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Computer SOS, Inc.


Computer SOS, Inc.

Wide Area Networking Service


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Computer SOS, Inc. [View Profile]
Buffalo - United States

Description :
VPN (Virtual Private Network)-we can set your business up to extend your corporate network out to distance offices, home workers, salespeople, and related business suppliers and partners. Rather than using expensive dedicated leased lines, VPNs us worldwide IP network services. Remote users can actually make a local internet call. A VPN allows you r network managers to cost efficiently increase the span of your corporate network, remote users to securely access the network, secure communications can happen between your businesses and your bandwidth can be expanded incrementally with value-added services.

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Computer SOS, Inc.

We Provide service company offering solutions, service, consumables, hardware, and software, on-site technical design, installation, support and training, web site design and hosting, management, and internet connectivity. Software Packages :- While we can supply you with any brand name off the shelf packages and operating systems. We have several business software packages that we resell, install, and maintain for you that we highly recommend for growing businesses. Computer Service and Repair :- We offer PC repair and services for all types of computers and make every attempt to have your computer repaired within 24 hours. For businesses, we provide same day onsite computer and network repair. Our Rates :- Our rates for repairs are by the hour or by the project and quoted in advance. Our prices compare very well with all competitors. We are interested in a long term relationship so we can work with you to stay within a budget you can afford and if we believe there may be a more cost effective solution for you, we will recommend it. Computer Solutions :- So-lu-tion = the act, method, or process of solving a problem. At Computer SOS we have a wide array of solutions available for your business or home needs. Computer Networking & Server Support :- We can connect all of your computers and printers together to a server and ultimately to the internet. We have specific Expertise in Novel, Windows 2000 and Linux. This set up will give you file sharing, printer sharing and backup. We do a complete security set up overall or user selective security in your business. We can connect two sites and allow them to network seamlessly or we can combine multiple locations that are separated geographically into one virtual network. Windows 2000 Server Setup & Maintenance :- We can set up and service any and all operating systems. File & Printer Sharing File and printer sharing-by networking all of your computers we can cost effectively set your business up so all of your associates can share all of the files and printers.Security Setup By Enduser Group System security-we can protect your network from outside interference and viruses that often come over the internet and we can configure the network so selected internal associates can either have limited or full access to some or all of your systems files. Computer Maintenance Agreements :- Many of our customers take advantage of significant savings by purchasing a "block of time" maintenance contract. The typical contract is for 10, 20, or 30 hours offering a larger discount with each prepaid block over our standard hourly rate. Macintosh Sales and Services :- Computer SOS sells Apple's complete line of computers and compatible software and is able to offer service and support for your investment. An Authorized Reseller of Macintosh products and compatible output devices, Computer SOS can meet your personal and small business needs. Apple Mac Hardware :- Computer SOS sells Apples complete line of computers and compatible software and is able to offer service and support for your investment. Output Devices - Tektronix, Imagesetters :- Tektronix colorprinters by Xerox are ideal for a networked small business. Depending on your printing needs Computer SOS can provide you with a solution from setup to maintenance. Inventory Control and Accounting Software :- CounterPoint is perfect for retail with an exceptional set up. Instantly know what's in your inventory and what it's worth. Know what you sold today, this week, this year, and last year. Collect valuable customer data for promotional mailings. Easily assemble information into useful graphs and reports. Know which of your salespeople are profitable producers. Reduce shrinkage with a secure audit trail. Know which of your products are hot and which are not. Call us today for a demo! Great Plains Accounting Software :- Whether you are a small, mid-sized or large business, you'll find that Great Plains software will run your business better. Web-Ready, with solid financial tools at the core of this solution. Great Plains may also help you efficiently manage customer relationships, human resources, or your supply chain. It's all here, it's all integrated, and it can grow with your business. Custom Software - Web Enabled :- At Computer SOS we can design special applications for your business. We have event registration packages available for organizaitons and sports leagues as well as a variety of registration applications for business and not for profits. Don't spend hours trying to shop or reinvent the wheel, we have the application you are looking for. Telephony - PBX, Phone, VOIP :- Computer SOS is a distributor and certified service provider for 3Com NBX phone systems. The 3Com NBX is the perfect call center that enables your business and adds value to your business and to your customer relationships. A 3Com NBX phone system delivers universal message access anytime, from anywhere and lets you easily manage all of your voice mail, e-mail and faxes from a single mailbox. It is the perfect telephony solution that is scalable for a small to large business. Internet - DSL, T1, Hosting, Diaup :- NetSOS, Inc., located within our building, can provide you with the most cost effective internet connection solutions for your business or for your home. Several options include: DSL, T1, Dial up, or even a WIRELESS solution at prices that are competitive. Remember, we are local and offer personalized service which is a real plus when it comes to the reliability of your internet connectivity. Having computer experts to help you with your internet connectivity is important! Employment :- Computer SOS Inc. Is always looking for the right people to add to our staff. Job opporunities often exist in the following positions: Sales Networking Computer Repair Website Development Our focus is on personality, attitude, and ability to communicate well with customers and co-workers. OUR OTHER PRODUCTS :- Event Management Tournament Management Community Management

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