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IBN Technologies Limited


IBN Technologies Limited

Call Center Technology Service


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IBN Technologies Limited [View Profile]
Pune - India

Description :
A diverse range of businesses use call centres to interact with their customers. Examples include utility companies, mail order catalogue firms, and customer support for computer hardware and software.
IBN Call centre has been aided by a range of modern cutting age hi-tech telecommunications and computer technologies, and including automatic call distribution (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR), computer telephony integration (CTI), which allows the actions of the computer to be synchronised with what is happening on the phone. In addition, early customer relationship management (CRM) technologies, such as Siebel, and other database systems, have been heavily employed in our call centres. The latest internet technologies allow "virtual" call centres to be established across a company's telecommunications network without physically putting all the people in one office.

Automatic Call Distributor
In telephony, an Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) is a device that distributes incoming calls to a specific group of terminals that agents use.
Handling incoming calls is the task of the ACD system that consists of hardware for the terminals and phonelines, and software for the routing strategy. The routing strategy is a rule based set of instructions that tells the ACD how calls are handled inside the system. Most of the time this will be a set that determines the best available employee for a certain incoming call. To help make this match, extra variables are taken into account, most often to find out the reason why the customer is calling. Sometimes the caller's caller ID or ANI is used, more often a simple IVR is used to just ask for the reason.

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IBN Technologies Limited

IBN Infosys Limited envisage Technology Developments, Management and maintenance service support to World Companies. Services : BPO, Call Center, Onsite Development, Blend. Our Other Services : Software Development Services, Engineering Services, Systems Integration, ERP Solutions, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management, Product Development, Electronic Commerce, IT Outsourcing and consulting. * ASP Service Model for Enterprises :- Online Task Management Solution Online Complaint Management System Online Management Tool Online Performance Management System Online Management Assistance Advanced Corporate Mailing Solution Data Processing Centers

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