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Simplex Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


Simplex Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

MunSys Intranet Solution Service

Navi mumbai

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Simplex Technologies Pvt. Ltd. [View Profile]
Navi Mumbai - India

Description :
MunSys Intranet offers easy access to all MunSys application data across either local Intranets or via the Internet. The applications interface works through a standard web browser and can easily integrate with existing Intranets. Spatial data can be accessed directly from the database, or published to the server at regular intervals. The Intranet application resides on a central server, which means there is no client PCs to install or upgrade every time a new feature is added. Location queries can be done by town name, parcel number, street name, or street address and additional attributes can be displayed by simply selecting objects on the map. All maps are dynamic, meaning that any changes made to the database are reflected on the maps.

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Simplex Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Simplex Concrete is involved in huge industrial projects, piling jobs, marine construction of ports and bridges, soil investigation, power plant projects, processing plants. Our Solutions and Services of Enterprise Solutions : Mobile SMS Gateway Sales Resource Planning Annual Maintenance Contract System Contact Management System Web Based Project Monitoring System Custom Solutions for Medical / Legal Transcriptions. Custom Retail Solutions : Medical Stores System Petrol Pump Billing & Inventory System. We Provide Customised Solutions in :- Web Application. Web Site Disign. Web Hosting. Networking and Network Consultancy Services Mail Server E-commerce Solutions Turnkey Software Solutions. GIS Products of Infrastructure Design Solutions : AutoDesk Land Desktop AutoDesk Civil AutoDesk Survey AutoDesk Map AutoDesk Map Series AutoDesk Map Guide AutoDesk Onsite AutoDesk Raster Design AutoDesk Envision Building Design Solutions : AutoDesk Architectural Desktop AutoDesk Revit AutoDesk VIZ. General Design : AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT.

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