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Adaptek Automation Technology


Adaptek Automation Technology



A Quality Product from
Adaptek Automation Technology [View Profile]
chennai - India

Description :
The I-7188EX, Embedded Internet/Ethernet Controller, focuses in Embedded Control applications while the I-7188EN, Internet Communication Controller, focuses in communication applications. According to different embedded firmware and application program, the Internet Communication Controller can be used as Device Server or Addressable Ethernet to RS-232/485/422 Converter or Embedded Internet/Ethernet Controller. The user should refer to comparison table to choose optimal product. Now we offer wide range Internet Communication Controllers, such as I-7188E1 / E2 /E3 /E4 / E5 / E8. Except the RTC circuitry, the basic hardware of I-7188EN is similar to I-7188EX. Since there are too many configurations for I-7188EN series product, OEM or ODM version is welcomed.Can be used as Addressable Ethernet to RS-232/485/422 Converter.

Most RS-232/485/422 devices don't support device address. The I-7188EN series can assign a unique address to any RS-232 device installed in the Ethernet network. Host-PC can send command with device address to Ethernet network, the destination I-7188EN will remove the address field & pass the other fields of command to its local RS-232 device. The response of this local RS-232 device will be passed to host-PC via this destination I-7188EN.

Can be used as Ethernet to RS-232/485/422 Device Server The Device Server is an appliance that network enables any device with a serial communication port. By virtue of its independent operating system, protocol independence, small size and flexibility, Device servers are able to meet the demand of virtually any network-enable application. Most devices don't have network ports. Our Internet Communication Controllers allow those devices to become connected to the network.

Can be used as Embedded Internet/Ethernet Controller Except the Real Time Clock, the hardware and software of I-7188EN is similar to I-7188EX. The user can use well-developed libraries and demo programs to implement an Embedded Internet/Ethernet Controller.

features :
AMD 80188-40 Embedded CPU, or compatible
Supports a variety of TCP/IP features, including TCP, UDP, IP, ICMP, ARP
10BASE-T NE2000 compatible Ethernet Controller
Reloadable Operating Software
Remote Configuration
COM driver support interrupt & 1K QUEUE Input & Output buffer
Support serial port
Built-in EEPROM
support one RS-232 port
7-segment LED display for I-7188E1D
Built-in MiniOS7
Program download port: COM1 or Ethernet Port

Product Applications :
Factory Automation
Building Automation
Home Automation

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Adaptek Automation Technology

1.INDUSTRIAL PC : ----------------- i]Industrial Panel PC ii]Industrial Workstation PC Iii]Rack / Wall Mountable Industrial PC 2.INDUSTRIAL MONITORS OPTIONAL TOUCH SCREEN : -------------------------------------------- i]Industrial Panel Monitors ii]Vehicle[CAR] Monitors Iii]Industrial Open frame Monitors Iv] POS Systems [Point of sale System] v]KIOSK panel Mountable Monitors Vi] Kiosk - Openframe Monitors 3.NORMAL DESKTOP MONITORS OPTIONAL TOUCH SCREEN : ------------------------------------------------- 4.TOUCH SCREEN : ---------------- i]Capacitive Touch screen [3mm] ii]Capacitive Tough Touch screen [6mm] Iii]5W, 4W Resistive Touch screen[2.2mm , 3mm] iv]SAW Touch screen[3mm, 4mm, 6mm] v]Universal Capacitive touch controller 5.EMBEDDED BOX -PC : -------------------- i]Low Cost Embedded BOX - PC ii]Barbone BOX -PC Iii]Customized Industrial PC 6.INDUSTRIAL MOTHERBOARDS: --------------------------- i]Mini ITX - Motherboards ii]Full size CPU cards Iii]Half size CPU cards iv]PC 104 Embedded Motherboards v]Mity and Tiny Embedded Boards Vi]Industrial Motherboards Vii]Embedded Boards 7.EMBEDDED HARD DISK ( DISK ON CHIP ): ------------------------------------- I]Embedded Disk on Module (128MB to 08GB) ii]Industrial Compact Flash(128MB to 16GB) 8.ISOLATED CONVERTER AND REPEATER : ------------------------------------ i]Isolated USB/LAN/SERIAL Converters ii]Non-Isolated USB/LAN/SERIAL Converters Iii]RS232 and RS485 Repeater iv]Intelligent Communication Controller v]Current Input Module vi]Strain gauge input Module Vii]Fiber optic switches and converters Viii]Thermocouple input module Ix]RTD Input module X]Analog Input Module and Digital Output module 9.PCI/ISA BUS CARDS : --------------------- i]PC Based I/O Boards ii]ISA Bus data acquisition cards Iii]PCI Bus data acquisition cards 10.GSM/GPRS/SMART MODEM: -------------------------- i]Adaptek GSM/GPRS/Smart Module ii]Wavecom GSM/GPRS/Smart Module Iii] RS232 Connection - GSM /GPRS modem iv]USB - GSM GPRS Modem v]USB- GPRS Modem vi]USB -WIRELESS GPRS Modem - Laptop Use Vii]RJ-45 GSM / GPRS Modem Viii]GSM/GPRS GPS Module ix]Wavecom Modem - M1306B x]Wavecom - fastrack Supreme 10 11.PERIPHERALS : ---------------- I]Industrial[SMPS]Power Supplies ii]Card cage and Back plane Iii]PCI Bus data acquisition cards iv]PDA's v]PC Based Controllers vi]Customized computer parts Vii]Customized industrial PC based Projects. Viii]ULTRA Thin client 12.HMI i] Customized HMI Controllers

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The I-7188EX, Embedded Internet/Ethernet Controller, focuses in Embedded Control applications while the I-7188EN, Internet Communication Controller, focuses in communication applic ....

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