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Mascon Computers Services (P) Ltd.


Mascon Computers Services (P) Ltd.

Data Entry, Data Capture & Data Conversion


A Quality Product from
Mascon Computers Services (P) Ltd. [View Profile]
Pune - India

Description :
Data Entry
Manual data entry
Data Services includes manual keying of every possible text, numeric or alpha numeric document. Manual data entry allows flexibility in corporate information management compared to imaging, saving time, money and giving measurable competitive advantage.

Full-text data capture
For text and numeric based documents, whether printed or hand-written, we provide a highly accurate and rapid service to manually enter your data into an electronic format.

We guarantee accuracy in excess of 99.995%. Using state-of-the art software and manualvalidation procedures, integrity of your data is assured.

Online data entry and remote verification:
This offers full range of consultancy and data conversion services to help organizations meet this critical need.

We work hand in hand with client?s technical conversion team, providing services that are directly on the client?s server as
? from paper / image to web, or web to web
? Online data retrieval and data entry to scout for online resources and enter client relevant data from those sites into a database. Identifying client specified products and adding them to their website database through the content management tools

Data Conversion & Processing
Data conversion is a functionally efficient tool to locate vital information accurately and speedily

Data conversion in a global economy helps to
? Upgrade data to new/more advanced storage formats
? Transform data from one form to another
? Send data to different destinations
? Efficiently process vast amount of data
? Useful to manage multiple input formats

Mascon?s Range of Data Services include:
? Data Capture and Digital Imaging
? Digitization and Conversion
? Forms based data capture
? Manual data entry
? Full-text data capture

Digitization and Conversion
Using leading-edge technologies and skilled staff, we convert unstructured data into a variety of useful digital formats:
MS Word, RTF, TXT, PDF, HTML, SGML, XML, MS Excel, as per clients requirement.

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Mascon Computers Services (P) Ltd.

We provide services of Data Entry, Data Capture & Data Conversion, Word / Forms Processing, Scanning/Imaging/Indexing, Acrobat PDF Conversion. HTML, SGML, XML Conversion, Quark & Illustrator Projects, E-Publishing, CBT, Check Processing for Banks. -Data Entry, Data Capture & Data Conversion : * Data Capture and Digital Imaging * Digitization and Conversion * Forms based data capture * Manual data entry * Full-text data capture -Word / Forms Processing : The forms handled by us are * Hospital Records Indexing * Medical Claims Processing * Insurance Application Docket Processing * Insurance Claims Processing * Educational Institutions ? Admission Forms and Pre admission process * Education Boards ? Pre and Post Examination process * Patient records * Product registration cards * Shipping documents * Subscriptions * Company Personnel Records Digitization * Company Forms Digitization * Annual Reports * Press Releases * Financial Surveys * Financial Prospectus * Initial Public Offerings * Gazette Announcements * College Research Papers * Highway & Railway Usage -Dockument Scanning/Imaging/Indexing : INDEXING:- 1.) Image scanning and Indexing 2.) Optical Character Recognition 3.) Conversion to Digital Documents like *Native application formats like Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, etc. *ASCII, RTF or delimited text files *PDF: Normal, Image Only, Image + Hidden Text 4.) Document Management Systems 5.) CD-ROM Cataloging and Publishing IMAGING:- Done to convert paper document into digital images. Data Capture and Digital Imaging :- Mascon?S high-quality/high volume production document scanners accurately capture and convert to digital image format a large range of source material including: *Text-based documents: whether printed matter or handwritten including, memos, air waybills, surveys, reports, instruction manuals, business cards, index cards, product warranties, health forms, research papers. *Numeric-based documents: financial statements, payroll records, time sheets *Forms based documents: surveys, questionnaires, application forms of any kind (credit-cards, loans, product registration, etc.) *Image based documents: photographs, property details, charts, graphs *Mixed-format documents: bank statements, credit card statements, etc. We provide the software you need to search, retrieve and view your digitized data directly on the CD-ROM or, if necessary, on your PC or network server. We convert your paper-based data into electronic format. Our specialty is Text entry, Conversion of books, periodicals, and research papers into digital form and also into Web pages. We work with handwritten or typed or printed text. -Acrobat PDF Conversion : *Full color PDF *PDF Forms PDFImage PDFImage+SearchableText PDFMulti-ResolutionorEnhancedImage PDFFormattedText&Graphics -HTML, SGML, XML Conversion -Quark & Illustrator Projects -E-Publishing -CBT (COMPUTER BASED TRAINING) -Check Processing for Banks :- * Outsource Check processing. * Outsource Insurance claims processing. * Outsource Lockbox processing. * Outsource Check processing from image.

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