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Incontinence Information

Virtual Private Network (VPN) SERVICE

Salt lake

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Salt Lake - United States

Description :
Are you looking for a cheap, secure way to connect remote offices and workers to headquarters? You may need a Virtual Private Network (VPN) from IKANO. IKANO's VPNs connect two or more locations, over the Internet, in a way that offers high security at a reasonable cost.

A VPN is a network that utilizes dedicated lines or the Internet as its Wide Area Network (WAN) backbone. In a VPN, dial-up connections to remote users and leased line or Frame Relay connections to remote sites are replaced by local connections to an Internet service provider (ISP) point of presence (POP).

A VPN allows a private intranet to be securely extended across the Internet or other network service, facilitating secure e-commerce and extranet connections with business partners, suppliers and customers.

Some companies rely on VPNs to link branch offices. The technology's most popular use is to connect employees to a corporate network from home or on the road. At home, employees with a dial-up or broadband connection to the Web can use a VPN to connect to their company's computers. And when employees are on the road, they can avoid dialing long distance to headquarters by simply reaching the Internet via a local access number to connect to the company network.

College students, for example, who live off-campus, could also access the campus network through a VPN. The school's network services, including remote access to library databases, enterprise database access, plus several other campus network services, would become accessible without ever stepping foot on campus.

Until VPN technology came along, most companies linked branch offices to one another via leased lines -- wires rented from the telephone company to connect, for example, the San Francisco office to the Toronto office. That amounts to renting a fraction of the capacity on the network providers network of wire and fiber lines, which can run to thousands or tens of thousands of dollars per month.

Here's how IKANO's VPN technology works. Most communication over the Internet is far from private -- anyone can read your messages, provided they know where to look. VPN technology addresses this problem through a technique called tunneling -- encrypting the data before sending it over the Internet, then decrypting it on the other end. Users on either end have, in effect, a private tunnel of communication with one another.

It is possible that someone could intercept the data as it traverses the Internet, but what they intercept would be encrypted data that they would not be able to read. Only the intended recipient can decipher the message. As a safeguard against unauthorized access, IKANO's VPNs also use passwords, digital certificates, and other technologies to make sure the parties on each end are who they say they are.

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Incontinence Information

We provide Services of leadership of Henry Smith, IKANO president and CEO, IKANO has become a worldwide leader in branded (private-label) Internet services. IP SOLUTIONS - PRODUCTS AND SERVICES :- IKANO is a market-leading provider of Internet networking infrastructure and private-label Internet services. Our Back Office IP Solutions are divided up into six main products and services categories (Access Services, Network Services, Communication Tools, Applications and Services, Call Center Services, Other Services). IKANO also offers in-house Programming, Database, and Creative services for continued to support of custom needs once you have partnered with IKANO. The BrandONE and Pass Through Radius product and services bundles have brought the best IKANO has to offer into simple to purchase packages, enabling our clients with more added-value services than ever at a lower cost. To learn more about IKANO's individual products and services, simply click below on the main categories or items within each catagory. Access Services :- Dial-up Network : Ubiquitous coverage throughout the United States, Canada, and parts of Europe and Asia. Radius Pass Through Wholesale dial access to the IKANO aggregated Network-of-Networks. PowerDSL - International ILEC-based DSL solution for ISPs PowerDSL is the nation's most aggressive DSL aggregation effort, combining the expertise of IKANO's back office IP solutions, Internet service and customer service with the leading ILEC's in the country. HOTSPOTZZ - High Speed Wireless Internet HOTSPOTZZ is one of the nation's largest wireless hot spot providers, with 100+ locations in coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, business centers, resorts and other public venues throughout North America. Realm Registration IKANO aggregates 21 network partners, providing maximum network redundancy and reliability. Web-Based Sign-Up The Web-based Internet access sign-up process walks the customer through a minimal amount of simple questions, enabling the user to complete in just minutes. Filtered Access - ProxyWatch Protect the family web browsing experience from pornography, hate, and online smut. Network Services :- Network Management System - Abuse and Fraud Protection Ubiquitous coverage throughout the United States, Canada, and parts of Europe and Asia. Network Centers IKANO manages its network infrastructure through its Network Operations Centers (NOCs). Co-Location/Hosting Place your own server equipment within our high-speed Network Operation Centers. VPN IKANO's Virtual Private Network offers high security at a reasonable cost. Communications :- E-mail Robust POP3, IMAP, and Web-based solution. Auto-provisioning of new e-mail accounts on any new sign-up with the IKANO Business Rules Platform. Instant Messenger Allow customers to send and receive messages in real time through a branded downloadable client. Interoperable with IKANO's Dynamic Portal solution. Discussion/Chat Board Build on-line communities with the threaded message board and chat room. This is an on-line forum dedicated to specific topics you create. Applications :- BrowseBlast BrowseBlast is an exciting new subscription-based product that lets you surf the Internet up to 6 times faster than a typical dial-up connection. Business Rules Platform Web-based, back-end accounting solution for IKANO branded partners to manage the financial aspects of their business. Manage customers, services, and accounting from a single location. Mission Control Center Single login interface where IKANO partners manage products and statistics within one web location. Dynamic Portal Web based Internet vehicle for customers including your latest company offerings, news, weather, stocks, calendar items, e-mail access, ISP support, and more. ISP Templates ISP related support templates to assist customers with their ISP service. Net F.A.Q.'s Internet Frequently Asked Questions. Hundreds of ISP support pages compiled into Windows, Macintosh, and WebTV categories. PageProducer Allows your customers to create a personal website on the fly. MailRover Spam and Virus Sniffer server-side e-mail filtering technology. NNTP News Supply USENET news services using NNTP. Virtual Web Hosting and Domain Name Registration Automation Automatically register, host, and bill a new TLD (top level domain). Streaming Media Deliver rich streaming media content live or on demand to your customers. Web Reports Advanced reporting technology for your IKANO Dynamic Portal solution. Call center Services :- Customer Service Call Center 24x7x365 customer service and ISP technical support, answering inquiries in a branded environment via voice, real time Web chat, Web call back, and e-mail. Other Services :- Creative Services The award winning IKANO Creative Team specializes in web, print, and interactive services. Database Services The IKANO Database team develops cutting edge ISP solutions, helping to protect and manage ISP customer data for IKANO partners. Virtual Marketing Toolkit Marketing assistance materials helping IKANO partners to acquire, retain and communicate with their target customers. Marketing Tool Kit Marketing assistance materials helping IKANO partners to acquire, retain and communicate with their target customers.

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