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ABRIF Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


ABRIF Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Corporate Information System (CIS)


A Quality Product from
ABRIF Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. [View Profile]
Hyderabad - India

Description :
Abrif developed an integrated package, which has the following modules. Each module deals with the core functionality, which consists of master’s transactions and reports. The system contains highly robust and very high complex facilities, which makes the system very user friendly.

1. Payroll

2. Finance

3. Inventory

4. Excise

5. Production

1 Payroll Description:

Payroll tracking system is a workgroup application implemented by CIL, as it’s new payroll maintenance system. It is one of the product rolls out of CIL that takes care of daily attendance, leave records, pay structure maintenance etc.


The product gives the flexibility to maintain a full range of payroll operations for an enterprise. As the operations evolve, such as the Government Policy Changes in the percentages of EPF/FPF etc, you can scale the package to meet the increased performance needs. The Smart Card Technology is also implemented with the use of Apricot Machine, which scans the employee cards and gives the data as the output to a file. The data includes employee id, in-time, out-time etc. The company wanted to create a generalized and user-friendly payroll tracking system that offers ease-of-use, scalability, security and reliability. Along with being cost-effective and the package has met all the parameters to discover what it can do for your organization and how it does have a look at the forth-coming topics.

2 Finance Description:

Financial Accounting System is based on the double entry system. The system instantaneously posts all the transactions into General Ledger and corresponding accounts. The level of security allows the user's to be configured as Supervisors and Operators.


This system allows the users to create unlimited number of main accounts, and create sub accounts under them. The feature of creating sub-accounts allows the user to have a major breakdown in the accounting system itself. The uniqueness of the sub-accounts based on the main accounts allows the user to have summaries on all types of accounting. The sub-accounting feature can be exploited to the maximum to analyze the funds flow and the expenditure to a micro level.

All the relevant transactions like receipts, payments, purchases etc., are provided which make it more powerful and also user friendly.

Flexibility in entering the voucher Nos. and dates have been provided to users along with print / view option for vouchers reports etc.

This package deals with post dated cheques annual / monthly budget allocation, sales and purchase invoice manual allocation etc and is intelligently interconnected,

so that the entries reflect in the appropriate manner in other entries and update the database simultaneously.

It is equipped with a detailed user manual, which guides the user to navigate through the package and allow him/her to utilize all the facilities incorporated in this package to the fullest extent.

3 Inventory Description:

The following is an Inventory Management Package. Inventory Management is the process of recording, classifying and reporting the incoming and outgoing of material in an organization and preparing of reports based on this data.


The reports are used by Stores Department to keep track of other entities associated with it such as, Supplier – The people who supply different materials, Issues – The various departments to which stores issues the material, Reorder level – the level which indicates stores department to raise an indent.

The Stores Department Management keeps track of material flow using receipt vouchers and issue vouchers whenever a transaction takes place between supplier, stores department and various departments in an organization. A receipt voucher is used when the material received transaction takes place. An issue voucher is used when an issue transaction takes place. When the transaction takes place the stock on hand is updated or deducted.

The system is used to automate Stores Department instead of having to enter single transaction at multiple places to maintain stock record. The user will only have to enter the transaction once into the voucher the system automatically updates all the relevant changes and the reports reflect the changes immediately.

4 Excise Description:

The Excise Management is the process of recording, classifying and reporting the Excise amount of the Excisable material in an organization and preparing of the statutory Registers that are to be submitted to the Excise department.


The system is used to automate Excise Department instead of having to enter transaction manually to maintain record. The whole system is linked to Inventory and Production Modules. Details pertaining to Excise system like Excisable material, Excise amount, Modvat if applicable etc come from Inventory Module. . Every final product manufactured has to be dispatched. To Prepare Dispatch Invoice, which includes details like Material used in the manufacture, etc comes from Production Module. With this information on hand the user will only have to post the transaction once, the system automatically reports the information in prescribed formats.

5 Production Description:

Production System is based on the Shop Floor Automation concept. The system instantaneously posts all the transactions and master’s into concerned tables and shows reports in different combinations. The level of security allows the user's to be configured as Supervisors and Operators. Supervisor is the administrator of the system. The operators are the low-level users who were given access on different masters, transactions and reports by the administrator.


A production system allows the users to create unlimited number of entries into master screens. The masters in production support entry of all possible types of machines in Machine Shop and all possible types of operations in Fabrication shop. This system takes of almost anything that can be done on a shop floor and the user’s can easily customize this system to almost all the requirements. This system enabled to carry out all the operations done in Machine and Fabrication Shops

All the transactions like Machine, Work Order, Operator etc., are provided with very powerful tools, which reduces the total burden on users, and make this system highly efficient and very simple to understand.

This system deals with all the cards entered in a regular shop floor i.e., Machine card, Operator card, Sub contractor card etc. All the completed work is entered into the JCC Voucher, which gets posted to Excise System.

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ABRIF Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

We provide serivces of Software Solution and Consultancy. Our services of ERP Solutions, Hospitality industry, Hospital Management Systems, Education Softwares, Website & Portal Desinging and Software Devolpment services.

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