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SSB Solutions & Services


SSB Solutions & Services

AFS - Apparel & Footwear System - SME / MNC


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Description :

LOGIC AFS stands for Apparel & Footwear system, which provides complete solution for apparel and footwear industry. It deals into entire workflow of organization, order management, well manage and handle all the multiple branches, locations, warehouse, stores etc. Complete transparency of order processing, promotional activities, Replenishment.

In whole it’s a complete solution under one roof.


The sale bill has been designed in a manner to give maximum information to the user at the time of entry without compromising with the speed of the entry. In order to insure accuracy of input the user can use our “Predefined defaults Settings” module wherein he can predefine the settings like CD%, TD%, VAT Structure, VAT National Tax, Margins etc.

The user can also use our “Control Module” to automatically lock billings if certain criteria are not met.

 Option to create unlimited bill book series brand wise, state wise etc.

 Unlimited Price Lists can be generated e.g. Retail chain of stores, MBO, Franchises & Shop in Shop etc.

 Billing Lock is triggered if following criteria's are met.

 Exceed Credit limit. - Exceed Bill limit. - If last discounted bill is not cleared. - If dues/Over dues exist.

 Billing can be done on the Name or Item Code.

 Bar-coding enable for speed and accuracy.

 Return & Replacement facility within sale bill.

 Automatically passes separate accounts entry into Sale Account & Sale Tax Account for rates inclusive of sales tax.

 Facility to enter sale return within sale bill 7 mark the returned item as damaged or sale able.

 Convert credit bill to cash, cheque.

 Link Sale & Credit notes to sale bill.


The accounts module is totally integrated with inventory module. It has been designed to provide easy access to user of the information.

 Separate vouchers for Bank Payment, Bank Receipt, Cash Payment, Cash Receipt and Journal.

 Facility to enter more than one entry in a voucher.

 Bill to bill adjustment of the
receipts & payments at the time of voucher entry itself.

 Facility to configure multiple account voucher format.

 Cheque book printing.

 Facility to enter Post dated cheques & it’s clearing.

 Option to enter cost centers in the vouchers.

 Predefined Narration.

 Define template for general voucher entry.


The purchase bill has been designed to facilitate maximum information feedings & its checking with preset supplier wise setting to ensure that the calculations are correct.

 Facility to configure supplier wise purchase vouchers with different discounts & margins defaults to check the correctness of calculation of the purchase voucher.

 Facility to pass accounts entry automatically & manually for calculating rate difference in purchase.

 Generate Purchase rates on the basis of predefined formulas. These formulas can include Margin %, CD% & Tax Structures. These can be different for each supplier & are user definable.

 Prompts if there s a rate difference on the same size from the previous purchase.

 Facility to enter purchase return within the purchase bill.

 Facility to create purchase returns for replacement & track pendency of these replacements against the supplier.

 Facility to enter purchase consignment & whatever sold the consignment stock will be converted into purchase.

 Facility to import item master/purchase transaction from any data source.

Power Features

 DOS/Window based printing option available for all Reports & Vouchers Printout.

 A user friendly Windows Based interface, fully operational thru keyboard without use of Mouse.

 E-mail facility for all reports direct access to-mail with facility to choose e-mail name from address list.

 Graphical Views of all reports.

 Configurable reports. We offer a very dynamic report editor tool wherein the user has the complete control over creation of new reports.

 All the reports can be exported to Excel Explorer.

 All the reports linked with Outlook express

 Size wise print & view options for all reports & vouchers. (Wherein sizes are displayed in “Headings” as columns).

 Configurable Input Formats. User can lock/unlock all the extra columns & create multiple input formats of any input voucher as per his specific need.

 Zoom down to the Primary voucher (Accounts & Stock) from all relevant reports.

 Calculation Mode in Sale & purchase bills allows user to set the calculations thru a very easy click & choose method.

 Multiple financial year reports. \

 User can create New/Previous financial years on his own. Any changes made in the previous financial year can be updated by using our simple "Close Books" Module any number of times.

 10x5 Levels of item & Accounts grouping.

Order Processing

Purchase Order Processing

Purchase order can be generated to supplier on stock level basis or against sale or season booking & this purchase order can be retrieved at the time of purchase full, partial or multiple purchases order in single purchase voucher.

Sale Order Processing

Sale order can be fed retailer wise and can be retrieve at the time of sale full, partial or multiple at the time of invoicing and user can reserve the stock against sale order which can be dispatched subsequently.

Connect Multiple Branches Online

Logic Enterprise version offers the dynamic concept of online multiple branch (located at geographical areas) connectivity though lease line or radio frequency this module also available offline which runs on internet technology

Operational Reports


 Balance sheet horizontal & vertical with annexure. The format & content of the annexure is user definable.

 Trading and P & L report.

 Trial balance horizontal & vertical for multi-financial years.

 Ledger group wise, entry wise, date wise.

 Cash book/Bank Book.

 All VAT form.

 Journal book.

 Dues & ageing analysis.

 Pending ST Forms.

 Supplier customer directory.


 Sale Register summary (date wise, party wise).

 Sale Register Detailed (size wise).

 Sale Order history report.

 Delivery order report (size wise).

 Delivery order history.

Purchase Reports

 Purchase register detailed summary.

 Pending purchase order size wise report.

 Purchase Order history – Style wise.

 Purchase order status report.

 Purchase Order Report – Order Level basis.

Stock Reports

 Opening purchase, sales & closing transaction reports.

 Fit + Finish + Fabric + size wise reports.

 Fit + Finish reports.

 Fit wise reports.

 Brand wise reports.

 Brand + Category wise report.

 Stock Ledger.

 Stock movement analysis.

 Stock ageing analysis.

 Godown to Godown stock transfer report.

 Actual v/s Physical stock report.

Security Reports

 3 level password protected user access.

 Create multiple users with restricted modification & Access.

 Restrict modification rights within date range.

 Restrict deletion rights.

 Restrict rights as to creation of new configuration or changing existing one.

 Maintains the Log of the modification of sale rate, discounts quantity of item whatever is modified or deleted is recorded by date and time.

 Approval rights.


 Day wise automatic backup facility.

 Checks data integrity at the time of taking backup.

 Does not allow the user to start a new day unless backup has been taken.

Profitability Reports

 Bill wise Profitability Report.

 Style wise Profitability Report.

 Day wise Profitability Report

 Brand wise Profitability Report.

 Category wise Profitability Report.

Analysis Reports


 Dues & ageing giving day’s breakup of the bills outstanding.

 Cost center wise analysis report.

 Bank Reconciliation statement giving details of unmatched entries.

 Month wise outstanding analysis.

 Month wise account comparison.

 Periodic performance report.


 Retailer wise Monthly Sales.

 Brand wise Monthly Sales.

 Brand + Retailer Monthly Sales.

 Market + Category wise sales.

 Category + Market wise sales.

 Retailer + Category wise sales.

 Brand wise, Category wise, Style wise sales purchase analysis.

 Sale register date wise customer wise.

 Salesman wise sale report.

 Retailer + Style + Shade + Size wise Sale/Order analysis.

Sale Man Reports

 Sale Man + Style wise Sale Analysis.

 Sale Man + Brand wise Sale Analysis.

 Sale Man wise Monthly Sale Analysis.

 Targets v/s Achievement Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly

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SSB Solutions & Services

The Software Solutions provided are listed as follows a. Enterprise Software Solution - MFG Plant to Retail Store - ERP. b. FMCG Software Solutions c. PHARMA Software Solutions d. AFS - Apparel & Footwear Software Solutions e. Electronics - Telecom Software Solutions f. Tally g. FAMS - Asset Management h. PAYPAC - Payroll Management I. TDSPAC - TDS Management.

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