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Perle 594e Network Controller


A Quality Product from
Bangalore - India

Description :
The Only Expandable Network Controller for both IP & SNA-based AS/400 Users

The Perle 594e Network Controller is the best choice to migrate remote AS/400 users from SNA to IP networking. It supports 28 to 168 Twinax devices, multiple IP desktops (LAN or Twinax attached) and even dial in users. This integrated platform is the ideal solution to extend your LAN resources over an IP backbone (including the Internet) to all your remote branch offices.

Migrating to a Single Protocol Network

The TCP/IP Host Connect feature of the Perle 594e uses MPTN (Multi protocol) Transport Networking) to convert SNA 5250 data streams into IP packets for transfer across an IP backbone. This is more efficient than IP tunneling and provides greater reliability and is easier to manage than DLS (Data Link S itching). The Perle 594e allows AS/400 users to move to a single network protocol (IP) while retaining valuable Twinax devices at remote sites.

features :
Fully IBM compatible
Supports 28 to 168 Twinax devices, any IP desktop and even ASCII dial-in users.
Virtual Private Network (VPN) capabilities for secure, low-cost networking across the Internet.
TCP/IP networking gives SNA support without the high cost of a multi-protocol WAN.
IP Routing capability directs traffic from remote IP devices onto the corporate WAN.
Frame Relay protocol eliminates the need for external routers or FRADs.
Fast Ethernet (10/100 Mbps) allows users to connect at 10 Mbps today and seamlessly migrate to 100 Mbps, without additional cost or administrative problems.
Multi-session/multi-host support provides convenient and cost-effective access to multiple hosts simultaneously from a Twinax terminal, with no APPN overhead.
Software Download feature allows for efficient distribution and maintenance of all upgrades from on central location.
Backed by Perle's Lifetime Warranty for security and peace of mind in mission critical applications.

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Exporter of RF Repeaters, FRLS Cables, Optical Fiber Products, Ethernet Switches, Routers, LAN Modems, Data Service Unit, Channel Service Unit, MIDAS Stream, Console Servers, Flexible Flat Cables, Coaxial Connectors

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