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Jingle Infotech Limited


Jingle Infotech Limited

Intranet Solutions

New delhi

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New Delhi - India

Description :
Intranet is a private networking of various establishments of an organization, thru computers, so as to establish a fast and effective means of information collation and dissemination.

There are various methodologies by way of which this network can be created.

Direct closed network
Network involving VPN, Vsat.
Web based Network.
Network involving mix of various options above.
Different corporate take different considerations for implementing such networks. The deciding factors are:

Number of establishments to be networked.
Geographic locations of such establishments
Existing infrastructure as against requirement
Existing manpower as against up gradation
Software & hardware requirement.
Implementation, commissioning & training required.
Financial requirement / availability.
After contemplating and analyzing all the above parameters a pre feasibility plan is thus created.

There is no fixed thumb rule or criteria in this regard as the entire solution is dependent on the will of the management. Some corporate simply go in for ad hock solutions as and when they feel the requirement, others may take a structured approach.

The ad hock kind of implementation is far away from developing a proper enterprise network solution. Because it has been implemented in bits and pieces the effectively of real utilization of the technology and purpose is diluted. Also sometimes internally there is resistance to change from the employee, thus adaptation to the new system becomes a problem.

The structured approach is the most effective and fruitful methodology, by which a proper feasibility study is done, analyzing various components to create a phased implementation plan.

Today due to convergence of technologies, easy availability and access to Internet, low hiring cost of web based data servers, it has become more and more possible to have a private intranet for medium as well as small business establishments, which at one time was exclusive to big corporate who only could afford intranets.

We at Jingle InfoTech Limited have been providing such solutions to such corporate who want to network their establishments for a better control and ease of operation.

Intranet has the followings

DNS server
FTP serverDHCP server
LDAP server
EMAIL server (SMTP,pop3,ftechmail)
WEB server / WEB Publishing Virtual Hosting, Cgi, Perl, Php scripting Firewall
Cross platform file sharing
Web (HTTP and FTP proxy) RAID Browser based control panel
Browser based backup
SSL encryption for secure administration.

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Jingle Infotech Limited

We offer the services of Website Designing, Web Application, E-Commerce Solutions, Website DevelopmentE-Marketing, Email Creative Designing Database Integration Software Development Brochure Designing

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