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Evolving Solutions, Inc.


Evolving Solutions, Inc.

Server Consolidation Solution


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Hamel - United States

Description :
Whether through mergers or acquisitions, internal re-organization, deployment of new business applications, or just plain business growth, customers face information technology consolidation requirements and challenges. Evolving Solutions, Inc. provides the depth of expertise and talent to assist its customers with enterprise solutions to consolidate server and storage platforms while realizing business benefits of streamlined performance, centralized systems management, reduced total cost of ownership, and improved security and resource utilization.

Server and Storage Consolidation entails more than simply replacing a collection of smaller servers or storage devices with fewer, larger ones. Consolidation enables organizations of all sizes to simplify yet optimize their systems infrastructure through a well-defined, step-by-step process. At Evolving Solutions, our consulting personnel possess the knowledge and skill to take our customers from initial concept, to planning and design, to final implementation of a server consolidation initiative. We follow a proven methodology and offer server consolidation services including systems analysis and design, workload balancing, LAN consolidation, application consolidation, data migration, server implementation and centralized systems management.

As companies migrate to storage-centric environments and require the flexibility to grow their enterprise, Storage Consolidation cannot be overlooked. Companies demand the ability to fully utilize and grow their storage assets to meet future requirements and fully leverage their technology investments. Evolving Solutions provides consulting expertise in the areas of IBM scalable tape libraries, departmental and enterprise storage servers, networking and Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage Area Networking (SAN). We have the ability to assist our customers with storage technology assessments, storage consolidation planning and design, storage hardware and storage management software implementation including Tivoli Storage Manager software, and operations validation.

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Evolving Solutions, Inc.

We provide quality B2B (technology consulting) solutions for your changing technology needs. Evolving Solutions' autonomic computing enables data on-demand, business continuity and disaster recovery through network attached storage and storage area network storage consolidation and server virtualization solutions. Products :- At Evolving Solutions we design business solutions for our customers utilizing open systems hardware and software. Our consulting & integration services, education & training and ongoing support ensures the quality of the products and solutions we provide. Hardware :- IBM IBM Recertified SUN HP Brocade Cisco McData Software : IBM NSI Veritas VMware BMC If you have equipment you would like to sell, or are interested in purchasing equipment from us, you can use our online form. You can also email us at info@evolvingsol.Com or call 1.800.294.4362. Professional Services :- One of today's most significant business challenges for our customers is the ongoing need to be certain the enterprise wide application solutions they have implemented are operating at their most efficient level. We realize that, for most companies, it would be unrealistic to maintain personnel possessing expertise in all requisite areas. That is where Evolving Solutions' Professional Services comes in. We possess the expertise to provide pre-installation planning, project management and compete implementation of these solutions. But, more importantly, we have the capability to provide ongoing post installation support services that assure our customers they are getting the maximum performance their application will allow. At Evolving Solutions, we realize that delivering true value to our clients involves not only the delivery of hardware and software, but also the technical integration services and support which constitute the foundation for both. ? Assessment & Evaluation ? Planning & Design ? Configuration & Implementation ? Training & Knowledge Transfer ? Project Management Planning Solutions :- The computer industry has changed dramatically over the past decade with customers now looking for valuable partnerships... Rather than just a vendor. Working together with our customers to develop solutions to the many and varied technical challenges that plague companies in today's continually changing business climate is what Evolving Solutions does best. Working in conjunction with them, we design data on demand solutions to meet their changing environment. The primary measure of our success will always be the ultimate satisfaction of our customers. With that in mind, we have partnered with manufacturer's who have the technology to integrate into heterogenious environments. Todays IT departments need the diversification of the solutions we at Evolving Solutions have to offer. ? San-ITy Check ? Data on Demand ? Disaster Recovery & Backup ? Healthcare and LifeScience ? High Availability & Clustering ? Logical Partitioning (LPAR) ? Server Consolidation ? Server Virtualization ? Storage Area Networks ? Storage Consolidation ? Storage Virtualization ? Tivoli Storage Manager Evolving Solutions :- Evolving Solutions, Inc. Is a professional services and systems integration firm located in suburban Minneapolis, Minnesota. The focus of Evolving Solutions lies in the Open Systems and Intel product architectures where we deliver end-to-end business solutions to a cross-industry customer base. Our solution set targets the infrastructure segment of our customer's businesses where we work with them to improve efficiencies and reduce costs via the implementation of improved technology. Evolving Solutions possesses a wide range of internal sales, technical and consultative skills, which, when combined with our strategic partnerships, allow us to deliver custom solutions made up of a diverse set of hardware, software and service offerings. The following are hallmarks of the business culture at Evolving Solutions, Inc. Ethical Business Practices :- Since Evolving Solutions, Inc. Opened its doors in 1996 we have conducted our business transactions, employee relations, and partner obligations in an ethical manner. We operate at this level because we know the only way to conduct business is with integrity and respect for your customers, employees, and competitors. We don't think it should be unusual; it should be the standard. Technical Expertise and Precision :- Our technician's expertise and attention to detail is second to none. Their combined 75+ years of experience guarantee that our customer's receive the utmost in technical knowledge, care and handling of the product, and the most professional technical assistance and guidance available in the industry. Product Availability :- In our 25, 000 square foot state of the art office and technical facility located in suburban Minneapolis, Minnesota, we house a large and varied assembly of the latest equipment in the mid-range arena. This means that our customers can get what they want, when they want it, at impressive cost savings. High Standards of Customer Service :- Outstanding customer service is critical to all businesses but it is especially vital in the computer industry. Our customers need to be able to rely on our expertise and our ability to react quickly and appropriately to any situation or need that may arise. We believe that the technical expertise and know-how possessed by each individual member of our services group surpasses the norm and that our customers return again and again as an result of our high standards in the customer service arena. Total Storage Solution Center (TSSC) :- Evolving Solutions not only disseminates technical information, it has been chosen by IBM as one of its worldwide technical centers to maintain and demonstrate technical environments associated with IBM storage solutions, such as storage area networks and IBM's enterprise class storage product family. Our customers and prospects utilize Evolving Solutions' TSSC as an environment to visualize, imagine and explore technical solutions to some of their most pressing business problems. TotalStorage? Solution Center Services :- The Evolving Solutions, Inc. TotalStorage? Solution Center showcases the heterogeneous platforms for which Evolving Solutions develops customer solutions operating via "any to any" connectivity through a storage area network (SAN) with today's leading edge products in storage technology. The TotalStorage? Solution Center provides a venue for our customers to visualize, configure and actually test world-class storage solutions with their own particular mix of hardware platforms and operating systems over a live storage area network. We offer our customers Proof of Concept Testing, Interoperability Testing, and Performance and Benchmarking services. Performance Testing and Benchmarking :- Evolving Solutions also offers its customers assistance with benchmarking and performance testing of products and solutions in our lab. Customers can bring in samples of their data and applications to test application solution performance, or they can utilize our TotalStorage? Solution Center equipment of interest and perform tests in a live SAN environment without disrupting their own production systems or day-to-day operations. We are experiencing a high demand from customers to utilize this facility to recreate portions of their production application environments to model connectivity and performance in the SAN environment they plan to implement. Strategic Partnerships :- Cisco IBM McData Network Appliance Oracle Novell Veritas PolyServe Pronto ERP Crosswalk Data Domain.

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