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ABRIF Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


ABRIF Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Hospital Information System (HIS)


A Quality Product from
ABRIF Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. [View Profile]
Hyderabad - India

Description :
Abrif Software Solutions (P) Ltd has developed an absolute package, which addresses all the major functional areas of hospitals. It is segregated into eight (8) modules namely Setup, HRMS, Hospital, Pharmacy, Stores, Marketing, Accounts, and Maintenance



This module takes care of hospital details like hospital number, number of beds, promoters, licenses and concerned officials and the location and branches

EDP module is exclusively for granting privileges to the employees in the different departments


? Hospital Detail ? Creation of User and privileges


This module as the name suggests covers overall human resource management in typical hospital.


? Employee Details ? Departments

? Professional Tax ? Provident Fund Handling

? Staff Advances ? Wage Record

? Employee Attendance ? Earnings & Deductions

? Memos ? Department Wise Employee List

? List of employees with designations

? Advance Balance Report

? Pay slip ? Salary Bank Statements

? Year wise Employee PF (Form III)

? Employees Joined Relieved B/W Dates


This module consists of sub-modules namely


Front Office

? Patient Registration ? Advance appointment / Reservations

? Doctor Information ? Appointment Doctor Schedules

? Patient Appointment Schedules ? In Patient Admission

? Out Patient Admission ? Advance Collection

? Consultant Visit Entry ? Issue of Lab Reports

? Bed Positions ? Bed Allocations/ Bed Transfers

? Rooms & Tariffs ? Patient Enquiry

? Reports


? In-Patient Admission ? Bed Transfers

? Consultant Tariff ? In-Patient Advance

? Investigation Requisition for OP ? Investigation Requisition for IP

? Investigation Report Entry ? Room Rent Calculation

? IP Pharmacy Bill ? IP Daily Billing

? IP Bill Status ? IP Detail Billing

? IP Package Billing ? IP Final Billing

? List of Investigation Items ? Discharge Intimation

? Discharge Summary ? Package Creation

? Package Setup Creation ? Patient Bed Transfer Information

? List of Discharged Patients ? Patient Gate pass

? Daily Bed Status Report ? Referral Doctors Report

Hospital Administration

? Rooms & Tariffs Administration ? Room Facilities

? Bed Details ? Vacant Beds

? Contractors Details ? Critical Care Equipment Tariffs

? Package Creation ? Package Setup Creation

? Systematic Review of Patients ? Daily Bed Status Report

Ward Management

? Lab Requisition ? Drug Requisition

? Progress Sheet ? Systematic Review of Patients

? Doctor's ICU Orders ? Critical Care Reading Entry

? Critical Care Usage Report ? Daily Patient Medications

? Daily Bed Status Report ? Discharge Summary


? Creation of Laboratory Tests ? Creation of Packages/Procedures

? Package Setup Creation ? Entry of Normal Values

? Investigation Conducted Report ? Investigation Tariff List

? Normal Values Report ? Patient Daily Progress

? Entry of Investigation Results ? Processing Lab Requisitions

? Daily Lab Test Reports



This module consists of sub-modules namely "master" which maintains information about the drug types, drug details, drug supplier, stock position, setup margin for drugs Requisition includes issue indents, transfer indents, and indents report. Issues has IP issues, department issues, issues report, pharmacy report etc. Returns include, patient returns and department returns. Drug receipts includes receipts and reports, New items includes sell rate and quantity update.



? Agreements ? Classification of Drug Types

? Drug Details ? Supplier Database

? Supplier Items ? Stock Position

? Rate Contracts ? Setup for Margins

? Auto Purchase Indents ? Supplier Mailing Address

? IP Pharmacy Bill ? Total Pharmacy Report


? Raising of Purchase Indents ?Raising of Issue Indents

? Raising of Transfer Indents ?Maintaining Status of each Indents

? Indent Reports


? IP Issues ? OP Issues

? Departmental Issues ? Issue Reports

? Direct IP Issues ? Direct IP Issue Reports

? Direct Ward wise Issues ? Drug Bill


? Returns from Patients ? Departmental Returns

? Issue of Gate Pass ? Return Reports


? Raising of Enquiry ? Entry of Quotations

? Purchase Orders ? Rate Contract Purchase Orders

? Direct Purchase Order ? Reports


? Direct Drug Receipts ? Purchase Order Drug Receipts

? Reports


This module includes hospital's General inventory. All the above features/ functionalities of the pharmacy module are common for general inventory.


This module takes care of reference doctors, daily activity report, and reference doctors and patients report.


? Details of Reference Doctors

? Daily Activities of Sales Executives

? Reports


This module includes financial setup, ledgers, and vouchers, trail balance, profit and loss accounts, balance sheet, journal report, cashbook, sales register, debit and credit note.


? Creation of Groups ? Creation of Ledgers / Sub Ledgers

? Entry of Vouchers ? Rate Contract Purchase Orders

? Trial Balance ? Profit & Loss Statements

? Balance Sheet ? Reports


This module includes hospital maintenance information, functionalities of this module is as below.


? Equipment Details ? Vendor Database

? AMC ? Registration of Complaints

? Work Allocations ? Services

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ABRIF Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

We provide serivces of Software Solution and Consultancy. Our services of ERP Solutions, Hospitality industry, Hospital Management Systems, Education Softwares, Website & Portal Desinging and Software Devolpment services.

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