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Minicom Advanced Systems Ltd.


Minicom Advanced Systems Ltd.

Classnet Twist Audio -Computer Classroom Audio


A Quality Product from
Minicom Advanced Systems Ltd. [View Profile]
Jerusalem - United States

Description :
For Those Who Demand the Finest...

For those who demand the finest in interactive computer training, Minicom introduces a new deluxe model, the Classnet Twist Audio. This new Twist Audio features all the benefits of the Classnet Twist original, plus high quality stereo audio capabilities.

Superior Computer Classroom Based Training...

The Twist Audio features advanced interactive computer classroom functionality. It allows instructors to take full control over any student computer to help student solve a problem; broadcast a teacher or student screen to demonstrate a concept; monitor and scan student screens, and gain students’ undivided attention by darkening any or all of their screens. And like the Twist original, it features low density CAT5 cabling, which eliminates cable clutter and lengthens control to 300m/1000ft.

...With Added Stereo & Multimedia Enhancements

The audio feature lets teachers discreetly help individual students without disrupting the entire class; directly address the entire class without outside interference; broadcast audio presentations to the entire class, and transform their computer classroom into a complete multimedia center with the optional multimedia unit.

Product Applications :
The Twist Audio’s wide range of functions makes it ideal for those seeking a superior quality solution:
-Corporate training centers

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Minicom Advanced Systems Ltd.

We provide Services of leading manufacturer of innovative KVM switches, AV solutions and Computer Based Training (CBT) systems. Solutions :- Video Switch Solutions :- NEW! Broadcast an Audio/Video source to hundreds of remote stations with Minicom’s new Audio Video Display System. NEW! Broadcast video images to distant plasma or touch screen with the handy CAT5 VGA Data Transmitter (VDT). CAT5 Video Extenders :- CAT5 AV Extender CAT5 VGA Data Transmitter CAT5 Video Splitters :- CAT5 UTP Video Splitter CAT5 AV Splitter CAT5 Video Distributors :- CAT5 Video Display System CAT5 Audio Video Display System Accessories :- Multimedia Video Scaler Services :- CAT5 KVM Server Management, Remote KVM Access, KVM Switches A/V Extension and Display Solutions AV Extender VGA Data Transmitter CAT5 UTP Video Splitter CAT5 AV Splitter Video Display System Audio Video Display System Multimedia Video Scaler Computer Based Training Solutions. KVM Switches: CAT5 KVM Server Management, Remote KVM Access. Innovative KVM switches - Offering a complete range for the Networked World. NEW! DX Matrix Switch - Centralized and multi-functional KVM, Serial, Power and User management in the data center. More... NEW! Smart IP Link - Hardware remote KVM IP access for single or multiple computers. More... Request Your Free Remote IP Access Demo... Enterprise :- KVM.Net Data Center Control and Management :- DX Matrix CAT5 KVM Server Management :- The Low Density KVM Switch Solution For High Density Environments. The Phantom is Minicom’s cutting-edge CAT5 based KVM switching system for server management. The Phantom KVM Switch line is specially designed to meet the needs of modern server rooms in which many more servers are being crowded into much less space. The Phantom KVM Switch System saves space and eliminates cable clutter making it an ideal solution for managing low and high-density server environments. The Phantom KVM Switch System takes up zero rack space, which allows users to dedicate more of their racks to servers instead of wasting space on switches. No matter how many servers you have or what type they are, The Phantom KVM Switch System is the answer for your server management. CAT5 Phantom MXII CAT5 Phantom Specter CAT5 Phantom PCI Card 220V DX Power Switch KVM RackManager II Remote KVM IP Access with a Switch :- Phantom MXIP Smart CAT5 Switch 16 IP Smart IP Access Smart IP Extender Smart IP Link CAT5 KVM Switches :- Smart CAT5 Switch 8/16 KVM Switch Boxes :- Supervisor Smart 2/4 KVM Extenders :- Mini KVM Extender CAT5 Smart KVM Extender USB Extender CAT5 RS-232 Extender CAT5 Duet TWP Computer Based Training Solutions :- NEW! Latest release of AristoClass 4.0 with exciting new features. Free Trial Download! NEW! ClassPerfect for multimedia broadcasting PLUS interactive functionality. Software Solutions :- AristoClass Software/Hardware Combinations :- ClassPerfect CAT5 Classnet Solutions :- CAT5 Classnet Twist Card CAT5 Classnet Twist Audio :- CAT5 Classnet Accessories : Multimedia Video Scaler CAT5 Classnet Twist Multiloop CAT5 Classnet Twist Connection Computer Based Training - Classnet Solutions :- Classnet Board Version Classnet Quattro Classnet 3.15 Classnet Accessories :- Classnet Line Multiplier Multimedia Video Scaler

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