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Server Solutions


A Quality Product from
Kolkata - India

Description :
Our Server based solutions which involve both Microsoft? products and Linux distributions (primarily Red Hat?) as well as Novell? and UnixWare? consists of:

? Installation, configuration, migration/upgradation of workgroup servers and domain controllers and directory services for local network authentication and sharing of network resources (file & print). Such implementations are carried out on the following platforms:

Microsoft? Windows? Server 2000/2003

Linux (Samba)

Novell? Netware? (Netware Directory Services)


? Intranet/Internet web hosting implementations using MS-Internet Information Server? (on Microsoft? platform) and Apache (Linux).

? Installation, configuration of secure gateway for Internet access, using firewall & proxy services with added options like access control lists (ACL) and content filtering.

- On MS Windows? based servers, this is achieved by using either MS Internet Access Server? or other third party applications like WinProxy?, etc.

- Privoxy or Squid is used on Linux for this purpose

? Installation, configuration of name service or DNS on MS Windows? and Linux (Bind)
? Implementation of electronic messaging & collaboration services (E-mail) on both MS-Windows? (using MS Exchange Server) and Linux (using Sendmail / Postfix / Qmail), with added features like spam filtering, web mail, etc.

Other than the above, we also provide services like:

? Operating System hardening: installation of updates, service packs, patches and bug fixes

? Implementation of RAID and load balancing features to ensure high availability of server systems

? Server monitoring, management, troubleshooting, performance monitoring & tuning.

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We are manufacturer of products such as RDG TeaPac Millennium Edition, RDG Tornado Desktops(Tornado Value Series Desktops, Tornado Classic Series Desktops, Tornado Premium Series Desktops), Acer Laptops, RDG Tornado Servers & Workstations. RDG Systems & Software Private Limited, provides various services and solutions in the field of Information Technology. Such services an solutions can be broadly categorized under : Maintenance Services - Includes contracts wherein we provide various onsite/offsite maintenance and value added services to the customer. Facility Management Services - Facility Management Services are provided to customers who need constant assistance in managing, monitoring and supporting their IT resources. Networking Solutions - Networking Solutions deal with network infrastructure design & implementation, structured cabling, wireless solutions, switching & routing solutions, Vo-IP solutions, ISDN / Frame relay, security solutions like - firewall & VPN installations, etc. Server Solutions - Server Solutions comprises of design and deployment of network services like file & print, web server, FTP, mail & messaging server, proxy and content/spam filtering firewall servers. Server solutions also include implementation of various server redundancy and load balancing features like RAID and clustering. RDG Systems & Software Private Limited has an enviable record of providing both on-site as well as off-site/telephonic helpdesk based technical support.

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