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Cobra LS 1900 Series scanners

New delhi

A Quality Product from
New Delhi - India

Description :
The Cobra LS 1900 Series of scanners from Symbol Technologies is designed to fit your hand and your budget. Its sleek, lightweight, ergonomic design is perfectly balanced to minimize operator strain while maximizing comfort. The Cobra LS 1900 is a premium scanner at an entry-level price with features you'd only expect to find on high-end solutions. A hands-free stand delivers the flexibility to operate as a presentation scanner for both triggered and triggerless configurations. Designed and manufactured by Symbol, the Cobra LS 1900 Series offers the scanning quality and versatility that users have relied on for over 25 years.

Enhance User Productivity Across Multiple Scanning Applications

The Cobra LS 1900 Series offers a large, bright two-color LED plus a beeper with adjustable volume for audible confirmation of good decodes. Its highly visible scan line provides simple aiming, while the curved rubber nose makes it easy to orient the scan beam–even when scanning on contact. This ensures valid decodes the first time, every time. The result: fast, accurate data capture and the elimination of keyboard entry errors.
The Cobra LS 1900 Series offers a complete scanning and connectivity feature set making it the scanner of choice for a wide range of bar code data applications in grocery and specialty stores, video rental establishments, music stores and more. Beyond the checkout counter, the versatile Cobra LS 1900 Series is also a reliable solution for applications such as document tracking, tool crib management, time and attendance tasks, light industrial applications, and even lottery ticket scanning.

Maximize Your Investment for the Long Term

Multiple on-board interfaces (RS-232, keyboard wedge, wand emulation and Synapse) plus universal cabling provide flexible connectivity to future-proof your investment. Advanced Data Formatting (ADF) capabilities allow scanned data to be modified prior to transfer ensuring compatibility with the application on the host system. The Cobra LS 1900 Series uses flash memory to facilitate post-purchase upgrades, change default settings or customize the device for singular applications. It even ships ready to read Reduced Space Symbology (RSS), an emerging symbology for smaller products where space is at a premium.

Product Applications :
Health Care
Light to medium industrial applications.

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