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SSB Solutions & Services


SSB Solutions & Services

LOGIC - FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods)


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Description :
FMCG Software Solution


The sale bill has been designed in a manner to give maximum information to the user at the time of entry without compromising with the speed of the entry. In order to insure accuracy of input the user can use our "Predefined defaults Settings" module wherein he can predefine the settings like CD%, TD%, VAT Structure, VAT Notional Tax, Margins etc.

 Option to create unlimited bill book series
 Facility to maintain stock of more than one MRP of the same item
 Shows the details of stock in hand MRP wise at the time of item selection
The following additional information is also available.

 Previous deals of the Item with the party (User can decide the no of deals he wants to view across financial year if required).
 The system maintains 4 conversions of each item e.g. pcs, DOZ, Cases & KG.
 The user can at the time of sale decide in which conversion factor he wants to sell the system automatically calculates the sale rate.
 Facility to retrieve Multiple/Partial Sale Orders/Sale Challans in the same bill
 Facility to enter sale return within the sale bill
 Shows the original sale bill details of the item being returned by the customer at the time of entering sale returns
 Convert credit bill to cash, cheque.
 Link Sale returns & credit notes to sale bill.
 Provision to enter multiple displays in a single bill.
 Option to create new Items at the time of billing to facilitate billing without stock.
Default Settings and Billing Locks

In order to effectively manage the large numbers of customers that you are handling we have a very comprehensive module to preset defaults for your party to increasing the accuracy & speed of billing.

Default settings can be done for CD%, TD%, Tax, Schemes-Item wise, Party Bill Series wise, Party Sales man wise, Party +item wise, Party + company wise.
Billing Lock is triggered if following criteria are met.

 Exceed Credit limit.
 Exceed Bill limit.
 If last discounted bill is not cleared.
 If dues\Over dues exist.

Schemes Control & Tracking

Offers a complete control & tracking system for schemes

 The user can define the following aspects of a scheme. - Date range within which it shall remain active - Scheme Budgets Value & Quantity wise.
 The scheme can be given on any item as % discount, as discount (Rs), as additional Free Qty of the same product, as additional free qty of a different product.
 Each Scheme can be assigned a Category for Reporting like Primary or Secondary Scheme etc.
 The user can predefine these schemes which shall be automatically picked up in the sale bill. However the user has the option to deactivate the scheme for a particular bill.
 The schemes shall automatically be deactivated on completion of the date range or meeting of the budgets which ever is earlier.

Ready Stock Operations

Offers a complete control system for ready stock operations

 Facility to maintain van wise stock.
 Facility to issue stock to the van in the Morning.
 Facility to enter van wise sale.
 Option to transfer all balance stock from Van to Main Godown.

The user can reconcile the pending stock, Cash sale & Credit sale van wise at the end of the day.

On Booking Stock Operation

Keeps check on booking stock operations, Issue goods on billing in the morning and check balance after correcting bills in the evening.

Salesman Management System

Maintain the daily, weekly & monthly performance of your salesman across financial year. It maintains every salesman's Sales, Collection & Expense records to depict a true picture of His performance.

Delivery Man Tracking

Separates identity of delivery man from sales man, this allows the user to generate delivery man wise dispatch summary.

Beat wise Operations

Offers facility to distribute the total region into beats thus maintaining beat wise records. The system will maintain a record of the entire salesman working in a particular beat.


The purchase bill has been designed to facilitate maximum information feeding & its checking with preset supplier wise setting to ensure that the calculations are correct.

 Facility to configure supplier wise purchase vouchers with different discount & margin defaults to check the correctness of the calculation of the purchase voucher.
 Facility to pass accounts entry Automatically & Manually for calculating rate difference.
 Prompts the user regarding the last scheme offered by the supplier on the particular item at the time of entry.
 Prompts to the user if there is any change in the Margin% at the time of entry of a new rate.
 Generate Sale Rates on the basis of Predefined Formulas. These formulas can include Margin%, CD% & Tax Structures. These can be different for each supplier & are user definable.
 Facility to retrieve purchase order in the purchase bill.
 Prompts if there is a rate difference in the current batch entry from the previous deal of the batch with the same supplier.
 Facility to enter purchase return within the purchase bill.
 Facility to create purchase order on the basis of sale or minimum, maximum and re-order levels.


 Separate vouchers for Bank Payment, Bank Receipt, Cash Payment, Cash Receipt and Journal.
 Facility to enter more than one entry in a voucher.
 Bill to bill adjustment of the receipts & payments at the time of Voucher entry itself.
 Facility to configure multiple account vouchers formats.
 Cheque Book printing.
 Facility to enter Post dated cheques & itís clearing.
 Option to enter cost centers in the vouchers.
 Facility to enter discount, Bank Charges in the same voucher with receipt & Payment.
 Predefined Narration and Narration Formula Facility.
 Generates automatic cash receipt no. Utility to find missing cash memo numbers.
Power Features

 DOS/Window based printing option available for all Reports & Vouchers Printout.
 E-mail facility for all reports. Direct access to e-mail with facility to choose email name from address list.
 Graphical view of all reports.
 Configurable Reports. We offer a very dynamic report editor tool wherein the user has the complete control over creation of new reports.
 All the reports can be exported to Excel Explorer.
 All the reports linked with Outlook express
 Configurable Input Formats. User can lock/unlock all the extra columns & create multiple input formats of any input voucher as per his specific need.
 Zoom down to the Primary voucher (Accounts & Stock) from all relevant reports.
 Calculation Mode in Sale & purchase bills allows user to set the calculations thru a very easy click & choose method.
 Multiple financial year reports.

 User can create New/Previous financial years on his own. Any changes made in the previous financial year can be updated by using our simple "Close Books" Module any number of times.
 10x5 Levels of item & Accounts grouping.
Security Features

 3 level Password protected user access.
 Create multiple users with Restricted Modification & Access.
 Restrict Modification rights within Date range.
 Restrict Deletion rights.
 Restrict rights as to creation of new configuration or changing existing one.
 Maintains the Log of the modifications done by the user.
 Approval rights.


 Day wise automatic backup facility.
 Checks data integrity at the time of taking backup.

Profitability Reports

 Bill wise Profitability Report.
 Item wise Profitability Report.
 Day wise Profitability Report.
 Company wise Profitability Report.
 Customer wise/Beat wise Profitability Report.

Operational Reports


 Balance sheet horizontal & vertical with annexure. The format & content of the annexure is user definable.
 Trading and P&L report.
 Trial balance horizontal & vertical for multi financial years.
 Leger Group wise, Entry wise, Date wise, Month wise.
 Cash book/Bank book.
 All VAT forms.

 Dues & ageing analysis.
 Pending ST Forms.


 Sale Register Detailed Summary
 Pending Sale Order report.
 Dispatch Summary Sales Man Wise, Delivery Man Wise.
 Van Wise Dispatch & Sale Report.
 DSR (Bill + Item Wise) Items as Columns.

Purchase Reports

 Purchase Register Detailed / Summary.
 Purchase Challan Detailed / Summary.
 Pending Purchase order report.
 Purchase Order Report-Order level Basis.


 Purchase Register Detailed / Summary.
 Current Stock Status report MRP Wise/Batch Wise/Item Wise.
 Stock and Sale report Item Wise, Company Wise, Group Wise, Supplier Wise, and Godown Wise.
 Stock Ledger.
 Bill Wise Stock & Sale Analysis.
 Office to Van Stock Issue/Receipt/Stock Report (Ready Stock Operations).

Special Reports

 Effective Coverage-Date wise.
 Effective coverage-Week Wise.
 Salesman wise effective coverage.
 Beat Wise Customer Sales.
 Beat Wise Item Sales.
 Customer Wise sale.
 Top Outlets all products.
 Top Outlet product group wise.
 Beat+Item group wise coverage.
 Item Group wise consolidated sales.
 Item Group wise sales.

Analysis Reports


 Sale man Wise ledger giving agent wise breakup of a party balance outstanding.
 Dues & ageing report giving dayís breakup of the bills outstanding.
 Payment analysis report giving in details the interest dues on the outstanding.
 Cost center analysis report.
 Bank Reconciliation Statement giving details of unmatched entries.
 Party wise sale collection analysis.
 Month wise outstanding analysis.
 Business performance report.
 Beat + Item group wise coverage.
 Collection/Expenses statement.
 Stock Category (Mal Khaata) Wise Trading A/c G.P. Ratio/Closing Stock Wise.


 Beat + Customer + Item Wise Sales Analysis.
 Beat + Customer + Item Wise Sales Weekly Analysis.
 Beat +Customer + Item Wise Sales Monthly Analysis.
 Item Wise Monthly Sale/Purchase Analysis.
 Customer/Beats or Items can printed as Columns to Save Page.


 Sale Man + Item Wise Sale Analysis.
 Sale Man + Customer Wise Sale Analysis.
 Sale Man + Beat Wise Sales Analysis.
 Sale Man Wise Monthly Sales Analysis.
 Sale man wise sale collection & expense comparison report.
 JC + Salesman + Beat wise sale report. (Salesman or Items can printed as Columns to Save Page.


 Bill + Item wise Scheme/Claim reports.
 Customer + Bill + Item Wise Schemes Report.
 Primary/Secondary Scheme Reports.
 JC wise Scheme reports.


 Stock movement analysis report
 Stock ageing analysis report

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