Students: After login, the students can view the daily/ weekly/ monthly time-table, where, they can know about the chapters they will be taught in the next class. Also, the assignments and home-work given to the students could also been reviewed from this mobile application. In short, the study calendar could be easily viewed at any time from any location by the teachers and the students for a systematic study of the entire syllabus.

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