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Description :
Disseminating large numbers of fax messages in a fast and efficient manner is crucial for businesses . Fax servers go a long way in increasing efficiency and decreasing cost. A fax server is nothing but a computer with fax boards, connected to the company network. The company users can send files to the fax server for immediate or delayed transmission. Fax servers also receive incoming faxes over phone lines and store them as computer files for later retrieval. The intended recipient can be notified by a phone call.

Using dedicated high-density fax processing boards in dedicated telephony PCs, businesses have discovered exciting new ways to offer customers information. Broadcast fax servers are used to disseminate large numbers of fax messages in a very fast and efficient manner. Servers can also be configured to provide fax on demand services where callers can choose from a listing of available documents and have them instantly faxed. Cost based faxing can also be instituted to take advantage of reduced calling rates.

This is ideal for national businesses with heavy network traffic requiring optimized document delivery across all systems. It can be used on the LAN, WAN, Internet or Intranet for optimum performance. Novanet CT Server can receive both high and low-resolution faxes from Group I. Group II, or Group III fax machines. Incoming faxes are attached to e-mail messages and routed to the recipients according to the extension number entered. It offers several outstanding features including:

Centralized Management
Manage all your fax servers with point-and-click ease. View the status of every fax server on your network, start and stop fax services individually or globally, and determine server workload and configure least-cost routing rules.

Intelligent Least-cost Routing & IP Fax Delivery
Ensures that faxes are sent by the most economical means. You can also choose to send faxes via service providers over the Internet.

Fax on Demand
For companies who want to give out company information, brochures, product details, etc. via FAX, Novanet CT Server is an ideal solution for such organizations.

Intra-company Least-cost Routing
Delivers internal faxes bypassing the public-switched telephone network entirely, which provides significant savings for intra-company faxing.

Automatic Fax Distribution
Faxes can be systematically distributed to groups of users for faster, more efficient processing. You can set distribution to “Linear” (round-robin distribution) or “Balanced” (distribution according to user processing rates).

Faxes/Voice Messages over IP
Besides traditional Fax-over-PSTN function, Novanet CT Server supports server-to-server connection through Internet. Users can send fax documents from within any Windows applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to your overseas branch offices through Internet, and then send these faxes through local PSTN to customers to save up to 60% long distance fax expenses. Even a voice mail message can be sent via Internet from your local CT Server to your branch offices worldwide. With Novanet CT Server, you can send faxes and voice mail message just like e-mails.

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We provide the following Solutions - Computer Telephony Integration - Telecommunications - IP-PBX Systems, IVR, Automated Attendant & Voicemail, Voice Over IP. Messaging - Unified Messaging, Voice/Fax and E-mail Integration, Fax Solutions. Call Center Solutions - End-to-end Call Center Solutions, Automatic Call Distribution, Call Logging. System Integration Services. Our services include IT Infrastructure consulting, System Integration, Facility Management.

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