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USART Technologies India Pvt Ltd


USART Technologies India Pvt Ltd

Network Tap


A Quality Product from
USART Technologies India Pvt Ltd [View Profile]
Hyderabad - India

Description :
This passive 10/100 BaseT Breakout TAP provides a portable solution for quickly troubleshooting your network. The NCT301 has two directional monitoring ports, separates the incoming traffic into RX and TX streams and sends a copy back out to your network tools through the two monitoring ports.
Network Critical’s Fail-Safe technology ensures that the NCT301 will not introduce a point of failure into your Network. Even if power is lost the TAP, the network link will remain open, allowing your network to continue to flow.

Features and Benefits

Passive Monitoring - Protects the live network from receiving traffic back through uni-directional monitoring ports. Network tools can be deployed in "Stealth Mode".

Breakout TAP - Breaks out full-duplex traffic into two separate streams (Rx & Tx).

100Mb Fail-secure Protection - No point of failure for Fast Ethernet. Power loss causes ZERO interruption to the live network.

Dual PSU - Dual redundant power supplies (AC or DC) for added resilience

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USART Technologies India Pvt Ltd

Telemetry Ground Stations, Auto-Tracking Antennas, Solid State - Disk - Tape Data Recorders, Multi Function / Product Calibrators, Power / Energy Calibrators, GPS Time / Frequency Rceivers, Rubidium Frequency Standards, RF & Microwave Components & Equipment, Ultra Pure Gas Generator, Spectrophotometers, Network Critical Taps, Switches & Routers, Cable Testers, Pressure Transducers

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